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IWF Premier Pro Wrestling Results
July 12, 2009 Buffalo Rose Golden, CO


By: Dustin Nichols

Before the show started, IWF Heavyweight Champion Bronx and “The Franchise” Arik Angel went into the crowd and pulled Hoodlum’s girlfriend, Tiffany from the crowd into the ring and attacked her. Hoodlum ran out from the crowd and scared them out of the ring before carrying Tiffany to the back. Tag Team Match: Chris Hollister and Romeo vs. Brandon Morris and Paul Stetich This match went to a No Contest after IWF Tag Team Champions the Horde (Shredder Con and “The Reaper” Adrian Grimm) interfered. Shredder Con struck Hollister from the balcony while Hollister was on the turnbuckle, and Grimm ran to the ring and attacked the rest of the competitors. After the match, the Horde challenged the winners of tonight’s #1 Contenders Match to a TLC Match at the next show. Singles Match: “The Franchise” Arik Angel (w/The Perfect 10) def. “The Unreal” Joshua Michael Angel pinned Michael following a right hand to the face that was wrapped in a chain while the 10 had the referee distracted. Tag Team Match: Delta Jr. and Quantum def. Prodigee and IWF Lucha Champion Vagabundo Quantum made Prodigee submit to a Satellite Fujiwara to win the match for his team. Tag Team Match-Winners become the #1 contenders to the IWF Tag Team Championship: Primal Chaos (“Wardog” Damien Payen and Synjin Tiger Smith) vs. Suicide Tuesday (Cam Burnquist and Jeff Koz) This match went to a No Contest after Chris Hollister hit Koz with a chair, but was aiming for Payne.After the match, commissioner Big Dick Trailer came out and announced that both teams would face the Horde in the TLC Match for the titles at the next show. Singles Match: The Miracle That Is Tony def. “The Denver Daredevil” Rob Ryzin This match was supposed to be “The Insatiable” Johnny Crash vs. “The Denver Daredevil” Rob Ryzin. Crash got on the microphone and said he couldn’t wrestle, but had found a suitable replacement. Tony pinned Ryzin with a Ranhei. Singles Match: Anderson Angel def. Jay Synn (w/Romeo) Anderson Angel pinned Jay Synn after Jay Synn missed a corner Avalanche. JaySynn appeared to have hurt his ribs following the missed Avalanche, and had to be helped out of the ring by referees and other wrestlers. IWF Championship-Loser Leaves IWF (Main Event): Hoodlum New IWF Champion def. Bronx Hoodlum pinned Bronx following a “Westside Ride” (TKO). Hoodlum wins the title and is now a 2-time champion. As a result of the loss, Bronx was forced to leave the IWF.

IWF Premier Pro Wrestling Rankings
Hoodlum (Champion) 6?1 230lbs Long Beach, CA
1. Jay Synn – 6?3? 255lbs Boston, MA
2. Adrian Grimm (1/2 Tag Team Champion) – 5?9? 200lbs Devils Hole, NM
3. The Miracle that is Tony – 5?6? 165lbs Huntington Beach, CA
4. Prodigee – 5?10? 205lbs Mile High City
5. Joshua Michael – 5?7? 187lbs Monster City, CO
6. Shredder Con (1/2 Tag Team Champion) – 5?8? 200lbs Great White North
7. Arik Angel – 5?9? 175lbs Toronto Ontario Canada
8. Syngin Tiger Smith – 5?9? 235lbs Tucson, AZ
9. Anderson Angel – 5?9? 189lbs Windsor Ontario Canada
10. War Dog Damion Payne – 5’6″ 159lbs Washington DC

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IWF Premier Pro Wrestling
8.16.09 6:00pm
Buffalo Rose
1119 Washington Ave.
Golden, CO 80401
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