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NWA Main Event Wrestling
Airing on August 8, 2009 in Nashville on Comcast 74
Taped July 30, 2009 at the NWA Studios in Nashville

The show opened hot with Jason James and Scott Barry at ringside, wearing suits no less. They talked about Shawn Shultz calling in during last week’s show with an ultimatum for the NWA Board of Directors ? either give him a shot at the NWA Mid-America Heavyweight Title or something bad was going to happen.

The opening montage features current talent but it’s the same format and music as one Bert Prentice used years ago.

Cut to the ring where Shawn Shultz and Tony Lucassio are standing by to address the faithful. Lucassio talked about Shultz getting screwed out of his title shot by ‘some reject referee from some other promotion in Orlando? (Rudy Charles). ?The most dangerous animal is a cornered one, and doing things like that gets people hurt. I know you can hear me, Mike Porter.?

EARLIER THIS WEEK?cut to footage of Shultz driving to Porter’s house to get his message across. Shultz told the camera guy he was being well paid for his services, so he better not screw up. They did a gag about the Nashville having such long red lights. Shultz arrived at Porter’s house to find the door locked. He hit Lucassio up on the cell. ?You?re from Cleveland. What can I use to break in?? Shultz went to Advanced Auto Parts to get tools. He paused to drool over Miss Mustang in the latest issue of ?Rebel Rodz? magazine. Clearly no mechanical genius, Shultz had difficulty with the tool selection. Back at Porter’s place, Shultz started to jimmy the lock. James opened the door. He explained that he was there doing TV editing. Shultz told him to get out of there and went in to confront Porter. Shultz said he was the only reason anyone knew what NWA Main Event was. He demanded him his title shot. Porter said it was out his hands. Shultz grabbed Porter by the shirt. Porter said it was up to the NWA BOD. Shultz said he had a message for the Board and kneed Porter in the gut. Color bars appeared on screen.

Cut back to the ring for one of Shultz’s signature promos. Shultz addressed his remarks to the fans, James, Porter, the NWA, Bob Trobich and David Marquez. ?Do you see what happens when I don?t get what I want?…I am the next NWA Mid-America Heavyweight Champion or else.?

(1) ?Sweet? Teddy Tender beat Corey Hollis in 3 minutes. The announce team continued to talk about how sick Shultz’s mind must be. Hollis hit an aerial move to knock Tender’s wig off ? third episode in a row for that spot. The funny thing about it was ref Mike Jones kicking the wig out of the ring. Tender hit a spinebuster and destroyed Hollis with a little jukin? and jivin? along the way. James said Tender was a different person once the bell rang. Barry said Tender was toying with Hollis ?like a bully.? Tender won it with the TKO Driver.

Ringside interview with a wigless Tender. James asked Tender about the transformation that occurred once the bell rang. Tender said James seemed to be talking about ?BBD.? Tender said he was there for the gold ? gold record not belts. James asked Tender if he realized he was a pro wrestler rather than a musical entertainer. Tender told James he took his job too seriously. Tender said he had a concert tonight and James was invited.

(2) NWA Mid-America TV Champion ?Malibu? Matt Boyce beat Brandon Baronas in a non-title match in 5:15.Barry started talking about what a coup it would be for Brandon to win the title. James told him it was non-title. Boyce outwrestled his tiny opponent. James said the flying Baronas Brothers were associated with another Polynesian, Lani Kealoha, who had showed up unannounced. Brandon reeled off a series of karate chops ala Kealoha. Boyce decked Brandon with a dropkick and went up top for the frogsplash finish.

Mike Posey nailed Boyce from the blind side. Boyce tacked Posey. The refs separated them.

Kealoha approached the Baronas brothers in the locker room. He got on Brent’s case for talking on his cell phone before his match and hung up on his girlfriend. Kealoha said he was calling Aunt Ruth and walked off with Brent’s phone. Brandon offered Brent his phone.

(3) White Tiger beat ?Wild Thing? Will Owens in an edited 7:17. The commentators talked about Owens being a nut case. Tiger sunk his teeth into Owens? behind, then hit a cross body block in the corner for a near fall. Owens sent ?Mr. Paws and Claws? flying into the post to turn the tide. Owens was ruthless with Tiger’s shoulder, while doing the wild and crazy facial expressions. Another ?he’s coming? message was spliced in. This one said ?Prepare to be bruised.? Tiger got a comeback. He did a shoulder block with the bad shoulder and kept right on rolling, but when he hit the Tiger’s Pounce, Tiger sold the shoulder huge. Owens kicked out of Tiger’s crawling cover. Owens hit the powerslam that he used as a finisher last week. This time, however, Owens tried to climb the ropes and slipped, knocking himself loopy on the turnbuckle. Tiger schoolboyed Owens for the three.

They ran a commercial for the weekly Thursday night tapings at the NWA Studios. Jeff Daniels and Dominique still front and center.

On his way out, Tender (wig firmly in place, and wearing a gold lame jacket) asked Tiger to check out his concert. Tiger said he had plans. Tender was cool with it. ?That’s OK dog. I mean cat.?

(4) Steve-O defeated Mike Posey to retain the NWA Mid-America Heavyweight Title in 7:53. The announce team speculated about Posey’s motives in having issues with both O and Boyce. They suggested that Posey’s claims about being the world’s greatest ref might get him heat with Rudy Charles. It was even steven chain wrestling, until Posey ducked a high knee and chop blocked O. Relentless knee torture by Posey with a couple of cool slingshot moves mixed in. Posey was setting up a figure four when he spied Boyce advancing to the ring. Bad camera work on the distraction. O got the pin with an inside cradle. Posey threw a fit. Barry called it payback.

NWA Main Event returns to Portland, Tn on August 22 at the East Middle School.

(5) Shawn Shultz (with Tony Lucassio) beat Brent Baronas via submission in 6 minutes.
Barry said he couldn?t imagine being in Brent’s lack of shoes. Shultz was more aggressive than ever. Brent was in a world of hurt. Shultz kept talking to the camera and motioning for the belt around his waist. The announce team was in fear of what might happen if Shultz didn?t get his title shot. James said nobody had heard from Porter since last week. Out of nowhere, Brent hit a flying headscissors and a wheelbarrow bulldog for a near fall. Play time was over. Shultz hit his signature DDT but no pin. Shultz stalk his prey and locked in a sleeper. Really went crazy with it. It was lights out for Brent, with Shultz refusing to let up until Charles threatened the DQ.

NWA Main Event, NWA Board of Directors, I told you, I told you, EVERYBODY KNOWS I?m going to get what I want, and carnage like this won?t stop?until?I?DO.

THOUGHTS: This was the first episode of the ?New Era? NWA Main Event. Jeff Daniels is gone. The reconfigured leadership is heavily skewed towards youth. The vignette was inspired stuff. Part of me thinks it ran long. Another part says compared to the rest of what NWA ME has to offer, why the hell not? Everybody knows, Shultz is the reason to watch this show, right? He lost his title then lost his shot at the other title, and this is an ego that knows no bounds, a guy that sees himself as world title material. Whatever his reaction, it’s the best thing going in NWA ME. Shultz’s performance during the main event was off the hook. The man is obsessed, dangerously so, because his judgment is shot to hell?The rest of the characters on this show need to be brought into focus. It’s nothing that can?t be fixed over time. Shultz is just one of several crazy men on this show. I?ve never been a Teddy Tender fan in the past. In fact, I?ve pretty much hated the character. Until now. This version has possibilities. I like the multiple personality gimmick. The announce team hinted at Teddy becoming Bully once the bell rang, but he was still jukin? and jivin?. And if he was Teddy during the interview, he should have had the wig back on. Hopefully, the distinction becomes clearer. I kind of hated seeing Hollis get squashed like that after looking good in a competitive match last week. I don?t get where they?re going with Owens yet either. That finish was hard to take after building him up as this disturbed and dangerous individual?I can?t fathom doing non-title matches with the TV champion and giving Posey a heavyweight title shot. I thought the purpose of a TV champion was to have a title that was routinely defended on TV. And how exactly did losing a TV title match qualify Posey for a heavyweight title shot? The section of the match with Posey working on O’s knee was really well done, but it babyfaced Posey and made the champion look too weak. Posey might be a jerk, but he dominated the champion without cheating. The champion never made a comeback and won only because Posey got distracted. Kealoha doing the student-teacher thing with Baronas brothers could work. They make great jobbers for NWA ME. They?re tiny but athletic, and they make the top guys look like giants. James and Barry didn?t look entirely comfortable with that stand up opening, but it’s a definite improvement over no opening at all. The new creative team got off to a good start with this episode. Despite a lot areas that need work, this show presented interesting possibilities, and there were enough good things to hold my interest, and make me curious about what’s going to happen next.

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