Road Trip

DragonGate USA
?Open the Historic Gate?
Philadelphia, PA
Former ?ECW Arena?
July 25th 2009
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Good vs. Evil
YAMATO def. BxB Hulk

Eight Man CHIKARA Showcase Match
Mike Quackenbush, Jigsaw, Fire Ant & Soldier Ant def. Hallowicked, Amasis, Gran Akuma & Icarus

Special Attraction Match
2 Cold Scorpio def. Ken Doane

The Rivalry Comes To The United States
Dragon Kid def. Masato Yoshino


Tag Team Challenge Match
The Young Bucks of Nick & Matt Jackson def. CIMA & Susumu Yokosuka

Main Event
Open The Dream Gate & Brave Gate Champion Naruki Doi def. Shingo

David’s Thoughts

I?m not going to go overboard with analysis for this particular show. The reason I?m taking the time for some brief thoughts is to point out the historic ramifications of the event. I won?t overinflate the event and insinuate that the world’s crust is now shaking, but I did have fun. My initial gut reaction (which means more to me than most else) was that the event wasn?t flawless, but it was a great experience.

In many ways this was Gabe Sapolsky’s opportunity to show the fans of the arena, and Indy fans around the world, what a mistake Ring of Honor committed by releasing him. Did he accomplish his goal? The verdict is still out, but he is definitely going to have a shot at a comeback. Main faults like people kicking out of a bajillion finishers and others are still present, but the positives were also in full swing.

Finally a show was held at the arena again that didn?t hold back. Every wrestler gave it everything he could, and the crowd appreciated it. I?ve been to a lot of shows in the past two years at the ?ECW Arena?, but the crowd tonight was much larger than any I?ve seen. DragonGate ran the event in a very professional and impressive manner.

The show opened magnificently as BxB Hulk’s entrance is out of this world. The crowd was wowed with the Japanese Junior Strong Style that is set to be the focal point of the company. If any were wondering how the American public would take to the style, their reservations were obliterated. The crowd was eating out of the performer’s hands ten minutes into the show. The ?DragonGate? chants started and the rest shall be history.

The next couple of matches were a bit befuddling as they showcased a bit too many different styles in our faces at once. It went from Japanese Strong to Lucha Libre to WWE style to some of the fastest Japanese Juniors on the planet. When intermission hit the crowd may have felt a bit confused by what the company actually represented, but they couldn?t deny they were getting every bang for their buck.

After intermission there were only two matches left. The first featured the Young Bucks against Cima and Yokosuka in what proved to be most people’s match of the night. I actually was a bit hesitant to get into the Young Bucks as I?ve seen them in person once and on DVD a bunch of times and half hate them and half like them. It is impossible to deny their tag team chemistry which is flat out impressive. There was only one moment in the match were I shook my head and said to my friend ?there is just no reason for them to flip there, why would anybody exert more energy to execute a move than it will take to actually injure the opponent??. Other than that they wrestled a great match which brought everybody to their feet.

The main event cemented the Japanese style of DragonGate USA, which I think will bring them success. Word of mouth will be good for the promotion and I eagerly look forward to where the next couple of months takes them. The fact that they are backed by DragonGate, already have a PPV deal, great bookers, and amazing talent, puts them well on their way to success. If you get a chance to check them out, go for it! Indy wrestling remains some of the most entertaining from an all around perspective.

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