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WXW C4 is proud to announce it’s debut in Drums, PA set for this Saturday, August 8th at 7:30 pm! Tickets are only $15 for 1st and 2nd row, and GA is $12. Be sure to be at the Valley Regional FIre & Rescue Hall, 14 West Butler Drive in Drums, PA for C4’s huge return to Luzerne County!

08/03/09 – In what promises to be a brutal meeting, in a NO DQ match, Slyck Wagner Brown make his long awaited return to Luzerne County to take on former WWE Superstar Manu, AKA Afa Jr! A few weeks ago at Sportsfest, SWB spoiled the celebration for Afa Jr after his win to earn a shot at the Ultimate World Championship when he snuck in from behind and drilled Afa with a chair. As soon as Afa was about to get his own shots in, Slyck bailed vowing that Afa Jr would pay for what he attempted to do. While the original match was not set for an additional few weeks, Afa did not want to wait and demanded that Maven move up the scheduled match to this Saturday in Drums! This one is sure to show Drums what puts the XTREME in WXW C4!
Doc Daniels and his Dynasty will also be making their way to Drums this Saturday. In a match for the Ultimate Heavyweight Championship, Eric Cobian will put this title on the line when he defends against “The Cold Hearted Playa” Danny Demanto! Demanto has been proving more and more that he is deserving of a shot at the C4 Title and Commissioner Bentley has decided to give him his shot this Saturday. Daniels has been heard storming around the office saying this is a “waist of Eric’s time” and “below him” to get in the ring with Demanto. Demanto has a golden opportunity here and a chance at revenge as the last time he had a shot at the Ultimate Championship was against another Daniels charge: Sugaa. Will Demanto go 0-2 against the Dynasty or will he even up the odds with the biggest win in his career?

“The Wrestler” star “Rotten” Tommy Suede will also be in action this Saturday when he takes on local star TJ Masters at Homecoming! Suede has had a tough couple of weeks recently with a loss to Supreme Lee Great at Sportsfest and a missed opportunity at Go For The Gold making him the only member of the Dynasty with out a piece of gold around his waist. Will the former World Champion be able to pick up a win and change his course for the future or will TJ Masters pull off the biggest upset in WXW C4 history?

Tag Team Partners collide when The Dynamic Sensation takes on his friend, partner and mentor, Supreme Lee Great. SLG started his career only a few miles from Drums, PA and calls the town that he’s making his return to his home. Will SLG get a win over another former tag team partner or will TDS make this SLG’s last match as he promised?

The Elite Tag Team Titles will be on the line when the unlikely pair of the Daniels Dynasty’s Bane and Billy Dream put their titles on the line against PapaDon and Alex Anthony of the Extreme Horsemen. The battle lines were drawn between the two alliances at Sportsfest setting up for what may be the biggest 8 man tag team match in the history of Allentown wrestling. However, as a precursor to the match, the Extreme Horsemen have the opportunity to get the psychological advantage over the Dynasty this Saturday by making them about 30lbs lighter. Will the Horsemen capture gold or will Doc have something up his sleeve to ensure the belts stay with him and hsi family. Or will Billy Dream be the wrench in the Dynasty machine? The only way to find out is to be there LIVE!

Also scheduled to be in action: The Great Samu, Campeon Internacional Eddie Guapo, the NEW Ultimate Hybrid Champion VSK, Havoc, Sean Maluta, AJ Sabotage and a women’s match pitting the beautiful Brooke Carter against WXW C4 mainstay Jana! For more information on Homecoming, be sure to visit the new and improved Don’t get Blast TV in your area? Then head over to HybridEnt.TV, the only place to see weekly episodes of Blast TV. Homecoming is promising to be an exciting debut for WXW C4 and the Valley Regional Fire and Rescue, so be sure to come out this Saturday so you can say you were there for the detonation of WXW C4 in Drums, PA!

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