CZW and MBA to team up to honor the CZW “Bloodhound” as part of a May 9th Doubleheader beginning at 2:30 pm

When a member of the CZW family is down, the Combat Zone has always been known to close ranks and help out whenever possible. On the afternoon of May 9th, prior to the evening’s “Blood Pressure: Rising” event, CZW and the MBA will do just that as it presents a special benefit show to honor Kenneth Sikes, known to longtime CZW fans and those close to the Combat Zone as the “Bloodhound”.

Ken has long been a member of the CZW extended family, both as a contributor and as a fan, and is unfortunately suffering from a debilitating disease that has left him with mounting medical bills. Below is a letter from Ken to the CZW family, and fans…

“I just heard from John that you guys have decided to honor me with a benefit show on the Afternoon of the 9th, so I wanted to get in touch with you to let you know how thankful I am. God bless you, John and all my guys and girls down at CZW. You have brought tears to my eyes. I thought I would share some info about my situation so peole can be aware of the disease I am suffering from.

I’ve been there since the beginning of CZW. I’ve Been with them since the warehouse in Sewell and watched these young guys grow to men. I wrote for the CZW program as The Bloodhound where I feuded with Ed-O-Mac and I also reviewed CZW online for a few different websites. Been there through the ups and downs.

A little about my run with this disease. What I have is called CIDP. CIDP (chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy) is a rare disorder of the peripheral nerves characterized by gradually increasing weakness of the legs and the arms. It is caused by damage to the covering of the nerves, called myelin. It can start at any age and in both genders. Weakness occurs over two or more months. Current theory holds that the body’s immune system which normally protects it, perceives myelin as foreign and attacks it.

Because of the attacks on my nerves, I have constant shooting pains like electrical shocks thruout my body and my legs have given out several times causing me to fall. I now walk with the assistance of a walker. The disease is incurable. It can be put into remission. I am currently undergoing treatments with High dose intravenous immune globulins (IVIG), protective blood proteins obtained from healthy volunteers. These will help reverse the process and put it into remission.

I go once a week for three months for a four and a half hour infusion through an IV. After this we’ll start trying to spread out the treatments and see what happens. Treatments are not cheap: $5,000 a treatment. It is a rare disese: one to three people out of a million get it each year. They suspect it is caused by trauma or infection in the body. They believe mine was caused by a case of blood poisoning I got from a staph infection back in October of last year. One guy where I go for treatment developed his symptoms after a flu shot. Sometimes it comes on quickly and other times quit slow.

Most insidious of all is that to look at us, most times you have no idea of the pain we are going thru. I hate this disease and what it has done to me. I need assistance to do daily tasks. I need assistance to walk or climb steps. I need assistance to live. But, I’ll make it. Thru the love, prayers and help of my family and friends and a lot of hard work on my part as well. Things like what you guys are doing convince me that it is worth the fight. I look forward to seeing everyone at the Arena…

Ken Sikes”

2 matches have been officially signed for this afternoon’s “THROW THE DOG A BONE” Ken Sikes MBA/CZW Benefit show.

Drake Younger vs. Sabian
Notorious Inc. (Devon Moore and Drew Blood) vs. Adam Cole and HDTV

The rest of the show will be announced live at the event with help and input from the Bloodhound himself!

Belltime is approximately 2-230PM