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NEW PTW WORLD CHAMPION & RESULTS : Power Trip Wrestling, 5th August 2009, Isle of Sheppey, Kent!

We saw history made last night. PTW has a brand new World Champion, and it is international star Conor Hurley. It was a night with shocks and controversy, and let’s not waste time; let’s get you to what went on!

* PTW Promoter Petey Staniforth came to the ring (with Tommy Stevens in tow), in a shirt and tie for once, and was clearly not in the mood to be there. Having said that, the crowd heat towards Petey in Sheppey is always high; but last night it was literally of a blowtorch level. A seven letter word which we shall not repeat here, was chanted in Petey’s direction all night long; and also deafening chants of ‘Petey Sucks’. First verbally running down the fans for finding him getting hurt last week and his birthday being ruined funny, then some very sexist remarks towards the ‘First Lady of PTW’ Chrissie, and then some very strong words about his former best friend Dan Edge; Staniforth was then interrupted by Chrissie herself, who proceeded to introduce him to two people – the new PTW Company Lawyer, Justin Case; and just to raise the tension even higher, ‘100 Percent’ Dan Edge.

Petey was furious at Chrissie’s attempt to not just one up, but two up him, and came up with his own plan on the spot. The plan? That if Dan Edge survived on the shows until the final PTW Summer Tour show on 26th August, he could have literally anything or anyone he wanted. Edge teased a title shot, or more money, but concluded that there was only one thing he’d want if he got that far – and that would be the one thing people said could never, would never, and will never happen. A match…with Petey Staniforth himself. Petey was in complete shock for a moment, but chose to accept this. His belief was that Edge stood no chance of getting that far, so he was safe enough. And there was a condition on his part too….that Dan Edge couldn’t touch him in any way shape of form, no physical violence towards Petey until the 26th August (and, as Petey reminded everyone – IF it even gets that far). Edge checked with PTW’s Lawyer, Justin Case, and this was agreed to be legal. The alarm bells should have run when Petey just recapped quickly the entire situation, and said “You’re sure….it’s legal, yeah?”. When all agreed, Petey’s temper snapped in a split second, and he literally slapped Dan Edge as hard as he could! He shouted that Dan couldn’t do a thing about it, and he’d best get used to it…and that he’d be facing Tommy Stevens later on in the evening, and stormed off!

* Jakob The Butcher defeated Harry Pocalypse.

* In a women’s match, ‘The Jackal’ Izumi Clarke defeated Tiffany Wantsmore, in something of a surprise victory.

* ‘Cowboy’ Adam Hayes scored something else of an upset, much to the crowd’s approval; over the mysterious and dark Jack Joker.

* We were then supposed to go to, and were announced for, the interval in the show. But guess who came back out? That’s right, to another screaming chorus of ‘Petey Sucks’, the boss was back and if anything, his mood had dropped even lower. Abusing the ring announcer Tony, he said he wasn’t going to wait any longer to deal with Dan Edge; and that he wanted to do it right now.

‘100 Percent’ Dan Edge defeated Tommy Stevens.

There’s a story and a half to tell here though. Petey Staniforth made Darryl The Ref’s life miserable during this match, constantly cheating and interfering, to the extent that Darryl simply shouted “Hey Petey…watch THIS!”, and hit probably the fastest count in PTW history, for Dan Edge to get the huge and incredibly popular win over Tommy Stevens. But – Staniforth then ordered Tommy Stevens to attack Darryl, and he was hit to the ground. Petey then shouted for the then PTW World Champion G from the backstage area, who came out and hit the referee in the head with the title belt. This wasn’t enough for the then totally out of control boss of PTW, who demanded Dan Edge be lifted up and held there, whilst he slapped him and kicked him, all the while shouting on the microphone at the fans, at Chrissie, and at Dan Edge about how nobody turns their back on him. We’ve all seen Petey’s temper, but he’s bordering on manical these days….and then the kick. “Dan…you’re 100 percent huh? Let’s get you down to about 25, shall we?”, said Petey, and he proceeded to kick him in what we can only call ‘below the belt’, and Edge crumpled in a heap to the floor.

Not even THIS was enough for Staniforth, and we were at fever pitch with the fans in the crowd, especially the younger ones, as Chrissie paced ringside screaming for Petey to stop; and calm down and show some class. Staniforth then said he was going to kick Edge, quite literally, until he stopped moving, and kept doing so. Chrissie then shouted that if Petey didn’t stop, ….she’d get the lawyer in for another reason, un PTW related as well. At this point, the beating finally stopped, and Petey said that maybe she was right, and that he wanted to leave a bit of Dan left for next week. Just as everyone finally breathed a sigh of relief, that the situation was finally calming…..Petey Staniforth put his size 12 shoe to a laid unconscious Dan Edge one last time, and laughed evilly as the heat in the venue rose way back up once more. Thankfully, this was the end of it though, and Dan Edge was helped backstage by Chrissie and others.

* Dragonian defeated ‘Scorpion’ Bill Duffy, who was accompanied by Amber Vixen.

* And then the main event. International star Conor Hurley, defeated G ‘The Lap Dancing Superstar’, to become the NEW PTW WORLD CHAMPION.

And Petey Staniforth was left looking very silly, in what all considered justice from his horrible actions earlier on the show. Staniforth came out with G, and refused to put the title on the line. PTW’s Lawyer Justin Case, was called to the ring by Conor Hurley, who said he’d expected some kind of cheap trick to occur, and a contract was shown, where it was stated that if Conor won the match, he’d get a title shot the following show. Petey was fine with this, and was “so confident, that I’ll sign it without reading all that small print”. A big mistake….as it turned out, it was actually a contract to make THIS match a World Title match. Staniforth tantrumed as ever, but the PTW World Title Match – was on!!!

A back and forth match, filled with simple and pure emotion from both wrestlers and a red hot crowd; saw Conor Hurley become the new PTW World Champion. Nothing summed this up more, than Petey’s face when the three count was made, as he looked like he was in complete shock. Hurley proceeded to have a somewhat of a party in the ring, a huge celebration around him, featuring Chrissie, Drewy and Victoria Staniforth (Drewy was held atop Conor’s shoulders with the World Title on his shoulder, and Victoria kissed the new champion of the company), Dan Edge, Justin Case, Darryl The Ref, Bill Duffy & Amber Vixen, and others; all congratulated the new champion, as did the literally jubilant fans who knew that had witnessed history in front of their eyes.

After an exchange on the microphone, both Hurley and surprisingly G expressed their respect for each other’s abilities in the ring; but it turned a little off colour when Hurley suggested that G lose the services of Petey Staniforth, and the rematch was made for next week between the two – with a typical Petey twist to it, as Staniforth suggested that it be held under No Disqualification rules. And so it will be, next week, PTW World Champion Conor Hurley, vs G ‘The LapDancingSuperstar’, with Petey Staniforth at ringside – and No Disqualification rules apply.


Power Trip Wrestling present ‘Unbreakable’ – The Summer Tour 2009!


Isle of Sheppey Holiday Village,
Warden Bay Road,
Isle of Sheppey,
ME12 4LX.


Wednesday 12th, 19th, 26th August 2009!


8pm Start!


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