J House sent this in:

!BANG! TV debuts tonight on HybridEnt .TV at 8:00PM EDT with action from the Funking Conservatory. You will see Chinese Sensation Shane Chung go one-on-one with second generation pro wrestler, Wahoo McDaniel, JR in a best two out of three falls. Plus in the Main Event, the Legend, Dory Funk, JR attempts to discipline the out of control “Bad Boy” Blain Rage. The official training center of All Japan Pro Wrestling delivers the stars of tomorrow tonight on HybridEnt.TV.

Fight the World Wrestling (FTW) Overdrive returns tomorrow night at 9:00PM EDT on HybridEnt.TV and takes it up a notch with a hardcore and bloody main event between Jay Lover and Lenn Oddity. The war is just starting as FTW continues on the road to Summer of Synn, LIVE on July 18, 2009. Tune in tomorrow night for all the latest information on FTW.

The Pride of Bedforeshire is about to make an impact at HybridEnt.TV as Power Trip Wrestling debuts this Thursday night at 8:00PM EDT. The stars of the U.K. will be streaming on your desktop as the first-ever PTW match is removed from the archives and in the Main Event, The WonderKid, Jonny Storm, will take on Atom. HybridEnt.TV is proud to present some international flavor as Power-Trip Thursdays begin on HybridEnt.TV.

It is official, CZW Wired programming will continue to be produced and air on HybridEnt.TV and returns this Sunday, featuring the CZW World Heavyweight Champion, Drake Younger. Plus, the HybridEnt.TV cameras were rolling at BOB 9 and you will see exclusive footage of the tournament aftermath between Zandig and The New Horror Sami Callihan. CZW returns and is here to stay!

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