Adam Ginsberg sent this in:

Camp Pendleton, CA – 2/27/2010
Show length: 1 hour 45 minutes
Attendance: 223

In the opening segment, Adam Ginsberg brought out Jameson Stafford. Stafford voiced his past transgressions against Adam and agreed to bury the hatchet. Devin then came out and began to insult Stafford and the Marines in attendance. Stafford responded by running down the events that led up to their match later. Stafford got in Devin’s face and told him that since they were on his turf, he should leave and prepare for a beatdown later. Both men left separately, with things very tense.

SoCal Crazy, Johnny Saovi, & Tyler Bateman def. Jaysin Strife, Rudy Luna, & Peter Avalon
-Tensions were high amongst the tag team wrestlers as three different teams that are used to being on opposite ends of the rings were represented as a single team. In the end, their common goal was reached as SoCal Crazy pinned Jaysin Strife as the singles wrestlers were unable to beat the tag team specialists at their own game.

Krazy Kyle Haystacks def. Markus Riot
-Markus took it to Haystacks, but some chair shots and a senton through a table would mark the continuation of Haystacks’ undefeated streak.

Kru Ruben and Bill Goldberg then took the stage to present 3 kickboxing exhibitions. The crowd ate this up, and it added an awesome bit of variety to the show.

Ric Ellis def. Chris Evans & Matt Twizted to retain the Westcoast Heavyweight Title
-This match was awesome with all three men really upping their game. In the end, Chris Evans and the crowd in attendance thought that he had won the title after a german suplex pinning combination, but the referee informed the timekeeper that Evans’ shoulders were actually the ones down and not the champ’s, therefore the winner still champion was Ric Ellis.

Jameson Stafford def. Devin Sparks to retain the Wildcard Title
-This match went all over the place, with Stafford and Sparks demolishing each other. After a seriously intense war, Stafford managed to evade the Devistator and reverse a lariat into a rollup for the victory.

The show closed with a special raffle as we raffled off a poster signed by all the wrestlers PLUS Kru Ruben and Bill Goldberg. Goldberg then got into the ring and touted The Westcoast Wrestling Company as the best wrestling company that he has ever seen. He thanked the Marines for what they do and then shook Adam’s hand, telling him that he had a blast and would love to help again in the future.

Thanks to all who attended. Everyone there, including the wrestlers and staff, had a blast last night.

Our next show will be back in Wildomar on April 24th. See you there!