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NWA Main Event TV Review
Airing July 25, 2009 in Nashville on Comcast 74
Taped in Nashville at the NWA TV Studio

Tony Lucassio was performing some type of spirit raising ritual on Shawn Shultz. Scott Barry informed Shultz that the NWA Board had ruled he would have to earn a shot at Mid-America Heavyweight Champion Steve-O by defeating him in a non-title match. Shultz was pissed. He said the first time Rudy Charles shows up, he loses the TV Title. ?If the NWA was a public restroom, you would be the stench that lingers and makes everyone a little bit uncomfortable? when did you become champion anyway?? Lucassio brought up the thing in Oklahoma. Shultz promised O would be a cakewalk. ?Everybody knows the entire NWA revolves around me.?

(1) White Tiger pinned Brent Baronas (with Brandon Baronas) in 4 minutes with a frog splash. Competitive match early. Brent looked pretty good. Tiger is so much better. A subliminal ?He’s Coming? message flashed on the screen. All I can say is with all the hype, this better be good. James brought up the show in Woodbury last week featuring Wolfie D. Tiger used The (Tiger’s) Pounce to set up his finisher.

(2) Teddy Tender pinned Brandon Baronas (with Brent Baronas) with the Gold Record 4:48. Brandon dropkicked the preposterous hairpiece off of Tender’s head. From that point forward, it was utter decimation. Tender busted out an Oklahoma Stampede and was throwing Brent around like a small child.

Promo by Will Owens. With those bags under eyes, it looked like he hadn?t slept in a week. Owens let it be known that he would be force to be reckoned with in NWA Main Event.

(3) Will Owens beat Corey Hollis in 6:54 with a powerslam. The announce team pushed Owens as a disturbed individual. Hollis did the AJ Styles dropkick sequence. Owens beheaded him with a short arm clothesline. Barry talked about the crowds growing by the week at the NWA TV Studio. Owens took huge bumps on a series of misses. Crowd got behind the newcomer. He hit a spinning enzuigiri (called a Pele by James). Big time offensive comeback by Hollis here. He hit a side Russian legsweep, but Owens killed him off after a miss from the top rope.

Mike Posey introduced himself as the greatest and sexiest ref on the planet. Said Matt Boyce would not be the new TV champ without him.

(4) NWA Mid-America TV Champion Matt Boyce beat Mike Posey in 11 minutes in a non-title match. Barry tried to explain it, but the logic behind Posey getting a match with Boyce was lost on me. The announce team referenced a supposed TNA connection between Posey and Rudy Charles. Huh? Posey wrestled clean for the first five minutes. Then he clipped Boyce’s right knee (Oops) and went to work on the left one. James called Posey’s attack ?unrelentless?. Posey used a variety of submissions, and spiced it up with a dropkick and an enzuigiri. Boyce made Posey laughed at the one-legged Boyce, who made him eat an enzuigiri. Boyce was selling the knee huge on the comeback. Posey went for a pin with his feet on the ropes. Charles caught him. Moments later, Boyce jackknifed Posey for the three count.

In a heavily edited promo, Boyce said unlike Shultz, he would give the fans a reason to respect the champion. White meat babyface all the way.

Promo by NWA Mid-America Heavyweight Champion Steve-O. He said the NWA BOD went over his head by making it a non-title match, because he was a fighting champion. O said with the support of the fans, he didn?t see the title going anywhere for a long, long time.

(5) NWA Mid-America Heavyweight Champion Steve-O pinned Shawn Shultz (with Tony Lucassio) at 14:22 in a non-title match. Barry said Shultz needed to get O’s title in his quest to get a shot at the NWA World Champion. It would add to the credibility of the title and the NWA if they would at least mention the champion’s name once in a while. O outwrestled Shultz for first 3 minutes. Shultz tried brawl, but came out on the short end of that as well, so Lucassio tripped O right in front of referee Michael Jones to start the heat. Shultz made liberal use of the sleeper hold. Barry said O was too far gone to make a comeback, a clear signal that one was coming up shortly. Sure enough. It was shades of Tito Santana with the flying burrito. O slammed Shultz’s head into all three turnbuckles and hit his signature combo neckbreaker. Lucassio got up on the apron. O took a swipe at Lucassio. Shultz rolled O up using the tights. Jones gave Shultz the contract for the title match. Charles came to ringside and tore it up, then stooged the finish off to Jones. The match was restarted with O immediately winning with a roll up.

The cut to a close up of Shultz in shock – wide-eyed, gaping mouth, the whole bit. Shultz went to his knees and started to cry.

Thoughts: The most compelling moments of this show were the opening promo and closing close up shots of Shultz. He’s now not only lost the TV title and his shot at the heavyweight title, so who knows what’s next, but whatever it is, it’s likely to be the most interesting thing about NWA ME. Owens promo was interesting. Boyce and O’s material was pretty generic stuff. They?ve made Charles into a major authority figure in short order, as he figured in the finishes of both key matches. They put three guys over strong with clean wins ? Tiger, Tender and Owens. As of yet, no clues given about storyline directions for any of them. Tiger has gotten so much better. Tender looked like a world beater against a little guy. Best match was Owens/Hollis. You?re doing something right when the fans chant for a guy they?ve never seen before. Mike Porter did a nice job with that one camera to get those close ups of Shultz at the end. Not a great show by any means, but it had enough entertaining moments to make it worth the time.

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