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NECW(New England Championship Wrestling) TV
Taped February 20, 2010 at the National Guard Armory in Quincy, MA
Posted March 1, 2010 on and Comcast on Demand
Hosts:Sheldon Goldberg and Joe Matterazzo
Ring announcer:”Stormin'” Chris Norman
Interviewer:Caleb Seltzer
Referees:Rob Teutul, Rich Bass

-Sheldon and Joe kick off the show with news that NECW has a new Triple Crown Champion in Brandon Locke. Footage of Locke’s title win vs Max Bauer will be aired in the next few weeks and Locke, Brett Adams and Scott Osbourne will be Pat “The Brat” Piper’s guests in “Pat’s Pit” later. Also this week, Ryan Bisbal vs the debuting Biff Busick, Taeler Hendrix vs Mistress Belmont and the returning Handsome Johnny vs “The Epic” Mike Bennett.
-MATCH 1(1 fall, 10 minute time limit):Biff Busick(“Mantown USA”, 220 lbs.) vs Ryan Bisbal(Puerto Rico, 205 lbs.). Bisbal’s manager Ivy was absent for this match and this is Busick’s NECW debut. We get great chain wrestling early on. Bisbal used great technical ability to get the best of his opponent. Busick knocked Bisbal to the floor and bBisbal hit his leg hard on the steel ring steps. Busick kept firing away on Bisbal. Busick scored some near-falls and stopped an attempted comeback by Bisbal. The fans are solidly behind Bisbal. Bisbal got a near-fall on a neckbreaker and got the duke with only 55 seconds left in the time limit following a variation of The Miz’s “Skull Crushing Finale”. This one was a classic. WINNER:Ryan Bisbal
-Promos for NECW’s TV taping at the National Guard Armory in Quincy on March 20 and Sheldon Goldberg’s “Mouthpiece Wrestling Show”
-A promo from TV champion “The Heat” Kris Pyro. He defends on next week’s NECW TV against “Sensational” Scott Levesque.
-MATCH 2:World Womens’ Wrestling feature match(1 fall, 20 minute time limit):Mistress Belmont(New Orleans, LA, with Sean Gorman) vs Taeler Hendrix(Salem, MA). The crowd is solidly behind Hendrix. Hendrix showed good technical ability throughout the match, including at one point bending herself backwards and nailing Belmont with a knee to the back of the head. Hendrix hit a monkey flips out of the corner and scored a near-fall. Hendrix hit a mid-ring standing hurricanrana for a near-fall. A spinebuster and some cheating tactics from Belmont for near-falls. Hendrix kicked out of a perfect-plex. Belmont got a near-fall on a sit-out powerbomb, then jammed her knee in the ropes. Hendrix scored several near-falls on a backslide and a bodyslam. Hendrix then hit a somersault back elbow in the corner. After hendrix scored a near-fall with a suplex, Belmont got the duke by submission at 10:26 with a crossface chickenwing. The referee should’ve reversed the decision when Belmont refused to let go, but didn’t do so. WINNER:Mistress Belmont
-A promo for NECW Home Video is followed by another promo for NECW’s TV taping on March 20th.
-NECW 101 looks at the Iron 8 Championship:4 single-elimination matches with the winners going against each other in a 45-minute 4-way Iron Man match to determine the winner. Footage is shown of Antonio “The Promise” Thomas winning the Iron 8 last year. This year’s Iron 8 participants will be announced soon on NECW TV and
-Pat’s Pit with Locke, Osbourne and Adams ended with Adams alone with Pat Piper , who slaps and spits on Adams in retaliation for Adams slapping Piper several months ago.
-We get a promo from Jose Perez and Don vega of Rican Havoc, who say it’s not over between them and the Crown Jewels.
-MATCH 3(1 fall, 30 minute time limit);Handsome Johnny(Lynn, MA, 255lbs., with Sammi Lane and her loaded teddy bear) vs “The Epic” Mike Bennett(Boston, MA, 240 lbs.). The match actually goes back-and0forth with Johnny looking pretty good for a guy back from injury. In the end, Lane distracts Bennett, who kisses her. Bennett turns and gets clocked by Johnny with the loaded teddy bear, giving Johnny the victory by pinfall at 12:30. WINNER:Handsome Johnny
-Promos again for the March 20 TV taping and “Mouthpiece Wrestling Show”
-D.C. Dillinger says he now wants a match with Locke for the Triple Crown title.
-NEXT WEEK:Crown Jewels, Scott Osbourne(with Brett Adams), Alex Payne, Ryan Bisbal and Ivy in “Pat’s Pit”, an update on Misstress Belmont and Sean Gorman’s pursuit of Alexxis Neveah’s WWW title and “The Heat” Kris Pyro defends his TV title vs “Sensational” Scott Levesque.
-Caleb Seltzer asks Sammi Lane why she interfered in Locke’s title win at Genesis 9. She refuses to answer, but Handsome Johnny appears, says it was a good question and wants an explanation
. Lane refuses saying she and Johnny were going to a private party and Caleb was not invited. Caleb is pissed as the show comes to a close for this week.