PTW: 3/6 Luton, Bedfordshire results

PTW sent this in:

RESULTS : Power Trip Wrestling – 3rd Birthday Show – ‘Chasing Dreams’ – Saturday 6th March 2010, Luton, Bedfordshire

And what a wild and exciting evening it was. Power Trip Wrestling turned three years old this weekend, and we had the usual array of crazy events leading up to, during, and after the show. This included enforced changes, and some rather extra curricular problems, which listed :

– PTW World Champion Conor Hurley having to withdraw from the show last minute for undisclosed reasons.

– Irish star Mandrake having to withdraw from the show due to other commitments.

– Former ROH star Azrael withdrawing from the show due to an injured collarbone.

– PTW posters being torn down from shops, and the PTW telephone line being temporarily cancelled; by the cheap and immature tactics of a local ‘promotion’ in the area.

– PTW’s man in charge, Petey Staniforth, having suffered two concussions in a week in February, and still very much on the injured list due to a serious blood clot on his left hip; from a severe blow suffered on a show three weeks prior.

So, as you’ve guessed, nothing’s ever quiet or ‘normal’ at PTW, and here’s what went on, on the night itself!

* The ever abrasive and arrogant Petey Staniforth, looking rather different on this occasion to say the least with a bright orange silk shirt and his new extremely short haircut, was introduced to the crowd. Instantly heckled and abused by PTW’s regular fans, Petey’s temper snapped straight off. He then introduced what he called his ‘best friend in the entire business’, Dan Edge, to the ring; and the two of them spoke of how Conor Hurley’s not being there opened up the main event playing field. Staniforth called that there would be a battle royal, with the winner getting to face Dan (managed by Petey) in the main event. He then demanded Drew Hawthorne come to the ring, to explain his actions from PTW’s show in Derby in February. As the crowd in Luton looked on, Staniforth berated Hawthorne angrily, speaking of the most disgusting, despicable, appalling moment in professional wrestling history. We quote Petey : “When Vince heard, he was shocked. When Dixie heard, she was heartbroken. My god, Paul Heyman wanted to get a telephone and hit you upside the head when he found out”…

As the Luton crowd sat in amazement, it turned out Petey was referring to how he felt Drew Hawthorne was to blame for Petey’s favourite hat getting stolen in February! Staniforth then, in some kind of symbolic gesture, kissed Hawthorne on the forehead, apologised…..and viciously knocked him out cold with his steel Clipboard of Doom – at the same time that Dan Edge low blowed him with one of his metal crutches. A broken Drew Hawthorne laid prone on the mat, but was saved by Sean Midnight and Tracey Kilby; who ran Edge and Staniforth away from the scene.

* G & Del Rico defeated El Ligero & Martin Kirby. This exciting, fast paced, action packed opener set the tone for the show.

* Tommy Lust won a battle royal to advance to the main event to face Dan Edge. A hard fought victory saw the 80’s rock music lover take the win, and his spot in the main event of the evening.

* Dragonian w/Tiffany Wantsmore defeated Sean Midnight w/Tracey Kilby. These two have serious issues with each other, and nothing was settled here at all, as even the girls got into it after the match with Kilby and Wantsmore fighting all the way into the backstage area.

* PTW World Tag Team Champions Nemesis (‘Scumboy’ Dani Graves & Prodigy) defeated The Stevens Brothers w/Olivier Davenport The Third, to retain the titles. PTW’s Tag Team Champions are currently on quite a roll of success right now, and are looking very good.

* ‘Mr Clean’ Anton Green w/Gabriel Myers defeated El Pura Puente. Classic cheating tactics from Green and Myers were what decided this match, to the crowd’s disapproval.

* In a PTW ‘Opportunity Knocks’ match, Chris Brookes & Evan Sarven defeated Blond Jovi (Ben Rage & JD Sassoon). All four men in this match made a very big impression, and we hear there will be an announcement soon in regards to this match and the competitors in it; from the PTW Office.

* PTW British Champion Mason Storm defeated Andy ‘Boy’ Simmonz. This match even saw the action go to the outside, and around the hall itself; spilling out onto the merchandise tables and more, but Mason Storm managed to take the victory over the former WWE star Simmonz.

* In the main event, to the crowd’s approval, Tommy Lust w/Drew Hawthorne defeated Dan Edge w/Petey Staniforth. This one was simply…wild. And one major story was the already well known to be very much on the injured list, Petey Staniforth, take one hell of a beating through the match itself. On three seperate occasions, Staniforth was knocked from the ring apron to the solid floor, each time with more of a sickening thud than before. Lust also attacked Petey outside of the ring, with an uppercut and kicks. Later in the match, Lust hit a baseball slide onto Petey and knocked him to the floor once more; and each time Staniforth was down for longer and longer, and barely getting up. Hawthorne even got in on the action in regards to Petey, as he slapped him viciously; and again, the by now punch drunk Staniforth was barely with it in regards to consciousness. In the ring, Edge did the best that he could in the ring, but not having his manager/best friend there in full health to help him cheat, clearly damaged his game plan somewhat. Tommy Lust took the very popular victory in the match, to send the fans home happy for the night; and even finished it off by delivering a wedgie to Dan Edge, much to the crowd’s amusement.

* From all of us at Power Trip Wrestling, we thank you all worldwide for three years of your support. We are Power Trip Wrestling – and we are, quite literally – ‘The Promotion The Competition Doesn’t Want You To See’! Power Trip Wrestling’s next show is “Nobody Does It Better”, on Saturday 27th March 2010, in Corby, Northamptonshire; and all details for the show can be found on the official PTW website, which is

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