Ring of Honor star Claudio Castagnoli has a new blog at this link talking about how he was “insulted” as a professional wrestler to see the match presented at TNA’s Victory Road PPV last Sunday between Sharmell and Jenna.

“Now what was so insulting? Well the fact that this chick that’s from a reality show that needs absolutely no talent can get a job in the wrestling business and being featured on PPV making a mockery out of the sport I love!

Starting at the horrible entrance to the horrible slap right before Kong splashed her, you?re a disgrace to the ring. Did you think if you act like a stripper people would not care what you do in the ring?

Did she even train once? Because if she did I?m sure she?d be able to take a halfway decent bump or maybe run the ropes straight. But no, nothing! How can you be in a sport and not trying to get yourself ready? How insulting is that?”

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