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RWI – Rough Wrestling International
Port Colborne, Ontario
Sherkston Shores Resort
Outdoor evening show – 7PM start
Attendance: 500+ (Conservative estimate)
Ring Announcer: RWI Promoter Chuck “The Butcher” Simpson
Referees: The Cashman Brothers
Sound Guy: RWI President Matt Ayers
Special Guest Timekeeper: Gordo, the wizard of id
Results credit: Gordo for

1) Latino Connection def “Go Time” Chris Laplante [duration unknown]
We arrived after this match so I don’t know which Latino Connection member was Laplante’s opponent but it doesn’t really matter since it was a team effort that secured the victory. The Latino Connection pulled the old switcheroo while ref Cashman was distracted and the guy who wasn’t officially in the match pinned Laplante.

-The MF’ers; “Infamous” Jay Moore, RWI Heavyweight Champion Randy “The Sniper” Vahn & “Asian Nightmare” Kwan Chang conducted a very lengthy promo with RWI Promoter Chuck “The Butcher” Simpson and RWI President Matt Ayers also in the ring and somehow Vahn had the power to assign them the menial tasks of Ring Announcer and Sound Guy. We arrived in the middle of this so I’m unclear on why Simpson & Ayers had to do what Vahn told them. Moore introduced Primo Scordino who came out to the ring and joined the other MF’ers in verbally abusing fans and making threats to RWI management and the rest of the roster.

2) The Underground Cartel (Titus & Tiger Smith w/ The Lovely Angel) def Mike Hart & Brian Emanon [7 min]
Crowd was mad crazy for Mike Hart & his partner Brian Emanon. VERY fast paced bout with lots of high flying from the good guys and some great doubleteams from The Underground Cartel. The Lovely Angel had a hand in the finish of the bout as she tripped Hart up on the ropes causing him to be crotched on the top turnbuckle. Tiger Smith then drilled him to the mat with a scary modified Spanish Fly and pinned him to take the win

3) Scotty Turner def “Pretty Boy” Neil Page [6 min]
By pinfall after a series of running clotheslines and a bulldog. Fantastic crowd interaction from “Pretty Boy” and a solid effort from the uber-popular rookie Turner.

4) Intergender Match:
“Anti Diva” Kaitlin Diemond def Farmer Pete by DQ [3 min]
Pretty much a comedy as little person Farmer Pete’s antics had the crowd in stitches and his opponent and the referee frustrated. At one point the official even turned Pete over his knee and spanked him. Little wonder that Pete slugged him in the face a few moments later.

5) Canadian Extreme (Kryss Thorn & CK Sexx) def “Asian Nighmare” Kwan Chang & Primo Scordino w/ “Infamous” Jay Moore [12 min]
Canadian Extreme took the win after double-clotheslining Kwan over the ropes and then almost decapitating Scordino with a CK Sexx lariat delivered from the top rope while Thorn held Primo aloft in a bearhug. MOTN

6) RWI Heavyweight Championship:
Randy “The Sniper” Vahn w/ “Infamous” Jay Moore def Eric Emanon to retain the title [8 min]
Vahn outweighed his challenger by over 100 pounds and controlled most of the match. Emanon did get in enough offense to keep it from being a total squash but it’s unlikely anyone thought he’d pull off an upset. The Sniper ended the bout with his always dangerous stunner.

-After winning the match Sniper punched ref Cashman in the head and then he and Moore began stomping Emanon. Sound Guy / RWI President Matt Ayers ran into the ring and held Moore against the buckles as CK Sexx ran into the ring and attacked Vahn. CK locked Vahn in a figure-4 and Randy’s MF’er cohort Kwan Chang was stopped from saving him by Ring Announcer / RWI Promoter Chuck Simpson and CK’s Canadian Extreme partner Kryss Thorn. CK refused to release the figure-4 until Sniper agreed to put the RWI heavyweight title on the line against him at the next show. A reluctant Randy Vahn had no choice but to agree or have his leg busted. Chuck Simpson then announced that during that upcoming title match, Kwan Chang would be barred from ringside and Jay Moore would be handcuffed to Simpson. The MF’ers were not happy. The crowd was ecstatic

* It was hard to tell exactly how many people were there as they completely packed the outdoor patio where the show was held and spilled into the adjoining games building and the bar patio. There was at least 500 and probably closer to 700 people there.

It was so nosiy throughout the show that “wall of noise” is about the only way to describe it. Even RWI’s legendary sound system was hard put to compete.

Everyone on the show went balls out –
-the Canadian Extreme vs MF’ers match was the best on the show and has to be considered for Tag Match of the Year honors.
-Scotty Turner’s popularity continues to grow as does his work in the ring but the real jewel in his match was the preening, strutting “Pretty Boy” Neil Page. This guy had fans going crazy (and even ‘sold’ the “Scotty” chant to hilarious effect.)
-Mike Hart was the most ‘over’ performer on the show. (Yes, you read that right.) He also wrestled the best match I’ve ever seen him in.
-Brian Emanon has gained about 30 pounds (and a head of long hair) since I last saw him 2-3 years ago in High Voltage Wrestling. Looks great and has really improved his game. I can think of a dozen locals guys I’d like to see him in the ring with. (Added bonus: Talking to him after the show surrounded by hordes of young female admirers.)
-The Underground Cartel… First time I ever saw these guys. Very impressive showing. Great teamwork and look.
-Got there near the end of the MF’ers’ promo. A standard Sniper opus of indeterminable length. Reports are that it started on Tuesday. This one, like almost all the previous Sniper epic promos, didn’t kill the crowd despite its lengthy duration, Quite the opposite in fact. I still haven’t figured out why that is.
-As always, members of the MF’ers were accompanied by Jay Moore and, just as always, the “Infamous One” was accompanied by a jug of Jack Daniels
-Eric Emanon was announced as weighing 148lbs. Never heard of him before nor have I any idea how he snagged a shot at RWI’s main title unless this match was arranged by the MF’ers to meet the Champ’s contractual obligations to defend the belt while simultaneously protecting Sniper from losing it.
-We’ll see how he does against CK Sexx at the next show (which I believe is in September. These Sherkston Shores RWI events are shows bought by the resort and not intended to be advertised to the general public being more for the denizens of the resort.)
-A damn solid show.

Saturday August 15th, 2009 @ 7:30pm
**South Common CC – Tempo Auditorium**
2233 South Millway
Mississauga, Ontario
Tickets only $10 @ Door

The Entourage w/Mr. Melo Vs Alex York, Scotty O’Shea & Eric Cairnie


Juice Robinson Vs Ali Atish

Tommy Tydie Vs J Miller

Steve Brown Vs Joey Valentyne

Rip Impact Vs Josh Rogen w/Sabrina Kyle

At the end of the main event on July 4th, Michael Elgin talked Chris Law in to booking 3 matches for August 15th. One was Eric Cairnie Vs Joey Kings, then announced Ethan Page would be putting the Riot Title on the line against Scotty O’Shea and Alex York, and Michael Elgin Vs Ash. but we soon found out that Michael Elgin would be out for a number of months with a injury. Since then we have been contacted by the onwer of PWR who said that he has named a GM who will help Chris Law and try to put a stop to Mr. Melo and his clients the Entourage from doing whatever they want. So the first match made by our still unknown GM will be the Entourage Vs Alex York, Scotty O’Shea, and Eric Cairnie, and the winning team will be able to pick whatever matches they want next show.

On August 15th we will be starting a 16 man tournament to crown the first ever PWR North American Champion. The tournament will be held over the next few months and will feature stars from PWR and the United States. Three matches have already been booked for August 15th. ***CARD SUBJECT TO CHANGE***

“Re-X-perienced 09”
A fundraiser for Camp Trillium and Jessie Cruikshank
Windham Centre, ON
Outdoor show – 2:30PM start
Admission was free with a donation
Attendance: 60-70 (Poured rain all day until just before showtime)
Ring Announcer: Mike O’Shea
Referee: Bryan Renda
Results credit: Gordo for

-Show was held in conjunction with Windham Cemtre’s annual Slo-Pitch tournament and opened with event officials presenting leukemia victim Jessie Cruikshank a ball & bat autographed by Team Combat and then a few words from a Camp Trillium representative about that organization

1) Ashe Draven & James Masterson w/ Omen ended in a double count-out [6 min]

-AWA/NWX Television Champion Troy Buchanan did a promo saying he wasn’t happy about being let down by regular tag partner “Handsome” Rex Atkins since Rex had missed so much time with a busted leg. Buchanan said if Atkins cost him one more match he was going to “break his neck”

2) Paul Wright & Danny Magnum def Troy Buchanan & “Handsome” Rex Atkins [12 min]
Buchanan cost his team the match when he turned on his partner, throwing him headfirst into the ring apron then abandoning him to face Wright & Magnum alone. Buchanan returned after the bell to pound on Atkins until Wright & Magnum chased him out.

3) KC Tanks def Inferno [6 min]
By pinfall with a quick roll-up after avoiding a running splash to the corner

Intermission: Rip Impact & Jodi D’Milo greeted fans for pictures & autographs while James Masterson led a herd of youngsters collecting donations for the charitable causes.

4) Jodi D’Milo def Alison Valentine [6 min]
By pinfall after a 2nd rope Jodi Bomb

5) “Asian Nightmare” Kwan Chang def “ROH Prospect” Rip Impact [7 min]
By pinfall after a Near Death Experience.



Last Bastard Standing Match

Electric Shock Collar Ladder Match






Tickets are $15. Advance and $20 at the door.
Get your advance tix starting THIS SATURDAY at,
SONIC BOOM – 512 Bloor St. W
EYESORE VIDEO – 801 Queen St. W

*a DR. MASK Production

Saturday July 25 2009

TWA “Battle At The Border”
Fort Erie, Ontario

Attendance: aprox 120
Results credit: Superfan
Match 1
Mikey Libre won a Young Lions Rumble by throwing out Chris Sommers

Match 2
Holly Hilton def Kaitlin Diemond

Match 3
Latino Connection def Primo Scardino & Randy Vahn, Troy Buchannan & Rex Atkins in a triple threat tag match

Match 4
Damian Hodge & Ryan Dennim went to a double countout

Match 5
Canadian Extreme def Preston Wyatt Parks & Cody Deaner

Match 6
Robbie Reckless def Derek Wylde for Cruiserweight Title

Match 7
Kwan Chang def Scotty Turner

Match 8
Cody Deaner was the sole survivor in the 10 man tag, when Derek Wylde turned on his team, and laid down for Deaner.

The teams were
The Mfers
Cody Deaner, Preston Wyatt Parks, Chris Sommers, Kwan Chang & Troy Buchannnan

The All Canadian Extreme Team
Ck Sexx, Kryss Thorn, Scotty Turner, Robbie Reckless & Derek Wylde

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