Steven Ashe sent this in:

AWF “Summertime Bruise”
Whitby Action Centre/First Class Dinner Theatre
Whitby, Ontario
Refs: David Gilbert Clarke, “Oldschool”
Attendance: Approx. 100 plus

Zachary Springate III the AWF Champ, cut a promo about how Pepper Parks was not man enough to face him so he had to lower himself to face AWF veteran Danny Dynamic once again, Dynamic came to the ring to help build some hype in a rematch from the last show.

Brandon Thurston def. “Mastiff” Will Calrissian

Hollywood Hunks (Stunning Sean & Custom Made Man) def All Knighters (Joey Knight & Robin Knightwing)

Knightwing dropped Knight accidentally when going for a finish, Knight turned on him and let his brother get destroyed by the Hunks. Knight vowed to end his brothers career later on the card, just like he should’ve ten years ago.

“Asian Nightmare” Kwan Chang def “Mighty” Samson

AWF Title Match
Danny Dynamic def Springate by countout. Springate retains title, Hutchinson is not satisfied with the finish said they will make a decision regarding the title. Springate refuses to face Dynamic again, wants his title.

No Bishop, Jackal announces “Untouchable” Jimmy Stone as his replacement. Stone cuts a promo.

Flatliners def. Jackal/Stone in a Tornado Tag Match
– Post match Samson with his french partners attack the Flatliners and hang Asylum with Samson’s noose.

Cherry Bomb def. She-Nay-Nay and Jen Blake in a 3 Way

Robin Knightwing def Joey Knight w/ a Super Samoan Drop MOTN

Hutchinson decides since Springate refuses to perform, that the rematch between Alex Price and Don Payson from last show will now be for the AWF Title.

Don Paysan def. Alex Price to become new AWF Champion

-post match Springate attacks Paysan demanding his title, saying he never lost. Locker room clears out to separate Payson and Springate, Price hands Paysan the AWF title puts over Paysan and disses Springate, wants a match for the AWF Title. Springate and Paysan continue to try to fight, as the lockeroom holds them apart.

Old School/Fun Show

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