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Power Trip Wrestling – “Half Term Havoc”, Sun 24th May 2009, Isle of Sheppey – Results and Round Up!

And so we have another crazy episode in the life of the UK’s loudest wrestling promotion, Power Trip Wrestling; to tell you about. Many things stand out from this show, but we think the most shocking and newsworthy item could well perhaps be that for the first time in PTW’s history; the show actually ran to time! It’s only taken us nearly two and a half years to get there, and only at PTW could this be such a story! And now your jaws have hit the floor in collective shock – let’s get on with the results and round up from the show!

* Starting the show, was the rather bizarre sight of PTW Promoter Petey Staniforth on the stage, booed the moment he appeared on there; and wearing a pink shirt, and to the sound of Lady Gaga’s “Just Dance”. Many would wonder why, but Petey was happy to explain; saying that since the fans hated him no matter what he ever says or does on the Isle of Sheppey; he could wear a pink shirt – because he was “the only guy in the building man enough to do so” – and he could come out to pop music such as that and “wiggle his bum” if he wanted to; purely to prove he is the boss, and can do, and we quote; “whatever the hell I want to”. Ring announcer for the afternoon, Dave-O, had made the alleged (we hear purposely…) “mistake” of pronouncing Petey’s surname wrong; and he was shouted at and demanded out of the ring by an angry Petey.

Making Petey’s mood worse, was what he considered another interruption, by the referee for the first match, named Darryl; who was apparently running late and checking the ropes, etc. Petey’s infamous temper snapped, and the upshot of it was the referee being told that he had two choices – to wrestle a match, or to be fired on the spot. At this point….came the words that PTW fans have come to really love to hear…. “WILL YOU PLEASE SHUT UP PETER!”….

As Petey’s fiancee’ Chrissie came to the ring, to the sound of “Trouble”, by Pink; and stated that the referee was a PTW worker and therefore he did have a choice, and was more than able to say no to Petey’s demands. The referee stated that whilst he was grateful to Chrissie for doing so; he had been around PTW for a little while now, and all he saw was some “Luton scumbag, who disrespects fans and wrestlers”, and that he would take his opportunity to stand up for himself and the fans of PTW. Petey stood toe to toe with him, clearly rattled, and told Chrissie that as far as he was concerned there was “washing up that needed doing at home”; and that because he doesn’t play fair, he would choose the opponent; and introduced Dragonian to the ring as Darryl the referee was somewhat concerned. Staniforth wandered off with something of an evil grin, and just looked and simply said “You’ll learn….”

* Dragonian defeated Darryl the PTW referee, in a somewhat one sided match. It has to be said that Darryl did defend himself as well as could be expected, but the scary Dragonian was simply too much for him to contend with.

* In an intergender match, “MTX” Jem Brown defeated Tiffany Wantsmore. MTX’s exact words were “I’m not getting beaten by no bird”, and despite the very popular Tiffany’s efforts in the ring; this sexist statement would end up being the case in the match. Despite losing, Tiffany is more adored by the fans on the Isle of Sheppey than ever; and will be looking to get back on the winning track on the PTW Summer Tour there which begins in July.

* In a tag team match, The LillyPad Mafia (Leapfrog & Toad) defeated ‘Scorpion’ Bill Duffy & ‘The Egyptian Prince’ Riconos. The LillyPad Mafia have certainly enhanced their claim for a PTW World Tag Team Title shot, and rumour has it from the PTW Office; that their wish may well come soon, perhaps as soon as Saturday 11th July in Rushden.

* In a controversial match and set of circumstances, “100 Percent” Dan Edge w/ Petey Staniforth, defeated “Cowboy” Adam Hayes. It began with Petey’s demand that people showed more respect for his “best friend in the wrestling business”, Dan Edge; which fell on deaf ears. A simply vicious steel Clipboard of Doom shot to the head by Petey Staniforth on Hayes, in full view of the referee; saw a disqualification decision and Hayes’s apparent victory. Staniforth grabbed the microphone, said “no…no…no….I’m the boss….It’s a no disqualification match now, ring the bell”. After back and forth action, Dan Edge then was counted out, and it appeared Hayes had once more won the match. Staniforth then took the microphone again, and said that Dan Edge was an internationally known star, and that he deserved more than ten seconds to recoup; and that it was now a no countout match, and to ring the bell once more. Petey’s temper got the better of him, and he jumped into the ring and attacked the Cowboy with one of Dan Edge’s crutches from behind…..Only for Adam Hayes to take the blow, stand up, with nothing but anger and rage; to grab the crutch from Petey, and to low blow him below the belt (to say the very least…), MUCH to the crowd’s approval. Staniforth rolled out of the ring, and whilst he was laid out on the floor; Dan Edge in very controversial circumstances took a cheap victory after blindsiding Adam Hayes after Staniforth’s clearly sacrificial distraction. As a very squeaky voiced Petey gloated on the microphone after, he was once again interrupted by his fiancee’ Chrissie, who stated to the cheers of the crowd, that next time PTW were there on the campsite; SHE would choose the match and opponent for Dan Edge and there was nothing Petey could do about it. This lead to a very intense staredown between Chrissie and Petey, leading to somewhat of a domestic style argument; and there are clearly intense problems in the Staniforth household, and a battle for control of PTW.

* Sean Midnight defeated one half of the PTW World Tag Team Champions Marcus Phayer; to become the first ever PTW British Champion. For those who say that dreams do not come true, and that adversity can not be overcome; the profoundly deaf Sean Midnight is a slap in the face to the cynical and the disbelievers in this world. It was a hard fought, back and forth match; and Phayer on occasion certainly looked to have had the match won. But Midnight took the victory, and is the new and first ever PTW British Champion; and we congratulate him on his title win.

* In the main event of the afternoon, Jimmy Havoc defeated G ‘The Lap Dancing Superstar’. This was truly befitting of it’s main event status, as both men traded control of the match with fast paced moves and action. Big chants of “Let’s Go Jimmy”, and more; would echo through the room, and this was a wonderful advertisment for the new look Power Trip Wrestling and the talent that we now have in the company. Both men were very mpressive in the match, and Jimmy Havoc has made his intentions clear now in PTW – he wants the PTW Cruiserweight Title. And we can exclusively tell you that on Saturday 11th July, in Rushden; he will get that wish, as he will face off against PTW Cruiserweight Champion, Scott Annette.