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Beyond Your Entertainment Wrestling

BYEW Arena
Park City, Kansas
August 1, 2009

The Sanchez Brothers Cut a Promo and ran down the crowd and BYEW Entertainment Champ Kevin James Sanchez talked about how he was gonna take care of Bobby Star and make sure that he kept the title right were it belonged right around his waist and there is nothing anyone can do about it.

Match #1
Suicide defeated Killer Klown with the Graveyard DDT (ddt across the knee)

Match #2
Chukkles defeated Aaron “The Prodigy” Helms with a Chokeslam

Match #3
Triple Threat Match
Sage defeated Axel and Shane Sanchez by hitting the Shooting Star Press on Axel after a very good high flying match.

Match #4
BYEW Entertainment Championship Match

BYEW Entertainment Champion Kevin James Sanchez vs Bobby Star was considered a double DQ after Shane Sanchez and Drake Gallows attacked Kevin James Sanchez and Bobby Star.

After the match Bobby challenged Kevin to one last match an Kevin accepted letting Bobby choose the match they would have and Bobby picked a Lockdown Match.

Match #5
Byew Heavywieght Championship Match
No DQ Match
Drake Gallows defeated BYEW Heavywieght Champion Criss Chaos by Sitdown Powerdriver off ladder. Crazy Match

After match Drake grabbed a bag and pulled his own Title proclaiming that this is the NEW BYEW Heavywieght Championship belt. Stating that the old belt will be torn up, chopped into little pieces, then burned and finally pissing on the ashes saying that BYEW is dead. Bobby Star hit the ring going after Drake Gallows then Shane Sanchez and Sage make thier way to the ring and start to attack Bobby an Chaos. Kevin James Sanchez made the save hitting Shane Sanchez with a chair laying him out and giving Bobby enough time to hit Sage with a Star Destroyer. Sage,Drake,and Shane hightailing it from the ring and leaving Kevin James Sanchez, Criss Chaos, and Bobby Star all left in the ring telling them to get back in the ring and fight.

The three stayed in the ring and celebrated and hung with the fans to close the show.

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