Steven Ashe sent this in:

STRANGLEHOLD “Shit Happens” June 12th/09
471 Simcoe Street, South
Oshawa, Ontario
Attendance: 100+
Refs: Aaron the Mark, Jimi Hellbent, Harry D

OIW Notables in Attendance: Mr. Atlantis, Big Mike, Maggie, Big Daddy Hammer, Mikey Madrox, Steve Brown, Fallen Angel CA, Hellkat & Badass, Christopher Bishop, Emanuel Melo, Wyldstar, Big Daddy Donnie, El Fuego and last but not least Magnonoodletron2000

“Canadian” Michael Elgin vs. Lionel Knight
-Initially went to a 15 min time limit draw, after fans insisted 5 more minutes, Elgin demanded that if Knight had any balls at all he would accept. After a 5 min overtime Knight nearly emerged victorious, in one of the strongest bouts of the night. Elgin was able to pull off the victory Heavy Hitting, lots of flying, Elgin wanted to tear the house down in his hometown of Oshawa.

Rico Montana def. Nazi Destructor w/ Grand Wizard of Wrestling
– Short match, people in Oshawa stunned about the Nazi. Fans generally behind the likeable Rico Montana. Rico won with a chokeslam that, didn’t quite get all the height wanted on the Nazi. Ref bump accidentally at the finish, made it weird because he had to sell it but it shouldn’t of happened cuz it was the finish, what was worse is after that Aaron did the the next match too.

Post Match Grand Wizard said he was Jewish, but it’s all about the money, citing that he will take Nazi Destructor to the Championship.

Matt Burns def. Jeremy Barnoff with a Piggyback Ace Crusher
– Burns wasn’t to anxious to mix it up with Barnoff at first. Pacing and strategy worked to his advantage as he was victorious. Barnoff worked face doing a Lil’ Jon’ Chappelle WHAT? YEAH! Gimmick. Barnoff needed to slow it down, and not try to do so much at once. Post Match Barnoff said he wasn’t done with Burns, see him at the next show.

Strap Match
Cherry Bomb def. Danyah
– This was Strap on a Pole Match, not the traditional strap to each other style. Danyah was first to grab the strap and use it on Cherry choking her, whipping her in the ass, and belittling the Oshawa fans. Cherry was able to get a hold of the strap and use it to choke Danyah rolling it over into a neckbreaker and winning.


Redneck Mafia (Kracker Jack, Sambo Jones w/ Jones Jr.) def Owen Sound & Mercy Amato
-Amato in drag. The Redneck Mafia thoroughly enjoyed themselves working over the youngsters. I dunno If I had ever seen the Redneck Mafia so happy ever. Their enjoyment, equaled my enjoyment which made this a fun a bout. Sambo Jones was in great spirits, and Jones Jr. wandered ringside drinking fans beer.

4 Way Scramble
Hornet def. Tyler Tirva, Rip Impact, “Hacker” Scott O’Shea
– Impact. O’Shea seemingly on the same page, til the end. High Spots, Dives and finishers galore. Fans seemingly really enjoyed the bout, O’Shea was way over with the Oshawa fans. Coolest moment in this match is when O’Shea & Hornet both splashed from the top in stereo.

WWE vs. TNA Main Event #1
“Hotshot” Johnny Devine def. Robbie MacCallister
– Devine stated at the start of the match that he was a wrestler, and that he didn’t want to fight Robbie in a Street Fight. Robbie said he came to STRANGLEHOLD to give the fans something they wanted to see. It was cool to see these guys get to face each other, and have free reign to do whatever. Started out in the ring, brawled around the legion, into the lobby where Robbie hiptossed him through a table, the brawl ended up in the ring after Robbie pulled Devine as he was seated in a mop bucked, Robbie tried to hit his double underhook finish, but Devine snaked him. Devine stood tall in the ring, motioning he was the better of the two superstars that night.

Fans Bring the Weapons Main Event #2
Sexxxy Eddy def Green Phantom after smashing him through two chairs set up with a vaccuum, crutches and other various shit. Lots of fun stuff in this match, at one point Eddy smashed Phantom with a pink pool tube, as fans chanted you got dick slapped. A few times Eddy was close to being put away as Phantom took control mid way through, with hulked up posing chops, Phantom also atomic dropped/crotched Eddy on one of the crutches. This is after Eddy claimed he had the secret weapon in his pants.

Post Match Eddy took lots of photos with the fans who wanted them. I thought this show was probably the most smoothly run show for Stranglehold to date. A few moments in some matches there were some dragging points and other matches were short, but the show was done right before 11 and in usual STRANGLEHOLD form still left you wanting more.

I thought this show was a lot of fun, as far as insanity, vulgarity, or gore this was maybe the tamest outing the date from STRANGLEHOLD but still a very solid outing, not that there was anything wrong with that, it was a tight ship this time, I’m sure some of that is due to the Legion which were generally concerned about their property, which would bring me to my only complaint about this show although I thought it was a decent crowd, and a good place to run wrestling, I didn’t feel like it fit the atmosphere of STRANGLEHOLD, considering that it was all last minute to run there I’m ok with that.

If you missed this show, you missed out on a lot of fun, some good laughs, and maybe the most organized and laid out show that STRANGLEHOLD has put on to date with maybe the deepest talent pool they’ve ever used for one show.