J House sent this in:

A new month of unparalleled entertainment begins tonight on Hybrid Entertainment Television (HybridEnt.TV).

We kick off the night with a USA prelude by Inter Species Wrestling at 7:00PM EDT tonight. You’ve seen their title defended at Chikara’s King of Trios 2009. On August 8, 2009, those wacky Canadians will head down south to East Hartford, Connecticut for their FIRST-EVER full show in the United States. The Inter Species Wrestling host, Leroy “Hotdog” Zanzibar, brings you all up to speed on what’ll go down on August 8, in East Hartford, as we present “The Worst That Could Happen.” Visit www.interspecieswrestling.com for tickets and more information. Witness the Inter Species Wrestling debut on HybridEnt.TV tonight!

Then at 9:00PM EDT, CZW Wired (Episode 4) returns with a jammed-packed episode, featuring in the Main Event, the “New Age Punisher” B-Boy going one-on-one with the “Notorious” Devon Moore. Plus, you will see tag-team action, we will get some final thoughts from the Switchblade Conspiracy as they enter the Tangled Web match against The Naptown Dragons, and the CZW JR Heavyweight Champion speaks about his showdown with Drew Blood. This will be the most action-packed episode yet and will get you ready for CZW presents A Tangled Web 2 on Saturday, August 8th. Join us this Sunday, 9:00PM EDT, as CZW Wired streams only on HybridEnt.TV.
THIS AUGUST….TUESDAYS ARE ABOUT TO CHANGE…Rage TV and “The Official” Rage TV Channel are coming to HybridEnt.TV on August 18th. More information is coming soon…This will be Legendary!

Programming Note:
– This week’s episode of WXW C4 will be a replay of last week’s episode (#33) due to programming restrictions between the promotion and its broadcast affiliates. (8:00PM EDT)
– Per our programming schedule of CZW Wired, CZW Fake You TV will not air this Monday, but will return next week with Episode #5.

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