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A Knight’s Tale: Jersey Pro Wrestler Trains Tomorrow’s WWE Superstars

(WEST PATERSON, NJ)– Name any town in New Jersey and Kevin Knight has probably left some blood, sweat and tears behind.

A 14-year wrestling journeyman, Knight got his start while at William Paterson University in Wayne, NJ, promoting local wrestling events on WGHT-AM Radio in Pompton Lakes, NJ.

The radio station was given tickets to local wrestling events and it was up to Kevin to get in the ring and ?hype up the crowd? before the events. Promoters saw something in Knight as he brought a certain energy to the crowd. Knight finally found his life goal: to become a professional wrestler.

Knight traveled the East Coast wrestling in events anywhere he could get booked. It wasn’t until 1998 when he started his own company, Independent Wrestling Federation, based in West Paterson, NJ.

?I started Independent Wrestling Federation because most of the wrestling promoters who ran the events I wrestled on were inept. The events were not family-friendly, and the talent was poor. Here we are 11 years later and the IWF is bigger and better than ever. IWF stands alone in the Northeast,? said Knight.

Independent Wrestling Federation currently boasts a roster of 40 hungry wrestlers and students who compete in over eight shows a month at IWF Centre.

For those who enter the squared circle, they are living out a dream in hopes of becoming the next Hulk Hogan. Although you don’t become Hulk Hogan overnight, it takes a serious commitment to become a professional wrestler.

And the path to becoming a professional wrestler isn’t any easier.

Knight has body-slammed his way into broken noses, broken fingers, sprained knees, and lower back pain. Throughout the pain, he has only missed 10 matches due to injury.

?Just tape it up and be a man, baby,? laughs Knight.

With laughs aside, Knight has kept busy at IWF. Since 1999, Knight has trained hundreds of prospects willing to step in the ring with him. The prospects have come from 20 states and nine countries, some were wannabe’s and some had a dream. But for 21 gifted individuals including Kevin Knight, they have competed at the highest platform in professional wrestling: World Wrestling Entertainment.

Recently, Fred Sampson (of Union, NJ), who was trained by Knight, signed a developmental contract with WWE. Sampson is living in Tampa training at Florida Championship Wrestling in hopes of making it to the main roster one day.

It was no surprise to Knight when Sampson gave him the big news.

?I knew from day one in 2002 when he joined the school that Fred Sampson would make it. He has the desire, dedication and passion. You can’t teach that…you have to have it in your heart. And he does. Fred was the youngest man to win the IWF Heavyweight Title,? said Knight.

What other job in America can you punch your boss and get away with it? At Independent Wrestling Federation, they bring the fantasy to life. Do you have what it takes to become a professional wrestler? If you do, try stepping in the ring with Kevin Knight, and by Knight-fall you’ll have Knight-mares for days to come.

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