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AAW Results from 7/11/09

Faith in Nothing d. Jordan Mcentyre/Knight Wagner with a powerbomb.neckbreaker combo on Wagner

A triuphant return to AAW for Faith in Nothing as their double team offense had the crowd on their feet. A definate message to the tag team division.

* Promo from Krotch and his sister Nikki backstage. Krotch questioned his sister about the rumors in the lockeroom that Nikki is dating Darin Corbin of the Northstar Express. Nikki told Krocth she is an adult and not worry about her personal life.

-Northstar Express/Nick Brubaker d. Zero Gravity/Krotch

Lots of action in this one. Towards the end of the match the NSE threw a chair into the ring that was intercepted by Krotch. As Krotch was about to nail Darin Corbin with the chair Nikki grabbed it from behind allowing Corbin to hit a low blow for the victory.

– Jimmy Jacobs and Danny Daniels fought to a no contest

This one never officially got underway as the two men brawled all over the building. Jacobs fought off Daniels and Nick Brubaker and set up a table on the outside. As he was about to put Daniels through the table Ryan Boz appeared. Jacobs fought him off and put Daniels through a table on the outside with a top rope senton. Both men were down and referee PJ Drummond ruled the match a no contest.

* Backstage Krotch was jumped in the bathroom by the Northstar Express. Nikki arrived and instead of going for help closed the door and smiled.

-Silas Young/Dan Lawrence d. Arya Davari/Austin Aries when Lawrence pinned Davari.

Young and Lawrence called out the House of Truth but instead got Arya Davari who said he was looking to make a name for himself in AAW and had gotten the best tag team partner money could buy. Everyone in the building was shocked as out came the Ring of Honor World Heavyweight Champion Austin Aries and the match was on. The finish saw Lawrence reverse the “magic carpet ride” splash from Davari into a pinning combination for the win.

* Backstage promo from Tyler Black promising to defeat Jay Bradley and once again win the AAW Heavyweight title at Scars and Stripes.

– House of Truth (Josh Raymond/Christian Able) with Truth Martini, Val Malone and Mason Beck d. Juice Robinson/Mike Sydal with the “Tower of Truth” on Robinson

Martini took the mic and said the H.O.T accepts the challenge of Lawrence and Young but it wouldn’t be tonight. He said he found two young up and comers that deserved a shot and brought ot Juice and Sydal. The newcomers came close to victory on a few occasion but in the end the H.O.T was too much and they hit the Tower of Truth to retain the titles.

* After the match Silas Young and Dan Lawrence hit the ring and a wild pull apart brawl ensued. They announaced they had just talked to Jim Lynam and on August 15th they will face the House of Truth for the belts in a Double Dog Collar match!

-The Phoenix Twins d. Irish Airborne with “Sweet Twin Music” on Dave Crist

Exciting tag team action in this one as both teams took to the air for some breath taking moves. In the end the Twins hit their double superkick for the win and all four men shook hands as the crowd gave them a standing ovation.

-Jay Bradley w/ Dave Prazak d. Tyler Black to retain the AAW Title

Bradley controlled the action early on and Black dug down deep to hit a powerbomb when Bradley was on the second rope. Black went for a frog splash but Bradley pulled referee PJ Drummond into the way and Black nailed him. With the ref down Black hit a kick that knocked Bradley cold. He had Bradley pinned but no official was in the ring. Bradley recovered and hit his big lariat as another official hit the ring. Black was able to kick out at 2 as the crowd erupted. Bradley took off his protective elbow brace and hit a second devastating lariat for the pinfall.

* Promo on the big screen for Dragon Gate USA’s debut show on 9/6 at the Congress Theatre. Stay tuned to AAWrestling.com for some big announcements on AAW’s Saturday 9/5 event.

– Arik Cannon d. Shane Hollister to retain the AAW Heritage Title in a bloody Stairway to Hell match after he blinded Hollister with a fireball.

Possibly the most brutal match in AAW history. Tables, ladders, chairs, a staple gun , thumbtacks and a barbed wire baseball bat all came into play. Both men were a bloody mess as Cannon powerbombed Hollister into the thumbtacks. Hollister refused to stay down. The Northstar Express tried to get involved but were run off by Mdogg 20 Matt Cross! As Hollister went for the baseball bat Cannon reached into his boot for some foreign substance and as Shane turned around he was hit in the face with a fireball! Cannon got the win as AAW officials rushed to the aid of Hollister to close the show.


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AAW Tag Team Championship Match
Dog Collar – Chain Match
House of Truth: Josh Raymond/Christian Able
Silas Young/Dan Lawrence

The Phoenix Twins
Jimmy Jacobs
Danny Daniels
Ryan Boz
Zero Gravity
Faith in Nothing
Jordan McEntyre/Knight Wagner

More to be announced soon!!!




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