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GCW-NS Aug 06 Results
Thursday Aug 06 2009

Oshawa, Ontario
@ the Legion
Referees: “Old School” Eddington James, Jon Turnip
Results credit: Gordo for

-Jamie Virtue came to the ring and said Sabastian Suave wasn’t going to be there but fans would get a lot of him because he was the night’s ring announcer.

1) Phun Fer vs Louie Vaton ended in “a draw” when Ethan Page, Joey Kings and Steve Brown ran in and attacked both guys [1 min]

Virtue, Brown, Page and Kings did a promo in which they said Page & Kings would be the new GCW-NS Tag Champions and Brown would be the new GCW-NS Brass Knuckles Champion. (Brown was the champ but since GCW-NS is “starting over” the title was currently vacant.)

Tournament to crown the first ever GCW-NS Internet Champion; Round 1:
2) Anthony Fiasco def Boris Brechnev [7 min]
3) “EZE” Eric Carnie def Rip Impact by submission [7 min]
4) “Hacker” Scotty O’Shea def Brent B Banks [11 min]
5) “Canadian Crazyhorse” Michael Elgin def Mike Alias [18 min]


6) Gauntlet Match for the vacant GCW-NS Tag Team Championship:
a) Will Hunter & Mico Moutandi def Black Magic (St Stephen Elias & Amazing Darkstone w/ Sabrina Kyle) [7 min]
b) Joey Kings & Ethan Page w/ Mr Melo & Jamie Virtue def Will Hunter & Mico Moutandi [6 min]
c) Joey Kings & Ethan Page w/ Mr Melo & Jamie Virtue def King Sphinx & Ali Atish to win the titles [8 min]
-After Black Magic’s loss St Stephen Elias got into a verbal exchange with a fan that came close to escalating to blows until calmer heads prevailed. Moments later the fan had a seizure [legit] and paramedics were called. They arrived during the final match of the Gauntlet

7) No DQ, Falls Count Anywhere Match for the GCW-NS Brass Knuckles Championship:
“World Renowned” Steve Brown w/ Jamie Virtue def “Awesome” Adam Reed [12 min]

8) GCW-NS Internet Championship Tournament Final; 4-Way Elimination Match:
Scotty O’Shea pinned Anthony Fiasco @ 11 min
Michael Elgin pinned Eric Carnie @ 13 min
“Canadian Crazyhorse” Michael Elgin pinned “Hacker” Scotty O’Shea @ 19 min to become the first ever GCW-NS Internet Champion

A far more detailed accounting of the action & review of the show to come soon
Condensed version: A very good show

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