PTW sent this in:

With two huge news stories coming out of the main event of the evening,
they’re calling it perhaps the most shocking Power Trip Wrestling show
ever. That’s quite a statement, considering PTW is widely acknowledged as
not being your typical wrestling promotion, and playing louder than
everyone else….We’d best explain to you what happened!

RESULTS & TWO HUGE SHOCKS : Power Trip Wrestling, Wednesday 29th July,
Summer Tour Show One, Isle of Sheppey, Kent.

* With BBC EastEnders acting star Jay Borthwick sitting front row ringside
to watch the show, PTW Promoter Petey Staniforth came out to the ring,
with a huge grin; and his infamous ego amped up even more than usual. He
introduced his associates, his “security” (Tommy Stevens), and his “best
friend in the business” (‘100 Percent’ Dan Edge); and spoke of how it was
his birthday on the 30th July, and how nothing was going to spoil it.
Petey was clearly far too confident, as he said how with “his boys” by his
side, they’d take on anyone…”on the campsite, in Sheppey, in this
pathetic county of Kent, hell, we’ll take on anyone in the country”.

This lead to the ‘First Lady of PTW’ coming out to the ring, Chrissie, as
she as ever told her other half to “shut up…because these people came
here to see wrestling, not you”. Petey just laughed, and suggested that
there was “housework at home that needed doing, and how she ought to stay
out of things like a good girl”. Chrissie reminded him that she owns half
of PTW, and she had a team to take on Stevens & Edge. She first introduced
Mr Portugal, which really didn’t get much respect from Petey, who called
him “a Cristiano Ronaldo wannabe”. And then the bombshell hit, as she
introduced the monster, the largest man in UK Wrestling….Donny Bull.

Portugal & Bull got in the ring, Petey dived out very quickly, and a melee
ensued; which set up the main event for the evening. But who would know
then, JUST how shocking that main event would be? Read on….

* PTW World Tag Team Champions Mayhem Inc, defeated Nemesis (‘Scumboy’
Dani Graves & Prodigy), to retain the titles. They also attacked them
after the match, and handed the belts to a smiling Petey Staniforth who
had decided to pay some attention to the match from the stage.

* Marcus Phayer defeated ‘Sexy’ Kieran McKenzie, in a match filled with
fun and entertainment.

* PTW British Champion Sean Midnight, retained the title in a hard fought
match against Chris Brookes. At moments it seemed like the popular Sean
Midnight might lose the title, but he defied the odds and won the match.

* In a Loser Wears A Dress match, Jakob The Butcher defeated ‘Essex Boi’
Ricky Jones. This one was definitely different, and the crowd loved the
sight of Jones being forced to wear the dress after the match.

* PTW World Champion G ‘The LapDancing Superstar’ defeated ‘Cowboy’ Adam
Hayes. This match nearly didnt happen, as Petey Staniforth initially
refused to allow G to wrestle, stating the fans didn’t deserve a PTW World
Title defence. ‘Cowboy’ Adam Hayes came out, to a huge roar from the
crowd, who adore this loveable underdog; and with a contract in his hand,
which he showed gave him the right to a PTW World Title shot….but Petey
refused to sign it, and laughed. Chrissie then called Adam over, and said
that if Petey wouldn’t sign it – she WOULD – and proceeded to do so as
Staniforth fumed and sulked. And the ‘Cowboy’ came so close, so close, to
winning the PTW World Title in what would have been the biggest upset in
PTW history. But sadly for him and the fans, on this night, it just wasn’t
to be, as although Petey Staniforth had left ringside claiming “other
business to deal with”, he had left Tommy Stevens out there in G’s corner;
and his interference was a factor in G’s retaining of the PTW World

* In what many called the match that stole the show, Jimmy Havoc defeated
‘Scorpion’ Bill Duffy, and Mikey T; in a triple threat match. Of
additional note, is that after the match, Bill Duffy would surprisingly
accept a handshake from Havoc, much to the thrill of the fans. Nobody ever
expected Duffy to see the light and appreciate the PTW fans, and this
throws a whole new twist into PTW’s future.

* In the main event, Mr Portugal & Donny Bull defeated Dan Edge & Tommy
Stevens, who were accompanied by Petey Staniforth. But that is only half
of the story. Edge was completely oversized and overmatched by Donny Bull,
and he begged off during the match, asking for the chance to settle
differences in another way. Much to the amusement of BBC EastEnders actor
Jay Borthwick who was watching from his ringside seat, this then lead to
‘The Donny Bull Dance Off’, as all four danced in the ring to the sound of
“Hey Baby”! Donny then somehow persuaded Petey Staniforth into the ring to
dance, which was nothing if not bizarrely entertaining to see the always
moody boss of PTW taking his ever present cap off and dancing. After a
somewhat dodgy dance routine, Staniforth then slapped Bull & Portugal at
the same time, and dived out the ring.

Then things became surreal. After Donny Bull won the match, pinning Dan
Edge, Petey got into the ring and it was clear tempers were frayed. We can
only give you word for word what was said….

“Remember what I called you at the start of the show, Dan? I called you my
best friend in this business. And I meant it. We’ve been through a lot
together over the years. I know I shouldn’t do this,…but I love you,
Lee. But in an hour or so, it’s my birthday, and I wanted a happy
birthday. You lost. You let me down. My best friend let me down. So you
know what? Look at me when I’m talking to you, Lee….”

“You’re FIRED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

And for a moment, even the hot tempered Petey Staniforth looked almost
shocked at how his temper and egotism had rose and turned on his best
friend. Chrissie then got into the ring, and said that Petey simply
couldn’t do that, and she’d rehire Dan Edge on the spot. Handing the
microphone to the referee, and clearly in a very bad place with his
temper; Staniforth stood face to face with his fiancee’, and said “I
should have done this a long time ago”….

And raised his hand as if to slap Chrissie, in the centre of the ring.

Thankfully, for all concerned, this situation never came to pass, as Dan
Edge grabbed Petey’s arm from behind the moment it raised; and spun Petey
around quickly. He also knocked him to the floor with one stiff punch, in
defence of Chrissie!

Donny Bull was still at ringside, and he was clearly disgusted at how
Staniforth had acted. He got into the ring, looked at Chrissie, and asked
if she wanted him to deal with Petey. She nodded, and in a moment that
nobody who saw it could believe, the huge frame of the largest man in UK
Wrestling, Donny Bull; bounced off the ropes, and hit PTW Promoter Petey
Staniforth with a big splash, with his full weight literally squashing

Donny Bull, Mr Portugal, Dan Edge, and Chrissie proceeded to dance in the
ring, Sean Midnight & ‘Cowboy’ Adam Hayes came out to join the party, as a
physically broken Petey was carried to the back by Mayhem, Tommy Stevens,
and Chris Brooks. Staniforth wasn’t seen again for the rest of the
evening, and wasn’t available for any comment, no matter how we at the PTW
Office have tried to contact him.

What effect does all of this have on Power Trip Wrestling? To recap, Bill
Duffy, and Dan Edge; have both turned to the good side after their entire
careers in PTW being spent disrespecting the fans. What physical
condition, if any, is the self proclaimed birthday boy; PTW Promoter Petey
Staniforth in? This was only week one of the PTW Summer Tour 2009. After
this, you’d have to say that the eyes of the wrestling media are on Power
Trip Wrestling – ‘The Promotion The Competition Doesn’t Want You To See!’.


Wednesday 5th, 12th, 19th, 26th August; Isle of Sheppey Holiday Village,
Isle of Sheppey, Kent. All shows have an 8pm start.


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