Mr. Chainsaw Productions Wrestling sent this in:

-MCPW “Rumble in Roscommon” is LIVE THIS SATURDAY (June. 13th) in Roscommon, Michigan! Featuring Former TNA X-Division Champion, “The Canadian Destoyer” Petey Williams, as well as MCPW’s First Ever Women’s Match, and MUCH MORE!

-Tickets for Rumble in Roscommon are going fast, so if you plan on attending, make sure to pick up your tickets online at and for only $10 via PayPal!

-“Keepin’ in Kosher” with The Kosher Klub will debut this Saturday at the Rumble in Roscommon, The Kosher Klub’s first guest…none other than the man that attacked them last month, “Michigan’s Only Masked Monster” Jamie Eternal! Also, a No Limits Scramble Match has been added to the card featuring: the debuting Flip Kendrick, and T.D. as well as MCPW Favorites Louis Lyndon, Ryan Epic, and Kenny Kage! It is expected to be a high flying, fast paced match!

-MCPW on Fox 33 will air it’s final episode THIS SUNDAY at 10:00pm on Fox 33 in Northern Michigan! It will feature the MCPW World Championship Match between Jimmy Jacobs and Tyler Black! Also, Mick Foley will make yet another apperance!!!

-Speakin of Mick Foley, the MCPW Battle Ground III DVD has been released and is for sale now on and for only $10~!!! See Mick Foley, Zach Gowen, Tyler Black, Jimmy Jacobs, Josh Raymond, Arik Cannon, C.J. Otis, and MANY, MANY More! Pick up this DVD via PayPal RIGHT NOW!!!

-Here is the FINAL card for MCPW Rumble in Roscommon THIS SATURDAY! We hope to see everyone there!

MCPW Rumble in Roscommon
Saturday. June 13th, 2009
CRAF Center (606 Lake Street. Roscommon, MI)


MCPW Tag Team Championships
The Ringside Revue ? vs. Main Street Youth

Women’s Match
Jessicka Havok (w/Minka Murder) vs. Hailey Hatred (w/Jeff Brooks)

No Limits Scramble Match
Flip Kendrick vs. Louis Lyndon vs. T.D. vs. Kenny Kage vs. Ryan Epic

Keepin’ it Kosher with The Kosher Klub
Special Guest: Jamie Eternal!

Singles Match
Christin Able vs. “All Nite” Adam Renolds

Plus More With:
MCPW Commissioner: Mikey Zeroe, Mild Mannered Matt, & The Freakin’ Family

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