Rocky Jimenez sent this report in:

You know, I love to see the pros of WWE in action as much as the rest of us (and I have reviewed many of the house shows that have come to Amarillo right here on WrestleView… Ok, cheap plug over!), but being as I have worked in a few of the indy feds here in town, I enjoy watching the young guys going up in the ranks in town.

Well, tonight, I made my way to The Nat Ballroom on famous Route 66 here in Amarillo for the promotion known as Renegade Outlaw Wrestling. This promotion is run by former WCCW star and son of the late “Rapid” Ricky Romero, Chris Youngblood. The promotion is known for signing either well-known local talent and many names from New Mexico based promotion Destiny Wrestling Organization, but it has talent of it’s own as well, including Ricky Youngblood, Jaysin Sinsation, and masked star Phoenix.

Before I get to pre-show notes and such, let me give you the list of champions in this promotion.

ROW World Heritage Champion – “The Anti-Hero” Josh Pain
ROW Ultra-Heritage Champion – Phoenix
ROW Tri-Outlaw Champion – Reverend Dex
ROW World Tag Team Champions – N/A


Ok, not going to lie here, but I have been to ALOT of ROW shows, but this is the first I have reviewed, so just take my word when I say, for a normal ROW show, this was a very large crowd. There may not have been more than 60 or so, but for shows that are not promoted with special attractions, there is usually around 20-30 people in the crowd.

Tonight, I had to run the sound system, which is actually both a pain and a pleasure. The pain was that a few guys did not have their music, so we had to wait to update that. Plus, we use PowerPoint for a tron system, and the projector we had was constantly over-heating and dying. On the positive, I knew what I was doing in my spot, so I got complements all around from staff, workers, and fans (I think I’m the only person who should run that system, but hey, what happens happens). Also, I had the safest seat in the building since the ring has NO gaurdrailing or anything. Not gonna comment on the security.

One last note here, but I think ROW is one of the few promotions in the states that uses the 6 Sided ring. Now, I may be wrong, but I know its the only promotion recently that I’ve seen promote that they have the 6 Sides, but if I’m wrong, then just comment VIP members (See, another plug for WrestleView. This time for lurkers to join VIP. Can we say someone is trying to get a push in WrestleView?).

Ok, pre-show over, let’s do this thing!


Richard Ross welcomed us to The Nat for this edition of ROW, and was just about to run down the card, when Jaysin Sinsation made his way to the ring. He informed us that he knew for a fact that Chris Youngblood was nowhere in the building tonight, and since that was the fact, he was taking over for the night. He also said that instead of Ross being our host, he had someone else in mind. Someone he looked to as a best friend. He brought out Dave Haze, who took the job ever so happily. The two of them then attacked Ross, and had security escort him out of the building. Well, that wasn’t very nice of them!

MATCH 1 – Jordan Calubs (face) vs Pierce Price (face)

Before the bell rang, the two hugged in the middle of the ring as this is the first time the two of them have worked a show together in over 2 months. Very back and forth match, though Pierce, the bigger guy, did get a few more hits in. The finish saw Calubs hit a very sudden GIR (double arm hooked DDT) on Pierce and a quick hook of the leg for the pin.

WINNER – Jordan Calubs

Being the heel announcer tonight, Dave is telling people to shut up and that the only reason he does this is for the money. Would have never guessed…

MATCH 2 – Greg Waller (face) vs Johnny K. (heel)

This one was more of your heel gets in all the shots he can before the baby returns for the upset. Greg did hit his Mugshot (Unprettier/Killswitch) a few times, but Johnny made sure that reg was on his toes, until Greg hit his modified DDT (Johnny’s legs were wrapped like he could do something, but Greg had his head gripped tight. Not sure if someone has used this or not) for the win.

WINNER – Greg Waller

MATCH 3 – NON-TITLE – Preston James (face) vs Tri-Outlaw Champ Reverend Dex (heel)

I enjoy these two, but some of the spots were messy that I really thought this match kind of brought down the mood of the crowd, but the guys do know how to entertain, and Dex made sure the heat was up with his “I’m from New Mexico, where everything is better”, while Preston interacted with the crowd and made sure they kept cheering for Amarillo. The finish saw Preston hit Dex with Bread and Butter (I think thats all its called. Its like a running neckbreaker almost) for the win.

WINNER – Preston James

Aftre the match, an angry Dex attacked PJ from behind. He then took a New Mexico bandana and stapled it to the forehead of a battered Preston James. Both made it out on their own, with PJ chasing Dex up the ramp.

MATCH 4 – INTER-GENDER MATCH – Jayzon Zane (heel) vs “The Bombshell from Hell” (???)

No one knew who “The Bombshell” was, and I even heard a “Who?” come from the crowd. But, as soon as “Bombshell from Hell” by Scum of the Earth began to go hard, it was reavealed to be none other than one of Amarillo’s own female star (I’m not sure I can say her name, since she was using a new gimmick. We’ll see come the next ROW show). Jayzon wanted nothing to do with this match, saying he felt women should not even be in the ring, but he ended up being goaded into the match anyways. I’m not sure how the finish exactly went (had some stuff to finish out before intermission with the sound system), but at least I know who won, right?

WINNER – “The Bombshell from Hell”

Right before intermission, Dave started talking more crap to the crowd, when Chris Youngblood’s music hit and he chased Dave out of the ring. He then says that he has been arraging the next supercard, and that there was a tag team out to take out his legacy, and that he had a video of them. The video played was of the tag team of ex-WWE/WCW star Scott Putski and partner Cedric Crain, also known as “Cowboys from Hell”. He mentions that not only is he retired, but he is also has no tag team partner if he was able to accept the match, when the music of his nephew, Ricky Youngblood, hits. Ricky mentions how this is the first time he has been in the ring after tackling many injuries, some from his uncle’s doing. He says he was listening in the back, and says he will forgive his uncle and would like to be his tag team partner to face the Cowboys at the next supercard. Chris says it takes a real man to forgive someone who had turned his back on him and caused him so much trouble. He says he accepts his help, and that the next supercard will be on March 26th at The Nat. Chris then mentions how we have already lived through the tag team “The Renegades” of he and his brother Mark, but now we’ll see the era of “The Renegades of Funk”. Not sure how well that name will go over in Amarillo, land of the WWE Hall of Famer Terry Funk…

Intermission, intermission… Man, I miss my old intermission song. I need to find that Sixx A.M. album. Anyways, it’s over, back to the action!

Dave Haze ended up being the announcer again, so his heat kept coming.

MATCH 5 – NON-TITLE – Hudson Crowley (face) vs Jaysin Sinsation (heel) vs Phoenix (face)

We didn’t lear n this until later on, but elimination rules do apply here. Very quick paced match to begin with. I mean, I literally blinked, and Hudson Crowley was already eliminated. Before he left the ring, Hudson attacked both men, making his mark in ROW and letting everyone know he is looking for his shot at the Ultra-Heritage Title. The last two kept battling for a good 10 minutes, until Jaysin decided he had enough, and started to beat down Phoenix until the ref called the match.


Jaysin then had Dave bring him a steel chair, and he was about to smash Phoenix’s leg when Chris Youngblood and Richard Ross made their way out to help out Phoenix. Jaysin told Chris that he knew what Jaysin wanted, and that if Chris didn’t give it to him, soon, there would be no wrestlers left in ROW. Chris said that after he was done with “Cowboys from Hell”, he’ll make sure that Jaysin is the next notch in his belt!

MAIN EVENT – ROW WORLD HERITAGE CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH – Dameon Blood (face) vs Josh Pain (heel)

“Two long months!” Dameon is excited, since this is his first match in over two months! He says that he has been praying, training, and taking his vitamins in that time, and now it’s all gonna pay off as he gets a chance at the gold here tonight, and he’s going to make Josh know that once he lands his knck off punch, he’ll break Josh’s jaw. The two of them went back and forth, with many false finishes, but sprinkled in at the right times! Both men hit their finishers at least once in the match. While Josh started to look as if he would get the win, Calubs came out to cheer on Blood. But, it was for nothing, as Rev Dex came out and attacked Calubs, and gave Josh a Singapore cane to start beating down Dameon to get the match called.

WINNERS VIA DQ – Dameon Blood (Josh Pain retains the title due to DQ)

Josh and Dex continue to beat down Blood and Calubs until Pierce Price and Greg Waller came down to save them. Dameon and Jordan thanked Pierce and Greg for their help, and they all celebrated in the ring, until Pierce and Greg pulled the turn and beat down the two again. The show ended with the two of them laughing on the stage at Dameon and Jordan, before heading to the back.


This show was alot better than what has been going on in ROW, and that’s why I decided to review it. They had recently been basically putting on the same show over and over. This one, though, had me wishing I wasn’t behind the music booth! Hell, I can say it was even better than the recent WWE house show here in town. So, I do have to say, if the show on March 26th is like this, I see some good things coming to ROW.


Well, that’s it. I’m done. What, you want more? Then check out my web series “WareHouse Classix” over at A new episode is uploaded every Wednesday morning, and it’s all matches from Amarillo’s Infamous Wrestling WareHouse. So go check it out now!