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August 9, 2009 NWA Lucha Libre Results
The Celebrity Theatre in Phoenix, Arizona
Featuring NWA Pro, NWA-Pro Wrestling Revolition and NWA-Impact Zone Wrestling
Exclusive to www.impactzonewrestling.com

1. Mini Lucha, Sergio Vega & Aguilita defeated Pistolera II, Playboy & Pirana, Jr

2. Derick Neikirk pinned Tyson Tyler with an inverted DDT off the second rope to retain the Arizona Heavyweight Championship

3. The Navajo Warrior pinned Orion

4. El Gran Apollo pinned GQ Gallo following an Elevated Urinage to retain the NWA North American Championship

5. Shane Haste & Markus Pitts defeated Angel Armani & Juice Robinson

6. Terex was victorious in a handicap match

Joey Ryan issued an open challenge to any Mexican wrestler in the lockerroom, and it was answered by Orion.

7. Orion pinned Joey Ryan following a moonsault

Ryan then insisted that the referee was partial to Orion and issued an open challenge to any non-Mexican wrestler in the lockerroom, which was answered by Terex.

8. Terex defeated Joey Ryan by countout when Ryan walked out during the match

9. Blue Demon, Jr defeated Oliver John and Super Crazy in a triple threat match to retain the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship

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