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Welcome to the AWF News Update for Winter 2009. 🙂


AWF Commonwealth Champion: Powerhouse Theo
1. Vinny Dunn
2. Kid Dynamite
3. Steve Ravenous
4. Rockafella
5. Blakestone

AWF Australasian Champion: TNT
1. Il Cognito
2. Scotty Club
3. Massive Q
4. Ben Coles
5. The Shark
AWF Young Lion’s Champion: Zander Bathory
1. Ben Coles
2. Jason “The Destroyer” Dacey
3. Rob “The Scientist” Best
4. “Mint Condition” Mick Moretti
5. Traffic
AWF Tag Team Champions: Gosford Giddyups: Max Comic & Billy Flyswat
1. The Odd Couple: Traffic & Frankie Fettucini
2. The Freakshow: Massive Q & Toxin
3. Surf Club: Scotty Club & Adam Hoffman
4. Scientific Destruction: Rob “The Scientist” & “Destroyer” Dacey
5. The Freakshow: Toxin & Rigor Mortis

FRI 24 JULY, 2009

The Australasian Wrestling Federation (AWF) comes to Mt Druitt PCYC on Fri 24 July to present a huge evening of live pro-wrestling action, featuring Australia’s top professional wrestlers as part of the ?AWF Rise Up Tour?.

The card itself will feature 7 bouts showcasing the new wave of exciting talent in AWF, all pumped up and ready to go to put on a family friendly all ages show that will excite and entertain all comers.

One of the headline wrestlers as part of the Mt Druitt event is the recently crowned Commonwealth Champion, Powerhouse Theo. Theo is a product of the AWF School of pro-wrestling, and since making his debut in 2006 has progressed up the cards holding the Young Lion’s under 25’s Championship, and then going on to defeat the top international talent put in front of him. In April, Theo defeated New Zealand’s Roger Ventura in one of the most action packed bouts of the year so far to become the second AWF Commonwealth Champion. In May he defended the honour of Australia overcoming Japan’s Nosawa Rongai, and at Mt Druitt, he will face the challenge of New Zealand’s top rising star ?The One? Vinny Dunn. Dunn is a former South Pacific Champion, and would like nothing more than to return to title glory and come home as Commonwealth Champion. This bout will pit two men at the top of their game competing at the highest level in a physical encounter that will epitomize the rising stars of the youth movement of the AWF.

Current AWF Tag Team Champions ?The Gosford Giddyups? will also feature on the Rise Up Tour, and will no doubt be looking to bring their fun and energetic style of action to the ring. The team comprising of Billy Flyswat & Max Comic use technical wrestling with some cheeky tandem moves that combine to give them a successful chemistry currently unmatched in the tag team ranks. The team says they have been training hard to keep on top of their often larger and physically tougher opponents, and will use their skill, smarts and good energy to overcome their antagonisers. The Giddyups say they look forward to meeting the fans at Mt Druitt & putting on a fun showing for all in attendance.

The Young Lion’s Championship scene will no doubt also be a point of focus with current Champion the vampire like Zander Bathory residing at the top of the mountain. Bathory however has a list of hungry Young Lion’s ready to counter his bite, and Ben Coles looks set to try at Mt Druitt. Coles is possibly the next breakthrough competitor in AWF, with a recent stint in Canada and a headline bout against Powerhouse Theo, Coles is in fantastic form and physical shape. Benny sys he will be bringing his all to Mt Druitt in his attempt to take the Young Lion’s Championship.
Many other rising wrestlers will be looking to prove themselves and move up the cards in AWF with strong showings on the Rise Up tour. Kid Dynamite is back from Japan all fired up and wants to break through to the top of the cards and stay there. Newcomer ?Mint Condition? Mick Moretti is looking to make an impact with his assault on all the senses. ?Bombshell Bo? is determined to prove that she is the premier ladies wrestler in Australasia. Steve Ravenous is looking to get Championship gold back around his waist.
On the other hand the established wrestlers of the AWF will be doing their best to keep their spots on the cards. The likes of 2 time AWF Australasian Champion and ?Ringmaster of The Freakshow? Il Cognito, 10 year veteran JT Robinson, the bullying duo of Massve Q & Toxin will all no doubt be looking to put a stop to the young rising warriors and continue to take the glory for themselves.

Victory as part of the Rise Up Tour will no doubt be the key objective to survival for positioning on upcoming events, so be sure to come and see what transpires as the competitive stakes are at an all time high.

?Rise Up? is sure to be a top notch evening of pro-wrestling action showcasing a fantastic blend of skill, athleticism & showmanship. So if you are looking for a fun night out, come and support the Australasian Wrestling Federation at Mt Druitt PCYC.
We advise to book early to avoid disappointment.

– AWF Commonwealth Title: Vinny Dunn (NZ) Vs Powerhouse Theo
– YLC: Ben Coles Vs Zander Bathory
– Steve Ravenous, Kid Dynamite & ? Vs Max Comic & Billy Flyswat &Bombshell Bo
– Il Cognito Vs Mick Moretti
– Traffic Vs Scotty Club
– JT Robinson Vs Rob “The Scientist”
(Subject to Change)



SAT 25 JULY, 2009

– Commonwealh Title: Kid Dynamite Vs Powerhouse Theo
– Tag Titles: Traffic & Frankie Vs Giddyups
– Vinny Dunn Vs Scotty Club
– Rockafellar Vs Destroyer Dacey
– Alison Wonderland Vs Bombshell Bo
– Massive Q Vs Adam Hoffman
– Mick Moretti Vs Ben Coles
(Subject to Change)

When: Sat 25 July ? 7 pm
Where: AWF Dojo / Southwest Kickboxing- 7/32 Swettenham Rd, St Andrews
Cost: $15 available at the door or at AWF Website


SUN 26 JULY, 2009

– Comm Title: Steve Ravenous Vs Powerhouse Theo
– Tag Titles: Black Venum Vs Gosford Giddyups
– Kid Dynamite Vs Ben Coles
– Kyle Seminoff Vs Mick Moretti
– Aurora Vs Bombshell Bo
– Il Cognito Vs Dr Waxhead
– Frankie & Trafic Vs Scientist & Destroyer
(Subject to Change)


AWF ?May?nia
Sat 23 May, 2009
Blacktown RSL
Blacktown, NSW
Attendance: 300
Results: YLC Contenders 5 Way: Ben Coles b ?Raging? Nick Ferno, Rob ?The Scientist? Best,?Mint Condition? Mick Moretti & Destroyer Dacey, Bombshell Bo b Shazza McKenzie, Factions 6 Man: The Freakshow (Massive Q, Bathory & Toxin) b Australian Made (Club, Bonza & Waxhead), Il Cognito b Blakestone, AWF Tag Team Titles: Billy Flyswat & Max Comic b Steve Ravenous & JT Robinson, Jay Law NC Kid Dynamite, ?Bushranger? Kelly b Rockafeller, AWF Commonwealth Title: Powerhouse Theo b Nosawa Rongai

International Wrestling Meet
Sun 24 May, 2009
AWF Dojo
Minto, NSW
Attendance: 70
Results: Best,?Mint Condition? Mick Moretti b JT Robinson, AWF Tag Team Titles: Gosford Giddyups b Gravity and Kid Dynamite, Scotty Club b Nosawa Rongai, David Blaze b Rockafella, Traffic & Frankie Fettucini b Scientific Destruction!, AWF Commonwealth Championship: Powerhouse Theo b Ben Coles


AWF ?Supanova Sydney?Day 1
Sat 27 June, 2009
The Dome
Homebush, NSW
Attendance: 1000 +

Results: R1: Steve Ravenous b ?Mint Condition? Mick Moretti, R1: Ben Coles b JT Robinson, Tag Team Titles (Non Title): Gosford Giddyups b Toxin & Rigor Mortis (debut), R1: Rob The Scientist b Rockafella, Massive Q b Traffic & Frankie Fettucini, R1: Kid Dynamite b Daxon Kage, Young Lion’s Championship (Non Title): Jason Dacey b Zander Bathory

Show Notes:
– Huge crowd in attendance with much excitement in the air.
– Day one of the Supa Tournament to gain a future Title shot, saw Ravenous advance to face Best, and Coles move forward to face Dynamite in Round 2.
– Massive Q tested fans and wrestlers for the $10,000 Slam Challenge. After Daxon Kage, and a young female fan had their shots, The Giddyups tried as a tag team until Toxin & Rigor Mortis threw them off. Meanwhile Frankie The Italian and Traffic snuck in and combined with a duck behind and crossbody combination and claimed they had slammed Q. After Traffic fined Q for the $10K, Q protested and said he would challenge both to handicap match, and if he lost they?d get the $10K.
– Toxin announced the debuting Rigor Mortis as his mystery tag team partner to face Flyswat & Comic. The Freakshow combination was unsuccessful.
– Massive Q overcame Traffic & Frankie after interference from Freakshow cohort Toxin. Fetticini & Traffic challenged the team for Day 2.
– In the Non Title Young Lion’s bout Zander Bathory addressed his distaste for the Twighlight phenomena and ripped apart the book. Twilight movie actress Rachelle ?Victoria? Lefevre then out of nowhere entered the ring and ref Tony Kebab had to restrain her. After a hard hitting 10 minutes Bathory bit with the Carpe Jugulum and looked to have victory. It was then that Lefevre interjected herself again, and as Bathory charged she sidestepped and slammed his head into the turnbuckle, and then Dacey scored with the gore and got the win. After the bout Dacey, Lafevre and Rob The Scientist celebrated to round out day 1.


AWF ?Supanova Sydney? Day 2
Sun 28 June, 2009
The Dome
Homebush, NSW
Attendance: 500 +

Results: R2: Steve Ravenous b Rob The Scientist, R2: Ben Coles b Kid Dynamite, Young Lion’s Championship: Zander Bathory b Daxon Kage, Jason Dacey b Rigor Mortis, Aurora b Chantelle Bathory, Max Comic b JT Robinson, Traffic & Frankie Fettucini b Toxin & Massive Q, Supa Tournament Final: Ben Coles b Steve Ravenous

Show Notes:
– Before the start of Dynamite Vs Coles, Cosplay personality John Robertson interrupted the proceedings and challenged Kid Dynamite to an arm wrestling match. Dyno had interfered in the Cosplay the day before. Coles entered and stomped Dynamite causing him to lose, before going on to also lose the match to Coles.
– Chantelle Bathory was about to bite on Daxon Kage after victory from Zander Bathory, however Aurora saved his neck and intensified things for their meeting later in the day.
– Zander Bathory’s interference backfired on Chantelle as Aurora rolled her up for a victory.
– Q & Toxin taunted writer Andrew Warrilow before their bout ripping up a poster promoting his books. Traffic & Frankie then saved Warrilow, and went on to avenge their rivals scoring with a sideslam legdrop combination for the win.
– In a highly athletic main event once again the Platinum Players interference backfired and Steve Ravenous was pinned by Ben Coles. The Players argued afterwoods to the back. Kieran Burns asked Coles what title he would go after and he said he would challenge for the Young Lion’s belt at Mt Druitt.
– A great weekend and a lot of fun with many smiles on faces.


Supanova Perth Day 1
Sat 4 July, 2009
Robinson Pavillion
Claremont, WA
Attendance: 700

Rd 1: Craven b Killah, Mad Mike Massive & Ron Page b Jarrad Slate & The Wraith, Rd 1: Erico b Dustin Dice, NC Viper b Heritor, Jake Paragon b Vic Galen, Tapu b Mana, B-Money b David Nero, Rd 1: Joey Angel b Percy, Rd 1: The Shark b Daxon Kage


Supanova Perth Day 2
Sun 5 July, 2009
Robinson Pavillion
Claremont, WA
Attendance: 500

Rd 2: Erico b Craven, B-Money b David Nero & Dustin Dice, MDK b Percy T,
Rd 2: The Shark def. Joey Angel, Jarred Slate b Pain, Mike Massive and Ron Page b The Brothers of Construction, Viper b Jake Paragon, Heritor b Mange, Jarrad Slate b Vic Galen, Supa Tournament Final: The Shark b Erico

Show Notes:
– Erico & Joey Angel bent rules all weekend. Angel was eliminated and ejected from the final. The final between Shark and Erico was a great bout with the climax seeing referee Joel Spencer knocked down in the corner while Shark locked in his half crab. After Shark tried to wake up the ref, Erico scored with some dirty moves until TNT entered with his Australasian belt and whacked him leading to a Shark superkick and the revived ref made the pin. Shark will receive a future AWF Title shot of his choice.
– A fun weekend of bouts.

– AWF’s Rise Up Winter Tour is on the horizon and the rising stars of AWF invite you to be there live as they showcase their hard work ethic and skillful pro-wrestling techniques in a huge series of events around NSW. The aim of the tour will be to demonstrate why the future is bright in AWF, and further exemplify why AWF continues to lead the way in all Australian wrestling. The tour will start with 3 dates being Mount Druitt, Minto and Fairy Meadow and will feature extra dates to be announced shortly.
– Commonwealth Champion Powerhouse Theo will be seen in the initial main event spots at the Rise Up Tour as he will face New Zealand’s top rising star Vinny Dunn on 24 July at Mt Druitt PCYC, and then Kid Dynamite on 25 July and Steve Ravenous on 26 July. Theo is considered the hottest commodity in Australia today, and has recently defeated internationals such as Roger Ventura of NZ and Nosawa Rongai of Japan. Theo’s work ethic and attitude is a personification of what the Rise Up Tour will be all about.
– AWF at Supanova Conventions in Sydney and Perth were once again fantastic showings of why AWF action is the best in the country and it’s rising stars are leading the way.
In Sydney AWF School of Pro-Wrestling graduate Ben Coles took out the Supa Tournament defeating the much more experienced Steve Ravenous in the final. After victory Coles stated that he chose the Young Lion’s Championship as the Title he would go after due to the win, and would do his best to defeat Bathory at Mt Druitt on 24 July and bring honour to the Championship.
Elsewhere in Sydney Twilight movie star Rachelle Lafevre got involved in the action helping Jason Dacey to a victory in a non title bout against Zander Bathory. View here for a clip of the action .
Perth too saw some great action as the Supa Tournament final pitted ?International Wrestling Star? Erico facing his rival ?The Shark?, with the Shark prevailing after a little help from friend TNT. The finale saw Erico whacked by TNT’s Australasian Title which lead to a Shark superkick and the win. Shark has a title shot up his sleeve at any AWF title for the future.
In all AWF had a great time as part of Supanova this year and thanks organizers for having AWF on board again, and looks forward to next years events.

– The Freakshow has added a new member who goes by the name Rigor Mortis. The strange cross painted competitor debuted as Toxin’s tag team partner in non title action at Supanova and made quite an impression despite being distracted often and occasionally breaking into prayers of sort. It will be interesting to see what impact he will have as the newest member of the growing ?Freakshow?.

– AWF Australasian Champion TNT saw his surgeon on 6 July and was advised that he could begin rehabbing his shoulder effectively immediately and can hold off an operation at this stage. TNT will look to return to in ring competeition in a few months and a decision on the AWF Australasian Title status will be forthcoming.
For those in NSW, TNT now pens a column at the start of each month in Drum Media updating it’s readers on all AWF. The magazine is a free street press available at most music stores so be sure to check it out.
– Zander Bathory’s Young Lion’s Championship reign continues, with the evil vampire continuing to do whatever it takes to keep the title. His recent coming together with the former Shazza McKenzie has transformed her into Chantelle Bathory, and the two have formed an alliance that seemingly is hell bent on keeping The Freakshow in the AWF Championship scene.
– AWF supporter of the Year for 2008 Neil Wells has put together a fantastic new AWF fansite at that all AWF enthusiasts should check out. Neil is one of our most passionate supporters and we could definitely do with more like him who take the initiative to help spread the good word of the AWF.

– Speaking of spreading the word, now more than ever we need your help. We are looking for dedicated and reliable soldiers to join our AWF Street Team. Help distribute live event materials and become part of the AWF Crew. Members gain access to AWF events and special privileges. Call 0410 691 377 or email and become involved.

– If you are interested in joining the AWF School of Pro-Wrestling and taking the correct steps to becoming a highly skilled pro-wrestler, application for the Spring Semester (5 Sept ? 28 November) are being accepted now. Visit for course details and email for an application form.
– On the Merchandise front latest AWF DVD releases are:
International Invasion ? featuring Il Cognito Vs Austin Aries, Mochizuki & Saito Vs TNT & Flyswat, Danielson Vs McGuinness, Corino Vs Kidman, TNT Vs Cima Vs Ravenous, Candido Vs Sabu – $25 (Available Now)
PsychoticSlam Sydney (18-4-09) – feat Erico Vs Theo, Plat Players Vs Aust Made, Chris Masters Vs Al Snow, Il Cognito Vs TNT in a cage and more – $25
PsychoticSlam Wollongong (19-4-09) – feat Chris Masters Vs Il Cognito, Powerhouse Theo Vs Roger Ventura, Al Snow Vs TNT and more – $25
A Decade of AWF – The best moments of AWF over the last 10 years – 2 DVD set ? Featuring Mad Dog Vs Krackerjack (Hardcore), TNT Vs Il Cognito 30 Mins, Thug Thomas Vs Lobo, Hilton Vs Danielson, 4 Way for AWF Title, AWF Documentaries and Extras – $30
(Add $5 postage per order)
To purchase via direct transfer please send email with address and order details and we will send transfer details.
Or via chq or money order to:
AWF Wrestling
PO Box 473,
Plumpton, NSW, 2761
Upcoming DVD release will be This Is AWF Wrestling Autumn 2009, which will feature highlights from the season.
– New AWF ?Pro-Wrestling Is The Only Real Sport!? shirts are available at the merchandise stand at AWF events and the AWF Website now for $30.

– Thanks for your support of AWF, & hope to see you at the upcoming Rise Up events! Tell your friends about AWF and spread this news update. Better still join our email list at . Become involved and let’s continue to make AWF grow each month in 2009!

Fri 24 July 2009
AWF Rise Up Tour
Mt Druitt PCYC
Shalvey, NSW

Sat 25 July 2009
AWF Rise Up Tour
AWF Dojo
Minto, NSW
Sun 26 July 2009
AWF Rise Up Tour
Fairy Meadow Fraternity Club
Fairy Meadow, NSW
More dates to be announced! To keep up to date visit the AWF Website!

Thank you for your support of AWF Wrestling!


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