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Saturday, February 27, 2010

GCW – Great Canadian Wrestling
“Anarchy in Angus 7: Best of the Best”
Angus, Ontario
Essa Recreation Centre
Ring Announcer: Johnny Gimmicks
Referees: Sean Cassidy, “Old School” Eddington James
Results credit: Gordo for

1) 6 Man Tag:
JT Playa, Scotty The Body & Ken Wright def “Tricked Out” Tyler Tirva, Anthony Darko & “Psycho” Mike Rollins [14 min]
Darko & Tirva were introduced as the “Super Friends”. Darko then introduced Rollins as an honorary member of their group. They were the bad guys. They succeeded in isolating hometown boy Scotty The Body for much of the bout but he eventually made the tag and the good guys took over, winning the match when Playa pinned Tirva after a legdrop. A wild and wooly opener.

2) Jake O’Reilly def Kushida w/ Tyson Dux by DQ [1 min]
Kushida attacked Jake as he argued with Tyson at the ropes but the Irishman quickly turned things around and set Kushida up for a piledriver. Dux jumped in the ring and attacked him causing the DQ. They continued to pound on Jake until Tornado ran out to the ring in an effort to get at Dux. Jake asked Tornado to put their differences aside and tag since they both hated Tyson. Tornado said he didn’t like anybody but agreed and the match was set for later on the show.

3) Haley Rogers def PJ Tyler w/ “Dangerboy” Derek Wylde [7 min]
Tyler’s GCW WILD title wasn’t on the line but she did bring the belt to the ring with her. Lots of cheating from PJ and interference from Wylde kept Rogers on the defensive for most of the match. The end of the match saw Tyler push Rogers into the official causing him to go down. Wylde jumped on the apron and held Haley at the ropes as Tyler went to hit her with the WILD belt. Rogers ducked and PJ almost hit “Dangerboy.” As they congratulated each other on avoiding the miscue, Rogers shoved Tyler into Wylde knocking him to the floor and then rolled PJ up to win the match. Wylde and Tyler attacked Rogers after the match and were preparing to set her up for “Dangerboy’s” Burning Hammer but Cherry Bomb ran to the ring swinging a baseball bat to make the save.

4) Manabu Soya def Brad Martin [9 min]
Martin had Soya in pinning predicaments a few times during the match but couldn’t overcome the Japanese star’s power and fell to a Brain Buster.

5) Jake O’Reilly & Tornado def Tyson Dux & Kushida [31 min]
A wild affair that saw Tornado take the brunt of the punishment as Dux and Kushida played ref distractions and cheats to great effect. As the match prgressed the hits got harder and the moves got bigger. Eventually a 4 guys were battling inside and outside the ring until O’Reilly and Tornado hit simultaneous piledrivers and pins to win the match. After the bout they let bygones be bygones and all shook hands and hugged in the ring.

6) I Quit Match:
Crazzy Steve def “Dangerboy” Derek Wylde [16 min]
Another wild bout that raged in the ring and out among fans as Steve and Wylde threw caution to the wind and pummeled each other. Steve had Wylde trapped in his Purple Monkey Dishwasher submission hold when PJ Tyler ran out to the ring and waffled him with her title belt. While he was still groggy she handcuffed him to the bottom rope. Cherry Bomb ran out and pasted Tyler. She landed a Thesz press on Wylde and punched him out then retrieved the handcuffs key from Tyler and unlocked Steve before chasing PJ to the back. Steve remained at the ropes making Wylde think he was still cuffed and “Dangerboy” went and got a large strap. When he reentered the ring Steve surprised him and grabbed the weapon, whipping Wylde with it before wrapping it around “Dangerboy’s” throat and strangling him until he said “I quit” giving Steve the victory