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New episode of IZW Impulse released, featuring an NWA Showcase Match!

The latest episode of IZW Impulse (#009) ventures out of The Sets in Tempe and into the historic Celebrity Theatre in downtown Phoenix. The first of three special epiodes features an NWA Showcase Match as Joey “Magnum” Ryan takes on Mexican luchador Orion! Joey Ryan had the crowd at near riot levels, and they don’t stop screaming until the end of this great match. Also, stick around for an interview with “The Feature Presentation” Jay Garland, hot off of his surprise return to The Sets. You can find the video on the main page at www.impactzonewrestling.com.

Results from 08/11/09

August 11 Ringside Report
The Sets in Tempe, Arizona
Exclusive to www.impactzonewrestling.com
The evening began with Johnny Roxx and Board Representative Nick “Flood”
DeMichael, discussing the night’s matches. DeMichael reminded everyone of the main
event, the Arizona Heavyweight Championship match between champ Derick Neikirk
and “Miracle” Mike James. Also announced was a match for the Impact Zone Wrestling
Championship, as Dean Radford would defend in a triple threat match against both
“Freak-O-Suave” Frenchy Riviera and “The Feature Presentation” Jay Garland. The duo
was interrupted by Greg DeMarco, who praised Dom “The Bomb” Vitalli on his Impulse
championship win from two weeks ago, and provided the traditional NWA show opening.

Johnny Roxx, then brought Impulse Champion Dom “The Bomb” Vitalli to the ring.
DTB informed the fans that his challenger, Marty Murphy, was not in
the building, and DTB denied any wrong doings in Marty’s inability to appear, even
though no one actually accused Marty of anything. DTB declared himself free or the
evening, and was ready to leave when Tommy Drake hit the ring to become DTB’s new

Match 1: “The Limited Edition” Tommy Drake defeated NWA-IZW Impulse Champion
Dom “The Bomb” Vitalli by countout when Vitalli purposely remained on the floor after
being knocked out of the ring by a Drake big boot. By rule, DTB retained the Impulse
Championship due to the countout.

Match 2: “The Institution of Professional Wrestling” GQ Gallo pinned Lucha Star. Mike G
pushed Star off of the top rope, allowing Gallo to connect with a Wheel Barrow Face
Buster for the pin.

Match 3: IZW Champion “The East Coast Killer” Dean Radford defeated “The Feature
Presentation” Jay Garland and “Freak-O-Suave” Frenchy Riviera to retain the
championship. Garland sacrificed himself as he pushed Dean out of the way of a Riviera
avalanche in the corner. With Garland on the outside, Radford connected with a Spine
Buster on Riviera for the pin.

Match 4: Tag Team Championship #1 Contenders The BFF Express (Johnny Manson &
Tyson Tyler) defeated Mike G & Sergio Vega with the Friendly Fire. Lucha Star came to
ringside to distract Mike G, leading to the victory for The Express.

Match 5: Dread Pirate Bernie pinned Dan Draven following the Man Overboard

Match 6: In the Main Event, “Miracle” Mike James pinned Derick Neikirk to win the
Arizona Heavyweight Championship. James inadvertently struck referee Sal Erakat with
a knee to the face, sending him to the outside. James then connected with the Miracle
Whip and covered Neikirk. Ryan Castelucci came out (wearing a black & white referee
shirt) to count the pinfall, but Neikirk kicked out. GQ Gallo stood on the ring apron to
argue with Castelucci, who eventually punched Gallo to the floor. James then hit a
second Miracle Whip for the championship victory. Gallo and Neikirk, along with Greg
DeMarco, stood in the ring in protest, but it was “Miracle” Mike James who left The Sets
as the new Arizona Heavyweight Champion!

Stay tuned to www.impactzonewrestling.com for more fallout from August 11 at The
Sets, including several new episodes of IZW Impulse! There is now show on the normal
date of August 25 as WWE Smackdown is in Phoenix on the same night, and several
IZW wrestlers are scheduled for the event. IZW returns to The Sets in Tempe on
Tuesday, September 8, 2009 at 7:30 PM.

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