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Power Trip Wrestling’s Last Minute “Wild Weekend in Wellingborough”

Only at PTW….can such crazy things happen.

Only at PTW….can one company take on the impossible before breakfast,
and laugh.

Only at PTW….can we take on an insane schedule of nine shows in two
months on the road.

And only at PTW….can we take on not one, but two shows in a weekend,
with four days notice to organise it all.

You know us by now….We’re not content to just exist. We have to play as
loud as we can! And so. the as featured on Sky Digital, Power Trip
Wrestling, are coming to Wellingborough, this weekend, on both Saturday
4th July and Sunday 5th July 2009, for their Party In The Park, and
Carnival events.

We will be putting on a PTW show both days for the fans, and promise you a
fun weekend that you won’t forget, with the loudest professional wrestling
promotion in the United Kingdom!

All details for the events (dates, location, times, etc), can be found at

We hope to see you there!!! And till then, if you want to see just how
loud Power Trip Wrestling is, then check out the latest PTW Video on You
Tube at

Thank you for supporting PTW!

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