C4 Wrestling sent this in:

C*4 presents ?Crossing the Line II?

Saturday June 6th, 2009

Announcer: Tony Barnes

Commentators: Mike Rotch, Jimmy Stone, Tyler Logan, Chaz Lovely and Llakor

Attendance: 150+

(1) Six Man tag team match ? Rush, Jae Rukn, and Virus defeated The Incredible Hunks and Sebastian Suave, when Virus got the pin following a huge phoenix splash.

(2) C*4 Championship Finals Qualifier ? Stupefied (aka Player Dos) defeated Bash Bison (subbing for ?Superstar? Shayne Hawke) by DQ. Bison attempted to use the chair, and while the ref was distracted, Stupefied grabbed another chair, fell to the mat, and dropped the chair next to him. As the ref turned around and saw Bison holding the chair, he called for the DQ. Following the match, Bison layed out Stupefied with three power bombs.

(3) C*4 Championship Finals Qualifier ? ?Mr. Wrestling? Kevin Steen narrowly overcame Xtremo, in a very close and exciting contest. Steen favoured his knee throughout the match.

(4) C*4 Championship Finals Qualifier ? Player Uno won a wild-card triple thread match, over Icarus and Sabian. Icarus, sporting his newly shaven bald head, and Sabian, making his C*4 return (after missing last show) both entered the contest as wild card participants in the tournament. Player Uno managed to overcome both men, and earn his spot in the C*4 finals.

(5) C*4 Championship Finals Qualifier ? Frankie the Mobster pinned ?The Last Persian Warrior? Rahim Ali, to grab the final spot in the C*4 Championship Tournament finals. Frankie entered the match as a wild-card surprise opponent ? and used his size and force to over come the usually dominate Ali.

(6) Misty Haven defeated Sara Del Rey in a very physical ladies match. In their first encounter, Del Rey bullied and beat the fresh from knee surgery, Misty Haven, to get the win. However, Misty brought a new level of attack to Del Rey, and managed to get the 1-2-3.

(7) ?MVP? Michael Von Payton pulled of a huge win, pinning Tyson Dux. The match started off with a classic back and forth battle of technical wrestling, but soon degenerated into a brawl, that spilled into the crowd, and around the venue. Von Payton and Dux both took each other to the limit, and Von Payton got the pin with a small package.

Von Payton now lays claim to a perfect season in C*4. Prior to the match, Von Payton took the mic, and reminded fans that he defeated Twiggy at the previous event, ?Stand Alone?, and as a result, Twiggy now must sit out from active competition for Season 3. At that moment, Twiggy’s music hit, erupting the crowd. However, it was all a ploy by MVP to dig the knife further into Twiggy’s fans hearts, as he laughing had the music cut off.

(8) The Warriors (Josh Alexander & ?Psycho? Mike Rollins) pulled off a huge win defeating The Flatliners (Asylum and Matt Burns) in an incredibly physical contest. Both teams suffered injuries during the course of the match, as both teams attempted to defeat and conquer their opponents. Alexander and Rollins picked up their first win in C*4 with this impressive upset.

(9) C*4 Championship Finals ? 4 Corner Survival match ? ?Mr. Wrestling? Kevin Steen managed to outlast Player Uno, Stupefied and Frankie the Mobster, to become the first ever C*4 Champion.

In what will go down, no doubt, as the best match in C*4 history to date, all four participants gave in their attempt to claim the prize of being the first ever C*4 Champion.

In the end, it came down to Steen and Player Uno, familiar foes, who went back and forth, hitting each other with everything they had. Player Uno seemed to have it won, after managing to take out Steen with a pair of vicious half-nelson suplexes ? however Steen managed to keep going, and nailed vertebrae crunching package piledriver, and quickly got the pin.

Steen shook Uno’s hand following the match, and told him that he respects him and admires him for the wrestler he has become.

Steen was awarded the belt, and told the fans that he would defend this belt with the same honor and dignity that he carries all his championships with. He ended the night by inviting all challengers from anywhere in the world, to face him for it. Steen thanked the fans and held the belt up high, leaving the ring.

C*4 wants to thank all of our fans for their continued support this season. We return on September, with a date to be announced shortly.

C*4 Crossing the Line II will be available on DVD from Fortune Video Editing (www.fortunevideoediting.com) and Smart Mark Video (www.smartmarkvideo.com) shortly..

Have a great summer ? and visit www.c4wrestling.com for news concerning our return shortly!