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PWO TV 5/24: #1 Contendership: Jason Bane vs. Mike Tolar; Re-Live Prohibition Title Win

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Scheduled airtimes for this episode:
Sunday night, May 24: 10:00 pm & 2:00 am
Friday night, May 29: 3:30 am

Check your local listings for added airtimes!

Scheduled for this episode:

Re-Live Josh Prohibition’s Shocking Title Win
Last week on PWO TV, when M-Dogg 20 Matt Cross defended his PWO Championship against Johnny Gargano, no one could?ve predicted the chain of events that unfolded that led to the deceptive and conniving Josh Prohibition satiating a year-long obsession over the PWO Championship by sneaking in the backdoor and capturing PWO’s top prize. For those of you that missed it, or want to re-live the chaos, we?ll take you back and show you what went down that led to Josh Prohibition ascending to the top of the mountain.

#1 Contendership Match: Jason Bane vs. Mike Tolar
Two men who were essentially robbed of a potential title shot thanks to Josh Prohibition & Johnny Gargano get second life this week, when PWO’s Most Dominant Athlete Jason Bane collides with PWO’s best pure athlete ?Superstar? Mike Tolar. We?ve seen Bane more focused and determined than he’s ever been in his quest to be PWO champion, while we?ve seen Tolar at his most arrogant – not only bragging about his own accolades, but going as far as manipulating EJ Georgio & Ben Fruith into becoming his own personal servants under the guise of a ?training regimen?. Will Tolar’s confidence be enough to handle Bane’s dominance? The winner will face Josh Prohibition for the PWO Championship – assuming Prohibition gets past the inspirational Gregory Iron on next week’s broadcast!

Marion Fontaine’s Freaks! In Action
The ?friend of the friendless? Marion Fontaine has assembled the most bizarre and unusual monstrosities known to man in the form of men like Noj the Wild Samoan, The Savage, and now the 450-lb alleged ?dream lover? Kid Cupid. This week, Fontaine brings his traveling circus back to Sports Time Ohio for in-ring action. How will this group function together and who will step up to the plate as their opposition?

Aaron Maguire & Hobo Joe – Shopping Spree?
Last week, Aaron Maguire seemed less than enthused about Hobo Joe’s unwise spending habits when it came to Hobo’s recent $25,000 lottery winnings. Aaron has promised to show Hobo how to manage his money and spent it properly – but with The Gambino Family getting more impatient and more physical when it comes to Maguire’s debt, how will Maguire fix his own financial misfortunes before its too late?

The Rock Show with Benjamin Boone
Ever since aligning himself with Michigan elitist ?Amazing? N8 Mattson, Ben Boone is a different person. In his words, the ?Big Bear? inside him has been awoken. This week, Boone steps into The Clash’s overbearing and obnoxious talk segment ?The Rock Show? and in an unexpected twist, Boone has invited former friend Bobby Beverly, the very man he betrayed two months ago, and whom The Clash defeated two weeks ago. Word has it Boone is making one last attempt to ?talk some sense? into Beverly after Bobby’s less-than-stellar career as of late. With his recent relationship with Hobo Joe seemingly in disarray, how will Bobby respond to this?

All this and more! If you don?t get Sports Time Ohio, call your cable or satellite provider and demand it!


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