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AWF (ApocalypseWrestling Federation) Presents SHOCKWAVE
Whitby Ontario-AWF Action Centre
July 5th, 2009
Attendance: Approx. 80
Refs: David Gilbert Clarke, “Oldschool”
OIW Notables In Attendance: Lufisto, Zakk Storm, “Tyrant” Eric Dawson,”Infamous” Jay Moore, Mr. Atlantis, Big Mike, Dana, Maggie, Barrie Boys

This was a sweet venue for wrestling. A Nice lil theatre hall, family oriented show. Old school characters and booking, good pacing and lineup. Didn’t drag, felt like old time wrestling and was good for all ages

It was announced that the “Joeverine” Joey Knight of the All Knighters was not in attendance.

Will “Mastiff” Calrissian came to the ring, saying Knight couldn’t handle it and he was scared. He would take on anyone and show he was the best in the game today. “Midnight Special” RJ City accepts his challenge.

RJ City lost to Mastiff via feet on the ropes
– Nice exchange at the start, fans solidly behind RJ. Mastiff doesn’t like the fans in Canada, executes lots of submissions, and gets the upperhand early. Back n forth towards the end, RJ nearly snaked it with a victory roll. Gilbert Clark seemingly allowed the fall despite feet on the ropes. Sets up the Heel ref in a white shirt and bowtie.

“Asian Nightmare” Master Kwan Chang def. “Code Red” Adam Reed

– Hadn’t seen Reed in a while, looked in decent shape. Reed came out with nunchuku and a gi. He wore red pants, the match started with the two of them kicking and punching the hell out of each other. Reed lost the exchange, he took so many kicks his chest was red as hell. Went a lil too long towards the end, Kwan Chang wins, as experience and skill were too much for the young martial arts master. Kwan smashed Reed in the head with the kendo.

Special Attraction
Shockwave the Robot def. Duke Bronson

– Shockwave enters the building lit up like a X-mas tree, the building is in awe. Mad phots are being taken as he moves around the buildng in his full Robot gear. Bronson came out wearing some brown cow print chaps and announced from Texas, he had a good build but was unsure of his robotic opponent who danced his way into the ring. “Oldschool” pressed Shockwave’s red button to activate him for wrestling mode. Bronson controls early on, talked alot of trash and nailed a good fallaway slam. Couple of nice suplexes, Bronson hits a fall away slam. He tries for a sleeper, Shockwave is out of power. He manages to press the red button mid match, re-energizes and hits flying head scissors, spinning heel kick, and his patented electro-legdrop. Shockwave wins, dances in the ring, invites a kid in the ring who managed to duplicate most of SHOCKWAVE’s dance moves except for the quick feet hand spins.

Don Paysan def Alex Price after a michinoku style driver

-Best match of the day in my opinion. Price was a french punk/goth and pretty cocky. He had lots of speed, and combinations. Paysan was way over. Lots of back and forth, brawling on the floor, Paysan talks lots of trash, crowd was into it. Price hit a series of kicks, Paysan hit a series of knees. Paysan gains the advantage and gets low blowed, ref allowes it. Paysan attempts his finish several times, and also failed on a senton splash attempt when Price got his knees up. Paysan finally hits his finish. Price vows they will meet again.

Intermission time, photo ops for SHOCKWAVE.


It is announced that AWF’s return to Whitby on Aug 9th, will see the return of the All Knighters (Knight & Knightwing) to take on OIW veterans in return match from 10 yrs ago against the Hollywood Hunks (Custom Made Man & Stunning Sean)

Portia Perez w/ Kwan Chang def. Cherry Bomb

– Crowd was pretty into it. Looks like Cherry Bomb was on her game today. Cherry talks some trash about Portia being twelve, Portia stalls for a bit. Kwan is pacing at ring side. Portia looks light on the strikes, interference occurs. Cherry Bomb loses. Arguements post match, Kwan Chang was going to smash Cherry with the kendo. Danny Dynamic comes out to make the save, he gets the green mist of death from Kwan.

Dynamic can’t see, AWF crew tends to his eyes since he was blinded by poisionous green mist. Dynamic insists he is capable of facing Springate for the AWF Title.

Springate comes to ringside, says he doesn’t wanna take a man on who’s not 100%. It doesn’t matter if he was or wasn’t he wouldn’t stand a chance.

Zachary Springate III (c) retains over Danny Dynamic

-Dynamic swears he can see the crowd looks a lil outta shape but not too bad, despite being blinded. He dodges some of Springate’s offense. Springate has Dynamic outmatched the entire match. Dynamic kept fighting back, hits a dropkick, a body press, and applies he figure four. Springate continously worked the eyes. Dynamic is gassed. Springate uses an upside down headscissor tarantula hold in the ropes. Springate uses the claw which he then gave him the claw slam which was enough to put Dynamic away. Kids behind Dynamic, not enough. Post match Springate tells Ron Hutchinson bring out whoever, TNA , indies, past students it doesn’t matter they can’t match up.

It was annouced that at the AWF return to Whitby on Aug 9th, that Kwan Chang would face Danny Dynamic.

Les Titanes (Jakal & Bishop) def The Flatliners via DQ

– All 4 men brawl before the bell. Les Titanes clear the ring, haven’t seen these guys in forever. Bishop looks a tad flabby, still had the tag chemistry. Flatliners dominate early on, call a bunch of fans retards, and work over Bishop. Ref loses control, all 4 men brawl everywhere! Who’s the legal man? Asylum takes out the ref, he gets taken out. Titanes gain the advantage for the pin but there’s no ref! “Oldschool” comes out to the fans delight who had been riding Clark all night, Flatliners hit the double stack flippy doo, which is double press into the swinging power bomb. “Oldschool” counts the 3, Clark returns reverses the decision citing abuse of an official Titanes win via DQ. Post Match Titanes want more, fans chant for a TLC, Titanes agree. Flatliners say it’s not happening, they are wrestlers, and that is not wrestling. Manager of the Venue enters the ring, says insurance won’t allow for the TLC in the theatre, but there will be a tornado tag match for Aug 9th, Flatliners will put up $2000 dollar appearance bond each, Titanes say they will too. Tornado tag winner takes all the cash and the glory at the next show.

Pepper Parks def. Johnny Puma

-No DQ, No Countout. Puma does lots of stalling fans all over him calling him a chicken. Parks delights with a woman at ringside having a laugh at Puma’s expense. Puma gains the advantage on Parks. Parks takes him to the outside whips Puma into some chairs. Puma is decked out in zebra print ala Heartbreak Kid. Parks is wearing a head band. Puma smashes him with a flying double axe handle from the top rope to the floor on some chairs. They battle with some pylons at ringside, Parks says obviously his is bigger. Atomic drop on Puma onto the pylon. Puma leaves to the locker room. Puma then returns with Springate, who begin to double team Parks. Parks cleans house with a double clothesline, and double noggin knocker. Parks wins and is the new AWF #1 Contender. Parks vows to bring his A-Game to Whitby next time. He and Springate stare each other down face to face over the AWF title.

This was a fun show, definately old school which is a refreshing change of pace, show didn’t drag and things all flowed nicely and made sense. Keeping some of the AWF originals around is a nice touch. Solid matches, woulda liked more out of the main, but they needed to set up the main title match for next show. Shockwave the Robot was quite a spectacle. Paysan vs Price was match of the day. Good show, great for families, and nice venue, stories are coming along nicely.

AWF Returns to Whitby Aug 9th
AWF Title Match: Springate (c) vs. Pepper Parks
OIW Legends Tag Match: All Knighters vs. Hollywood Hunks
GRUDGE MATCH: Kwan Chang vs. Danny Dynamic
$4000 Tag Team Tornado Match: Flatliners vs. Les Titanes

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