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Victory Pro Wrestling Returns to Deer Park on August 8, 2009

VPW Presents Pro Wrestling Live!

Deer Park Community Center
41 Homer Avenue
Deer Park, NY 11729
Saturday, August 8, 2009

Doors open 7:00pm with an approximate 7:30pm bell time.

Advance tickets are available at the Deer Park Community Center in Deer Park, Long Island

For more info call 631-357-1810 or email

Tickets are all 1 low price of $15 so get there early to get the best seats!!!

Visit for everything VPW!!!

As always, most, if not all, of the VPW roster will be available for autographs during intermission. Come on down to watch a great night of action and meet all of your favorites.

Special Guest:
TNA Knockout: Madison Rayne of The Beautiful People

Madison Rayne will be available for photographs and autographs.

Already confirmed to appear:

TNA Knockout Madison Rayne, ?The Perfect Gentleman? Jason Static, Mack Daddy Flexx, ?Ultra Sexy? Joe So Delicious, ?Masculine Marvel? Sabotage, Richie Tyler, ?The Resurrection of Tag Team Wrestling? Eclipse (Jay Delta & Xandar Page), ?The Miracle? Javi-Air, ?Suburban Bad Boy? Joey Everlast, ?Jumbo? Joe Gunns, ?Smooth Operator? Mike Gallagher, ?The Answer? Pete Simmons, Nightmare, Funky Fresh Boyz (K-Funk & K-Fresh), Johnny ?Muscles? Marinara, Dani DT, Mikey Old School, Shaolin Wrecking Crew (Magic & Draven), Black Rose, Josef Von Schmidt, ?Ultra Tough? Doug So Delicious, ?Brooklyn Doll? Gina Bella, Coach Greg & More!!!

VPW Championship
?The Perfect Gentleman? Jason Static w/ ?Ultra Tough? Doug So Delicious vs. Mack Daddy Flexx

Mack Daddy Flexx has been granted one more championship opportunity against Jason Static. Static has defeated Flexx in the past, but each time Flexx comes so close to victory. Could this be the night that Static goes down once and for all??

VPW Tag Team Championship
Shaolin Wrecking Crew (Magic & Draven) w/ Black Rose vs. Fresh Boyz (K-Funk & K-Fresh)

The Funky Fresh Boyz have been tearing up the tag team scene for months, but now they have new challengers to worry about. Magic has already made his presence known in VPW, but now he’s bringing in his partner, Draven. This new team will be getting the opportunity of a lifetime with a championship opportunity in their first VPW match. Will this combination of size and strength be too much for the high-flying champions??

Updated: It now appears that Magic and Draven are being brought together by Eclipse in an effort to take down the Funky Fresh Boyz. Since Eclipse can?t receive a title match of their own, they are bringing in hired muscle to deal with their rivals.

VPW New York Championship
?Masculine Marvel? Sabotage vs. ?Suburban Bad Boy? Joey Everlast w/ Mikey Old School

Mikey Old School used his master contract negotiation skills to secure this match for the cornerstone of Old School Unlimited, Joey Everlast. Everlast has held tag team gold in the past, but could this be his first singles gold??

Women’s Wrestling
Madison Rayne vs. Dani DT

After coming close to defeating the leader of the Beautiful People, Angelina Love, Dani DT requested another shot at the TNA Knockouts Champion. Love declined and said she couldn?t be bothered, but is instead sending Madison Rayne of the Beautiful People to take on Dani DT. Will Dani DT have better luck against this member of the Beautiful People??

Tag Team Action
?The Resurrection of Tag Team Wrestling? Eclipse vs. Richie Tyler & ?Smooth Operator? Mike Gallagher

Eclipse has been in somewhat of a slump lately, so a victory here would be advantageous to the former 2x VPW Tag Team Champions. Their opponents are old friends who haven?t exactly been on the same page lately. A few weeks ago in Centereach saw Mike Gallagher cheat to win in what should have been a friendly match against Richir Tyler. Gallagher apologized to Tyler later in the night and the two claim to have patched everything up. Will they be able to work together?? Or will Gallagher snap again??

?Ultra Sexy? Joe So Delicious
?The Miracle? Javi-Air
Johnny ?Muscles? Marinara
?Jumbo? Joe Gunns
Razzle Dazzle
?The Answer? Pete Simmons
Mikey Old School
Josef Von Schmidt
Gina Bella
Coach Greg
Plus More!

-Card Subject To Change-

VPW Wrestling School

For those looking to enter the wrestling business as a wrestler, manager or referee, look no further than the VPW Wrestling School. The school is conveniently located at the Deer Park Community Center in Long Island. Sessions are held every Sunday from 4pm until 10pm. The Deer Park Community Center is located at 41 Homer Avenue in Deer Park, New York.

Call 631-357-1810 or email for complete details.

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