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It is an event two years in the making. When Pro Wrestling Ohio first formed, a new, young, hungry roster emerged with dreams and aspirations of grand success. For one year they valiantly fought, and last summer met a life and career-altering ?Wrestlelution?, the effects of which we still feel today. Still they continued to fight on – the competition tougher, the sacrifices greater, and the audiences larger than ever before. After two years of evolution, of growth, of turmoil, and of chaos, Pro Wrestling Ohio, and all those within it, reach a ?Coming of Age?.

On Sunday afternoon, August 9, at 3:00 pm, the stars and personalities of Pro Wrestling Ohio converge on the same place they made history one year ago, the Nautica Pavilion, 2014 Sycamore Street in downtown Cleveland, with the singular goal of raising the bar higher and farther and ever previously thought. The stakes have been raised, the rewards have been elevated, the dream has come closer to a reality. It is a coming of age for a young company constantly evolving. It is a coming of age for a locker room of young men and women hoping to reach the next plateau of their career. For all involved it is a true coming of age, and the ultimate ?Wrestlelution?.

Ticket Information

$40 VIP Package – Special reserved seating, Commemorative PWO Wrestlelution 2 T-shirt (specify size when ordering), Commemorative PWO Wrestlelution 2 Event Program, Exclusive access to post-show meet & greet with ALL PWO stars and special guests! Available exclusively on !

$25 Front Row Tickets – Available exclusively on and all Ticketmaster outlets!

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$15 – General Admission – Available on !

Final Announced Card:

NO DQ PWO Championship Match: Josh Prohibition defends against Johnny Gargano
Prohibition/Gargano History Video Package –
Prohibition vs. Gargano In Josh’s Words –
Prohibition vs. Gargano In Johnny’s Words –

Josh Prohibition and Johnny Gargano have been intertwined with one another for nearly four years. Prohibition and Gargano were unstoppable throughout PWO’s first year, and seem poised to remain on top for years to come. However, when Johnny Gargano was granted a PWO Title shot at Matt Cross, instead of Josh, who had grown obsessed and consumed with the PWO Championship, jealousy and ego began to tear apart what was once though inseparable. Josh constantly told Johnny that ?we? would become PWO Champion, though Josh’s intentions seemed much more selfish. Josh fed Johnny bad advice that led to Gargano losing his title match, and the opportunistic Prohibition swooped in, challenged an exhausted Cross, and easily stole the title for himself. With Josh Prohibition demanding more and more of the spotlight, and men like Matt Cross and Super Hentai telling Gargano that Josh needed Johnny more than Johnny needed Josh, Gargano knew it was time to make a big step in his career. Gargano stood up to the tyrannical Prohibition and demanded a shot at the PWO Title that should rightfully be his. The challenge was accepted, and in just a matter of weeks, the battle became very personal. For Josh Prohibition, it is his chance to prove himself as the star of the team, and to kill his creation and rid him from PWO for good. For Gargano, it is an opportunity to realize his potential, come into his own, and prove he is more than Josh’s ?puppet?. This match will lead to a true coming of age? or the ending of one.

PWO Tag Team Championship: Greg ?The Hammer? Valentine & Jim ?The Anvil? Neidhart defend against The Clash
Clash attack Valentine & Neidhart: (skip to end of video)

Ernie Ballz & Brian Bender feel it is their destiny to become PWO Tag Team Champions and usher in a new era of tag team wrestling. After months of chasing the gold, their path was blocked by two very unlikely individuals. Greg Valentine & Jim Neidhart are career-long tag team specialists, Valentine with such partners like Brutus Beefcake & Ric Flair, and Neidhart in the famed Hart Foundation with brother-in-law Bret Hart, but the two had never teamed before uniting in Pro Wrestling Ohio, where they shockingly captured the PWO Tag Team Championships. Valentine & Neidhart are proving there’s still plenty of gas left in the tank, and that age is only a number, and they still have a lot to offer to the sport of professional wrestling. The Clash sent a violent message that they will not be ignored, however, as they sneak-attacked the legends in the locker room following a recent title defense. Will Valentine & Neidhart continue their unprecedented title reign or will The Clash usher in a new era, force change, and finally emerge as PWO Tag Team Champions?

Ohio vs. Michigan: Al Snow w/Head vs. ?Amazing? N8 Mattson
N8 Mattson Discusses Al Snow:

Since his entrance into PWO, ?Amazing? N8 Mattson has sung the praises of his home-state of Michigan, while degrading and insulting anything that has to do with Ohio. The Michigan elitist even spent last fall issuing open challenges against anyone in Ohio in an effort to prove his superiority. After a severe ankle injury last spring, Mattson returned to PWO a few weeks ago and declared that from now on he?d wrestle on his own terms. However, he had forgotten to take his ?Michigan vs. Ohio? open contracts off the table! The challenge was accepted by an internationally-known star and a Lima, Ohio native – Al Snow. Al’s seen worldwide success in ECW and WWE, capturing numerous championships, but proudly returns to his home-state to fight for its honor. It’s the Michigan elitist versus the leader of the JOB Squad. Can N8 Mattson prove Michigan’s superiority or will Al Snow win one for the Buckeye State?

Dumpster Match: The Gambino Family (w/Agent Aaron Maguire) vs. Jason Bane & Hobo Joe
Feud History Video Package:

Aaron Maguire lost everything when Jason Bane ran his former charge out of PWO last year. A penniless and depressed Maguire was forced to live out on the streets, where he struck up a friendship with Hobo Joe. After several weeks of outlandish training, it seemed Maguire was prepared for life on the streets. However, Maguire’s past caught up with him in the form of Marshall ?The Bull? & ?Nice Guy? Mickey Gambino. The Gambinos were very physically pursuing the rest of the debts Maguire had owed to him from a year ago, and with his health in danger, Maguire hatched a plan. His roommate Hobo Joe, had just won $25,000 in the Ohio State lottery, and after several weeks of buttering him up, Maguire convinced Hobo to trust Maguire with the cash and ?invest? it. A gullible Hobo obliged, but it didn?t take long to see what Aaron’s ?investment? truly was. Aaron not only paid off his debt, but took on the intimidating Gambinos as clients, and immediately put them to work. The Gambinos screwed Bane out of a PWO Title opportunity, and attempted to shove Hobo Joe in a dumpster and set it on fire! Bane & Hobo were officially on the ?hit list?, but rather than cower and run, they chose to stand up and fight and challenge The Family to a Dumpster Match! No disqualifications, anything goes, and the only way to win is to place both of your opponents into the dumpster and shut the lid. Will The Family carry out their hit or can Bane & Hobo stand up to Aaron Maguire’s newfound Mafioso connections?

Special Guest Ring Announcer: Legendary Cleveland Brown Bob Golic
Championship Contender’s Match: ?M-Dogg 20? Matt Cross vs. ?Superstar? Mike Tolar w/Ben Fruith & EJ Georgio

It is an ultimate clash of styles as the Kent State University All-American Mike Tolar battles former AAU United States Junior Gymnastics Team champion and first-ever PWO Champion ?M-Dogg 20? Matt Cross. Tolar feels his style of wrestling is far superior to Cross?, and labels M-Dogg with condescending terms such as ‘stuntman? and ?gymnast?. However, Matt Cross has used his innovative aerial tactics to wow audiences all over the world and capture countless championships, most notably the PWO Championship. Cross is more than just a one-trick pony, and brings a diverse and deadly array of offense into every match he competes in. The match is made more interesting by the appearance of Bob Golic, a legendary three-time Cleveland Brown Pro Bowler, Saved By The Bell star, and XFL broadcaster. Three of the best natural athletes in Cleveland sports history will be in the same place at the same time. Which style will win out in this all-important match to determine the contenders in the PWO Heavyweight Title picture?

PWO TV Title Match: Omega Aaron Draven vs. Big Bear Benjamin Boone vs. Super Hentai vs. Virus

Pro Wrestling Ohio was searching for the youngest, hungriest, up-and-coming talent looking to make an impact in PWO, and they found four of the best to compete to become PWO’s very first Television Champion. Omega Aaron Draven won a qualifying match, despite a severely injured back and ribs, and will not be 100% in time for this Sunday. The ?Big Bear? has been undefeated since aligning with N8 Mattson and relocating to Michigan. Super Hentai has competed with the best in PWO, and recently qualified during an event in Rio de Janiero, Brazil. The infectious Virus makes his return, after being denied PWO Title opportunities by Josh Prohibition, whom Virus had pinned earlier in the year. These four diverse personalities will collide, but which will make history and be the first ever PWO Television Champion?

Pirate Rules: ?Bloody? Morty Rackem vs. Matthew Justice
Rackem Turns On Matthew Justice:

The team of Pirate Justice was once the most dominant team in PWO, however once they hit a slump, the swashbuckling superstar was quick to point the blame at his tag team partner Matthew Justice. Rackem claimed Justice wasn?t ruthless enough, wasn?t cutthroat enough, and didn?t have the pirate-like mentality to get ahead at all costs. Justice didn?t agree with Rackem’s rulebreaking ways, and stood for his own morals and beliefs. Rackem became increasingly frustrated, as Justice continued to refuse to allow Rackem’s steel-studded belt and chain to be used as a weapon in matches. After Rackem had gotten the team a tag title opportunity, Morty told Justice he had one last chance to prove himself. Justice, trapped in Greg Valentine’s Figure Four Leglock, was thrown the illegal object, but opted to tap out rather than cheat to win. An irate Rackem attacked his partner with the belt, choking the life out of Justice, and challenging him to a match at Wrestlelution 2. This bout will have relaxed rules to allow these two men to properly settle their differences. Will Justice prove he really was tough and ruthless enough or can Rackem bring new meaning to the term ?Pirate Justice?.

Sex Appeal w/Dawn Decadence vs. Marion Fontaine’s Freaks
Ever since entering PWO, the vivacious Dawn Decadence has had one message – for Pro Wrestling Ohio to succeed, they need attractive, good-looking, and downright sexy people on television. Dawn recruited ?True Talent? Bobby ?The Body? Shields, Bobby Beverly, and ?Obsession? Caleb Konley to further her cause of ridding PWO of anyone she found unattractive or ugly. However, Marion Fontaine took objection to that mission. As the ?friend of the friendless?, Fontaine has given a place of belonging to the outcasts and rejects of society. Now, Fontaine brings Noj the Wild Samoan and Kid Cupid into battle to prove they are worthy of being part of PWO’s elite. Will Dawn Decadence carry out her mission or will Fontaine prove that beauty is in the eye of the beholder?

Women’s Action: Hailey Hatred vs. Portia Perez
Hailey Hatred has been targeted by upstart tag team Eric Ryan & Corey Winters since entering PWO, and the Ryan hasn?t been shy about his chauvinistic views. After a sneak-attack on Hatred, Hailey challenged both to a match, but both shockingly refused, instead choosing to hire the services of Portia Perez, perhaps the best women’s wrestler to ever come out of Canada. However, Hailey has proven her toughness in PWO in the past, as her stunning good looks are a stark contrast to her vicious and violent attitude inside the ring. Will Portia Perez be victorious or will Hailey Hatred overcome, and will she get her hands on Eric Ryan?

Irish Airborne vs. Eric Ryan & Corey Winters
Dave & Jake Crist make their first appearance in PWO together to face the cocky and upstart Ryan & Winters. Airborne are one of the most decorated tag teams in the history of Ohio, and make their long-overdue debut in Pro Wrestling Ohio. Jake Crist is a former co-holder of the PWO Tag Title and would love to get back to the top of the mountain, especially with brother Dave by his side. Ryan & Winters are looking for a career-win and to catapult themselves to the top of PWO’s tag division. Which side will win out in what could be a sign of things to come for PWO’s tag team division?

Live Performance by Curse Icon
Curse Icon, one of the most talented bands in the state of Ohio today, will be on-hand to add some extra flavor to the event, as they perform live during intermission!

?and a few surprises as well!

Don?t be left out, don?t wait to hear about it later, there’s only one way to see this event and its LIVE! Last year, PWO packed over 1,000 fans for the inaugural ?Wrestlelution? and will be looking to break that record this year! Head to or Ticketmaster and reserve your tickets now!

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