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NWA / ECCW – Detailed Aug 01 Results
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El Phantasmo and “Ravenous” Randy Myers have waged two epic contests in the past two years in ECCW. This past Saturday night in Vancouver, their series was capped off with a fantastic third match to decide who was the best in ECCW! Both the WWE developmental star and the 2009 Pacific Cup champion left it all in the ring, entertaining the crowd throughout a 20-minute classic, which saw each man chase the other throughout the Russian Community Centre, the debut of the “full moon”sault by Phantasmo, an amazing Canadian Destroyer off the top rope by The Ravenous One, and more fun than you can shake several sticks at! Throughout it all, the two matched move for move, but it was a standard maneuver that scored the win for Phantasmo, who ensnared Randy Myers in an inside cradle for the pinfall victory! After the contest, an emotional Phantasmo “proposed” to Myers with a ring pop, which Randy gladly accepted! As a number of ECCW stars entered the ring, Randy Myers gave a heartfelt speech to the crowd in Vancouver, thanking them for their support and urging them to continue to support ECCW! Whether in ECCW or the WWE, “Ravenous” Randy Myers will continue to be the cock of the walk that will always rock the hawk!

Pop Culture still had one championship in their group, but that title was in jeopardy, as Veronika Vice defended her SuperGirls championship against her two top rivals, former champion Nicole Matthews and Australian import Tenille Tayla. Tayla and Matthews formed a brief alliance against Veronika, but Bishop’s interference at ringside kept turning the tide back to the champion, as well as arguments between the two challengers. Nicole and Tenille did their best to eliminate Bishop from the match, with both diving onto him and an opponent at times during the match! The three battled inside the ring, with Veronika catching Nicole in a Tree of Woe, only to turn around into a Yakuza Kick by Tenille for the three-count that made Tenille Tayla the new SuperGirls champion! Tenille becomes the second Australian to hold the SuperGirls championship, and left Veronika and Bishop seething in the ring, as Pop Culture now finds themselves with no championships at all!

The fallout from the destruction of Chill Town was felt even more in Vancouver, as the returning Kelownafornians stepped into the ring to face Egos & Icons members Nick Price & Tony Baroni. Before the contest started, newly crowned NWA/ECCW tag team champions Sid Sylum & Azeem The Dream, along with their newest associate Kyle O’Reilly and The Natural, came to ringside. Sylum stated they would be doing commentary on the contest and watching closely, making fun of the fact that Colin Cutler and Sylum’s arch-rival, Scotty Mac were cousins! The match itself broke down into a four-way fracas, with Egos & Icons scoring the victory, but the story was after the match, as Sylum and his associates stormed the ring and taped Adam Fedyk to the ropes, leaving Cutler vulnerable for a vile attack! As Sylum set Cutler up for a devastating Tombstone piledriver, Scotty Mac sprinted to the ring, chair in hand, and evicted Sylum and his cronies from the ring! O’Reilly, who had cemented his newly found mean streak with a convincing win earlier in the night over Alex Plexis, challenged Scotty Mac to a match, which Scotty gladly accepted, but before they could go at it, NWA Pacific Northwest representative Mike Sweetser interrupted, saying that the match would happen on September 5th in Vancouver, and that it would be for Scotty’s NWA Canadian heavyweight championship!

Sweetser then turned his attention to Sylum & Azeem, and stated that Pop Culture’s protests earlier in the night over the NWA/ECCW tag team championship debacle last week in Surrey were accurate – there was no official contract for the match, and NWA associate representative Mike Democrat had overstepped his boundaries in making the match. As a result, Sweetser declared the match null and void, and stripped Sylum and Azeem of the NWA/ECCW tag team championship, announcing that the title would be decided in an upcoming eight-team tournament!

MR2’s hosted interview segment, On The Runway, never fails to evoke controversy, and this past Saturday was no exception! MR2’s guests were Lumberjack Bubba & Junior, and MR2 wasted no time in insulting the two, running down Junior for his love interest in Veronika Vice! Bubba actually agreed with MR2, and even brought out Junior’s Pa to talk some sense into Junior! Pa, however, agreed with Junior, telling the young man to follow his heart! The three began their dancing in the ring in celebration of the family being back together, even surprising MR2 by including him in the dance.. only to restrain him, allowing Memphis to slide into the ring behind MR2, and rip the NWA/ECCW Championship belt from around MR2’s waist before MR2 or MR2’s new bodyguard could react! MR2 attempted to attack Memphis, only to be turned away with a stiff right hand! Memphis thanked the lumberjacks for their help, and held up his rightful possession, the NWA/ECCW Championship belt!

As Mike Sweetser came out to congratulate Memphis on regaining possession of his belt, Memphis said that he was looking for a fight in Vancouver that night.. only to be interrupted by Pop Culture, who had a bone to pick with Sweetser over the NWA/ECCW tag team championship situation, as noted earlier in this report. Ice then turned his attention to Memphis, saying that he demanded a shot at the NWA/ECCW Championship! Memphis gladly accepted and made it a No Holds Barred match, with Bishop banned from ringside! The match was made for that night, and it was an amazing contest and possible match of the year candidate! Ice came closer than perhaps anybody had in wresting the belt from Memphis, but it was Memphis’ endurance that proved the key, surviving a superkick from Ice and cradling the Larger Than Life Superstar in a reverse cradle for the victory! Memphis had no time to celebrate, as Bishop entered the ring and attacked Memphis, giving him a thunderous Bishop Bomb in the center of the ring! Pop Culture left the NWA/ECCW Champion laying in the ring, with Ice saying that the belt would come to Pop Culture on August 28th in Surrey, as Memphis will defend the NWA/ECCW Championship against Bishop in a stretcher match!

The ECCW Hardcore championship was on the line as Moondog Manson defended the gold against Scott Steel, who brought all sorts of plunder to the ring to aid in dethroning the most extreme man in ECCW! Volt Vegas cheered Steel on from commentary, stating that once Steel beat Manson, *he* would end up with the belt by beating Steel, but the problem was that Manson would not go down! In the end, it was Manson that proved why he was a nine-time Hardcore champion, defeating Steel to retain his gold one more time! After the contest, Vegas attempted to take Manson’s ECCW Hardcore championship belt, only to be slapped hard in the face by Manson for his sign of utter disrespect!

In other results from Vancouver, “Superfly” Dan Myers defeated Jamie Diaz, and BJ Laredo scored the win in a four-way match over “Dastardly” Danni Deeds, Callos and the debuting Carrot Adams.

ECCW returns to the Bridgeview Hall in Surrey on Friday night, August 28th, with two championship matches already signed! Scotty Mac will defend the NWA Canadian heavyweight championship against his former long-time friend, NWA Canadian junior heavyweight champion Azeem The Dream in an epic champion vs. champion encounter! Memphis puts his NWA/ECCW Championship on the line against Bishop in a brutal stretcher match! In addition, former NWA/ECCW tag team championship partners will collide, as Sid Sylum squares off against Dropkick Murphy! Tickets are on sale here on for this epic event to close out the month of August!

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