Steven Ashe sent this in:

RE/BTPW “Beginnings to an End” Results
Saturday, February 27, 2010

“Beginings to an End”
Ottawa, Ontario
Rideau Carleton Raceway & Slots
Results credit: Peter Bisson

1) Jaguar beat Rahim Ali with a flying drop kick.

2) Tray Hugh Mongous and Thunder : TNT beat Derrick Hamilton & Cecil Nix when Tray squashed Cecil with a corner slingshot splash.

3) Frank The Beast Bradley beat The Conquistador with a spinebuster.

4) The Real JJB beat Roy Ste…vens with a leg drop bulldog.

5) Koko and Razz Monsour beat Proff. Adib Monsour with synchronized superkicks in triple threat action.

6) MVP beat Pierre Khourey with a superkick followed by a brainbuster.

7) Drake Styles beat Maximus Primal by faking reconciliation and blindsiding him with a superkick.