Larry Goodman sent this report in:

NWA Anarchy’s go home TV taping for Hostile Environment provided for an eventful evening, both in the ring and behind the scenes.

As a live show, they nailed it. The driving forces in creative have close to a decade of experience in putting together quarterly supercards in Cornelia, and they?ve got it down to a fine science. I can?t imagine many of the 125 in attendance not coming back in two weeks. They did more inring promo segments than usual, and they were all quite effective. The question is how many more fans will be lured into the building by the promise of seeing Anarchy’s annual War Games carnage.

The behind-the-scenes issue was with technical in nature. Equipment problems resulted in a nightmarish experience for those involved in the TV production of the first hour. One interview had to be completely redone after the show. Hopefully, everything else was salvageable.

NWA Anarchy owner Jerry Palmer opened the show by announcing that the authors of The Solie Chronicles: the Life and Times of Gordon Solie, Robert and Pamela Allyn (Solie’s daughter and son-in-law) will be in attendance at Hostile Environment. They will have the book available for sale at that time.

(1) Iceberg (with Palmer) squashed Aaron Lee & Antoine Jordan & Alejandro in a handicap match (2:06).The jobber squad came courtesy of Alternative Pro Wrestling in Royston. Iceberg served notice that he will be back in a full effect at the War Games. He did a cannonball corner splash on all three and got a stack pin with the Ground Zero.

(2) Talent & Money (JT Talent & Drew Pendleton III) beat ADD (Jamie Lee & Manchild) in 4:46 pinning Lee with the Bail Out. The debuting ADD consisted of one big, fat guy (Manchild) and one small, skinny guy, and they?re as goofy as the name implies. Match worked because of the heat. ADD got a strong crowd reaction owing to the fact that they are local heroes. The former champions beat the hell out of Lee and never let him tag.

(3) Young Lion’s Title Qualifier: El Veterano IV defeated Mike Posey in 6:54. The first of three qualifying matches for a four way at Hostile Environment. The crowd closed the book on whatever story they were trying to tell in the first 60 seconds. Veterano started looking really tentative, like he had lost his confidence, and it got as ugly as anything I?ve seen on an Anarchy show in quite a while. Veterano scored the pin by countering Posey’s La Magistral Cradle.

They did an inring segment to set up a Knucks On a Pole Match for Hostile Environment. Slim J came out to the biggest babyface pop of the night. He was accompanied by with Orion Bishop. Greg Hunter asked Slim why he kept doing this after the head injuries he’s suffered. J said the only thing wrong with him was Seth Delay. J challenged Delay to the match. Delay and Brodie Chase came out to accept. Chase was awesome on the mic. ?Look at your eyes. They?re criss-crossing now.? He was looking out for J’s best interests and didn?t want him to end up like a punch drunk Ali with Parkinson’s. This segment will not be on TV due to audio problems. They redid it as a backstage interview after the show.

(4) Malachi beat Todd Sexton to retain the Young Lion’s Championship in 8:37. Sexton attacked Malachi outside the ring, running his head into the announcer’s booth. Sexton was all over Brent Wiley to start the match, but he gave Malachi a bit of recovery time before calling for the bell. Sexton teed off on Malachi. He did the A.J. Styles dropkick sequence, with good reason as we would later learn. Sexton made an ill-advised attempt to use Malachi’s finisher, the top rope headbutt. Sexton locked in the sharpshooter, and at that point, the crowd got behind Malachi bigtime. Malachi went for the Electric Chair, but Sexton countered with a chestcracker, a buckle bomb, and then a sitout powerbomb for a near fall. Malachi came back with a series of punches to drop Sexton. But Sexton got his knees up on the diving headbutt. Sexton hit the running knee. The momentum sent Malachi to the floor. Malachi barely beat the 10 count for a nice added touch of drama. Sexton went for the kill with another knee, but Malachi had it scouted and hit a pair of german suplexes. The finish was spectacular- a top rope headbutt that covered 2/3 of the ring on the fly. Match provided the best wrestling of the first hour. The program with Sexton has to be considered a success, as it elevated both Malachi and the Young Lion’s title another notch.

(5) NWA Anarchy Heavyweight Champion Jeremy Vain pinned Truitt Fields to retain the title in 14:08 after distraction by Jeff G. Bailey. What Vain lacks in championship size, he make up for with championship presence. It started as a battle of wits. Things weren?t going his way, so Vain opted for a long time out. The match did a 180 turn when Vain blocked a monkey flip. Vain proceeded with a lengthy dissection of Fields? back. Vain hit the VKO, but Fields treated it as a wake up call. His comeback culminated with a torture rack channeling Lex Luger. Vain raked the eyes to escape. Fields hit the monkey flip with Vain busting out one of his awesome 360 face bumps. Out came Bailey with a paint brush, the one he used to paint a yellow streak down Fields? back. Vain capitalized with the VDT. A fun finish that only added to the babyface revenge factor for War Games.

Vain thanked the fans for making it possible for him to become champion. That got heat. Vain said he had proven he was the best over the last 6 weeks by beating Malachi, Slim, Fields and Ricky Morton. Vain said he was going to kick back at Hostile Environment and watch the top contenders kill each other in the War Games. As Vain started to back his way up the ramp, Shadow Jackson came up behind him. Jackson got a few blows in before Vain got away. Jackson said he was 500% and said he was cashing in his rematch at Hostile Environment. ?In two weeks, we?ll see just how hostile the environment can be.?

Palmer opened the second half by introducing special guests, A. J. Styles and Consequences Creed. Styles had his two sons with him. The younger boy got scared by the crowd, but calmed down immediately once placed in the arms of Bill Behrens. Styles said he was glad to be part of the history of the building. He said Cornelia would continue to produce major league wrestlers. Styles and Creed plugged the TNA show coming to the Gainesville Mountain Center on September 13.

(6) Young Lion’s Title Qualifier: Jay Clinton pinned Kareem Abdul Jamar in 6:34. Battle of the Afros. Jamar gave Clinton a literal ass kicking. Clinton took over with a crappy hotshot move. Clinton is an entertaining character, however, straight wrestling matches are not his strong suit. Clinton went high impact Jamar. Clinton hit a top rope strut bionic elbow and did a standing one foot cover. Jamar kicked out at one. Jamar fired up with a neckbreaker for a near fall, but ended up crotched on top rope. Clinton won it with a top rope elbow drop.

Fellow Entourage members Mike Mosley and ?Holllywood Hacksaw? Andrew Alexander came out to congratulate Clinton. Mosley was bastardizing Shakespeare. Alexander said he hoped Clinton had not advance to please someone else (hinting that the bodacious Mercedes Mosley was the object of Clinton’s affections). Alexander bragged that Entourage had put Chris King out of pro wrestling with a spike piledriver. He put New Wave and Talent & Money on notice that Entourage would be the next tag champs. Billy Buck came out on the ramp. He said King was out but not dead and demanded a match against Entourage at Hostile Environment.

(7) Rowdy Friends (Don Matthews & Jessco Blue) vs. Hate Junkies (Dany Only & Stryknyne) was a no contest. Match never made inside the ring. Rowdies bashed Junkies in the head with beer cans. They did a short, ultra stiff brawl all around the ringside area. Only got a hardway cut on the forehead. Just what he needed after sustaining a gash in a cage match the previous night (at the WGCW show in Buchanan) that took 25 stitches to close. A bunch of APW guys came out to break it up. The highlight was a dive from the apron to the ramp by the 280 pound Matthews that made human bowling pins out of everyone else.

(8) Young Lion’s Title Qualifier: Skirra Corvus (with the Reverend) beat Bo Newsome 7:18. Two young, agile guys in an all action match. Newsome took his game to a new level. Newsome was on fire early. His striking looked significantly better than it has in the past. Corvus ducked a high crossbody and reeled off a sequence of cool moves. While the ref was occupied by the Rev’s troll like presence, Corvus applied the bat pose choke. Out of nowhere, Newsome hit a great dropkick to put Corvus on the deck. Newsome hit a spiral slam for a near fall. Newsome hit a corkscrew neckbreaker off the ropes and went for broke with the moonsault. Nobody home. Corvus went right to the Curbstomp, and Newsome was toast. Not only the best of the qualifying matches, this was among the best matches of the night.

(9) New Wave (Steven Walters & Derrick Driver) defeated Brandon Parker & Chris Mayne in 3:11 with the Unskinny Bop. The usual stellar combo moves by New Wave finishing with the Double Vision and the Unskinny Bop on Parker.

Bill Behrens came out to address the split decision in the NWA Anarchy Tag Team Title match two weeks ago. He summoned Talent & Money and referees Dee Byers and Mike Posey to the ring to join New Wave. Behrens said a review of the tape showed both refs were correct. Behrens said they would settle the title situation conclusively at Hostile Environment with a Ladder Match. Behrens said he would take control of the title until then. The two teams did a staredown and never touched.

(10) Shaun Tempers (with the Reverend) beat Ace Rockwell (with Jerry Palmer) to win the War Games coin toss for Unholy Alliance in 11:03. A heated main event. Rockwell jumped out on top, using an airplane spin to set up a flying body press. Tempers rolled through with a handful of tights, but Wiley caught him cheating. Tempers rocked Rockwell with a big uppercut. Tempers lit Rockwell up with chops. Rockwell worked on Tempers knee. Tempers went after Rockwell’s neck. They were both selling huge. Rockwell shook off Tempers? forearms shots. Tempers responded with a bridging fisherman suplex and a Gori Especial hangman neckbreaker. Temper tried for the Tiger Driver. Rockwell backdropped him and dropkicked the bum knee. Rockwell applied the figure four. Tempers was in deep trouble. Palmer chased after the Reverend to thwart any interference. They disappeared out the back exit. Bailey appeared to provide the necessary distraction, while Phil Shatter speared Rockwell behind the ref’s back. Tempers covered for the three count. Nothing like one last screw job before the big show.

Mikal Judas led Team Anarchy out to prevent further damage to Rockwell. The heels retreated. Team Anarchy consoled Rockwell.

Greg Hunter did one final grand hype for Hostile Environment on August 29, as only he can do it:

War Games: Unholy Alliance (Shatter & Kimo & Tank & Tempers with Reverend & Bailey) vs. Team Anarchy ?09 (Iceberg & Rockwell & Fields & Judas with Palmer), Ladder Match for the NWA Anarchy Tag Titles: New Wave vs. Talent & Money, Knucks on a Pole: Slim J (with Bishop) vs. Seth Delay (with Chase), NWA Anarchy Heavyweight Title Match: Vain (c) vs. Jackson, Wild Bunch vs. Entourage, Malachi (c) vs. Skirra Corvus (with the Reverend) vs. Jay Clinton vs. Veterano IV for the Young Lion’s Championship.

NOTES: The conflict among members of the Anarchy leadership group stemming from a backstage issue at the August 1 taping has been resolved. In the overall scheme of things, this was a relatively minor problem, and it was back to business as usual last night?Congratulations to former NWA Anarchy star, Kyle Matthews, who had an impressive tryout at the ROH taping in Philadelphia this weekend and was invited back?Former Entourage lackey, Taco Delgado will be competing at the Renaissance MMA show in New Orleans on August 22?Phil Shatter is still the NWA National Champion. As Bill Behrens previously reported, Greg Price announced 2 Cold Scorpio as the new champion after a non sanctioned title match last Saturday night. Shatter came out with the belt for the rematch on the Sunday night show, and announced he was still champion?Michael Gentry from APW handled some of the ring announcing duties?Palmer also announced that NWA Anarchy would be putting on the annual wrestling event at DragonCon in Atlanta on September 4. He promised an evening of fun and frolic totally unlike the typical Anarchy show.

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