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Power Trip Wrestling – ‘Wild Weekend In Wellingborough’ – Sat 4th & Sun
5th July 2009, Wellingborough.

* Two shows in two days for the loudest wrestling promotion in the United
Kingdom, saw PTW appear at Wellingborough’s Party in the Park, and
Carnival events. These were the first two shows in Power Trip Wrestling’s
Summer schedule, which consists of no less than eleven shows in three
months! Here’s the results from both shows!

Results from Sat 4th July:

* PTW Promoter Petey Staniforth walked into the ring, and rather
atypically insulted just about everybody there (bar one young male fan who
was wearing a Luton FC shirt, who was described as “the only intelligent
fan in this field”, by Petey); and this lead to his fiancee Chrissie
getting into the ring annoyed about he speaks to people, and they had yet
another argument in the middle of the ring. This one led to Petey once
more being embarrased by his better half; as she tipped water all over him
and told him to get out of the ring, much to the cheers of the fans!

* ‘Cowboy’ Adam Hayes defeated Mike Tyler

* ‘MTX’ Jem Brown won a Battle Royal

* ‘MTX’ Jem Brown refused to leave the ring, demanding more competition,
and was challenged by Tommy Stevens, who was accompanied by Tiffany
Wantsmore. After MTX defeated Stevens, a challenge was made by Tiffany for
MTX to wrestle her the next day.

* Druss w/PTW Promoter Petey Staniforth defeated Jack Russell. Staniforth
and Russell’s feud continued in this match, as Russell kicked Petey below
the belt, and relieved himself in the manner that dog’s are accustomed to;
over him in the ring. After the match, a furious Petey demanded that Druss
hurt someone else as well, just to cheer him up.

* Druss w/PTW Promoter Petey Staniforth defeated ‘Cowboy’ Adam Hayes

* ‘MTX’ Jem Brown defeated Jack Russell, after being angry as to how
Russell had treated Petey Staniforth priorly.

* ‘The Teenage Thriller’ Danny Dynamite defeated Mayhem in a something of
a shock win.

* G ‘The Lap Dancing Superstar’ w/PTW Promoter Petey Staniforth was
disqualified against Mr Portugal, after the interference of Dragonian.

* ‘Masked Madness’ – Mr Portugal & D-Mon defeated G ‘The Lap Dancing
Superstar’ & Dragonian w/PTW Promoter Petey Staniforth. The show ended as
it began, with Petey throwing a tantrum of Mr Portugal’s accepted
invitation to Chrissie, and Petey’s children Andrew & Victoria; to get in
the ring and dance – which lead to Chrissie throwing water over Petey once
more, as he stormed off screaming how he is “a star, deserving of being
better treated, and these Wellingborough inbreds will be lucky if I bring
my show back tomorrow; as I can quite easily stay home in my beloved town
of Luton!”

Results from Sun 5th July:

* As it turned out, PTW Promoter Petey Staniforth DID bring the show back
the next day, but this was a rather subdued and in a bad mood Petey that
we witnessed. By his standards, he didn’t get involved hardly in the show
itself, and many are speculating as to where his mind was at; although
no-one could question where his temper was, as anyone who came near him
was rather untactfully suggested to, to leave him alone. Petey, in fact,
cut a rather distant figure in his Luton FC shirt for the majority of the
show, choosing to speak in length with what we later found out was a
journalist from the Northants Herald and Post newspaper.

* ‘Cowboy’ Adam Hayes defeated Tiffany Wantsmore

* Tommy Stevens w/PTW Promoter Petey Staniforth defeated D-Mon. After the
match, Petey said that he had simply had enough of Wellingborough, and he
had other things to deal with, as they simply did not deserve to see a
star like him any more that day.

* G ‘The Lap Dancing Superstar’ defeated Dragonian

* Reno defeated Del Rico

* Tucker Starr defeated Ronin

* ‘MTX’ Jem Brown defeated Tiffany Wantsmore

* In a Battle Royal, G ‘The Lap Dancing Superstar’ was the last man in the
ring, and the winner. Tensions rose between him and his tag team partner,
Del Rico, though; and the two challenged each other for later on.

* Leapfrog w/Toad defeated Ronin

* Del Rico defeated G ‘The Lap Dancing Superstar’ in an upset victory, but
the two mended ways after the match.

* ‘MTX’ Jem Brown defeated Tucker Starr

* In summary, all of us at Power Trip Wrestling would like to sincerely
thank Wellingborough for having us, and we look forward to being back with
them next year! And now PTW head to Rushden’s Party In The Park on
Saturday 11th July 2009, for another outdoor event, and it’s clear that as
ever, nobody plays as loudly as Power Trip Wrestling! We hope to see you

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