Ring of Honor TV tapings for HDNet – 6/19/09
Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Results courtesy of ROHwrestling.com:

Dark matches

John Kermon beat Maverick

The Set beat John Moxley and Aaron Scott. CZW fans in the audience sitting over in the section near the concession stand popped for Jon Moxley. After he lost, he growled “shut up smart marks” to their delight

Bobby Dempsey beat Andy Ridge

First hour

Kenny King and Rhett Titus defeat Kenny Omega and Erick Stevens after Omega goes for a German Suplex and King falls on top of him with Titus holding down Omega’s legs from outside the ring

Roderick Strong defeated Jay Briscoe and D-Lo Brown, Strong pinning D-Lo after a Bridging Sunset Flip. Excellent match, maybe the match of the night. All three were made to look strong.

Second Show

Claudio Castagnoli and Jimmy Rave defeated Colt Cabana and Brent Albright after Prince Nana interferes, distracting Albright long enough for Castganoli to hit the Ricola Bomb on him for the win. Post match, The Embassy beats down both Albright and Cabana until Necro and Grizzly make the save

Delirious with Daizee Haze defeated Silas Young with a Panic Attack/Shadows Over Hell combo. Pretty much a formula match.

Mark Briscoe defeated Alex “Sugarfoot” Payne vin his return match to a big pop after a Powerbomb.

Davey Richards DDQ El Generico after Steen and Edwards crashed the ring and all four brawl through the crowd in an old style ECW Arena brawl. An “ECW” chant actually broke out during the brawl, before the crowd went back into Ring of Honor mode..

Third Show

The third hour opens with Also Sprach Zarathustra (2001 Space Odyssey aka Flair’s music) playing, confused looks, and Austin Aries coming out, announced as a “multi time World Heavyweight Champion”. Although it”ll have to be edited for time on HDNet, Aries has tremendous ring presence on the mike, did the usual Flair heel bit of picking on the local sports team, trashing The Phillies for getting swept by Toronto this week, then went around the arena, singled out people and ripped them apart verbally.

Kevin Steen defeated Eddie Edwards via a Swanton after he nailed Edwards with a chair while referee Paul Turner isn’t looking.

Cheech and Cloudy NC Sal Rinaro and Tony Kozina: The Dark City Fight Club comes out and destroyed all four… to the crowd’s delight. They’ve become big-time favorites in Philadelphia.

The Necro Butcher defeated Sami Calahan after a Tiger Driver. Postmatch, Cabana, Albright, and Grizzly come to the ring. They ask him to be the fourth member of their team.

Tyler Black defeated Nigel McGuinness by clean pinfall in a good match after Gods Last Gift. Problem was the placement of this match. It was the end of the night…and after all that, the crowd reponse wasn’t what it should have been.