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Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling Presents:
“Night Of Champions 2”
Friday, May 15th, 2009
West Lincoln High School
Lincolnton, NC
8 PM Bell Time
Door’s open at 6 PM !

Scheduled to appear:
The “Nature Boy” Ric Flair,David Flair, Buff “The Stuff” Bagwell, Raven, and many other MACW Star’s to be added soon.

Ticket’s available at the following location’s:
West Express in West Lincoln, Ace Hardware in Lincolnton, The High School Office, and at the door…

$50 Flair Super Ticket (Include’s a reserved front row seat and an 8×10 color autographed photo of Ric Flair)

$20 Ringside

$12 General Admission


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Forgotten Championship Wrestling

?No Love Lost? recap

May 1, 2009 at the Brooklyn Masonic Temple

The USMC Color Guard marches out with the Old Glory, the National Anthem is sung, and we?re off.

Commentators Greg Gregory and Professor Paul Pope remind us that tonight the first FCW champ will be crowned in a Title Tournament. One of several Hawaiian Tropic models parades around the ring with the match card ? this happens all night and each young lady gets a great response from the crowd.

MATCH 1 pits Bobby Youngblood against Angelus Valkin in the first Title Tournament qualifier. Valkin wakes up the crowd right away, roaring like a deranged maniac before he takes to the ring. The two wrestlers seem evenly matched, with a lot of back and forth throughout the contest. The match turns and Valkin takes control with a barrage of offense, but Youngblood turns it around at the last minute for the pin. Bobby Youngblood advances to the Main Event Title Tournament Final.

MATCH 2 is good old-fashioned 6-Man Tag match. The half-ton Bronx Bombers saunter to the ring first; ?the Beastly One? Necro Black, K-Von Brown, and the 400-pound aerialist Lucifer Darksyde. The crowd pops just to see this unique faction.

Next to the ring is the Fraternity of Clowns; Chris Kaos, Nickki Shadows, and E.C. Ripper. Yep, they?ve got full face-paint on, and they?re dousing the crowd with silly string.

Special Guest, Hall-Of-Famer the Iron Sheik joins Pope & Greggo on commentary for this tag match. The former champ gets a huge pop from the Brooklyn crowd.

There’s obviously ?No Love Lost? between the two factions, because shortly after the bell has rung this thing becomes an all-out brawl both inside and outside the ring. The Iron Sheik goes nuts when he sees Lucifer Darksyde and his incredible aerial maneuvers. In fact, the Sheik mentions that he likes what he sees from both tag teams.

Head Referee Pat Savino does his best to restore order, and eventually the sheer size of the Bombers prevails. Darksyde gets the pin, and the giant hits Nickki Shadows with an unbelievable standing senton for good measure. It’s clear that the Bronx Bombers are the tag-team to beat in FCW.

MATCH 3 is the second Title Tournament qualifier, and it pits Nightmare against Little Greatness. Nightmare stalks down to the ring, and it seems that his manager Demonica is nowhere to be seen ? obviously she’s lying low after throwing salt in Angelus Valkin’s eyes at the last show.

Little Greatness storms down to the ring to a huge pop. The fans love this guy.

The bell rings and Nightmare goes after Greatness, trying to use his size to an advantage. Little Greatness uses his speed and agility to avoid much of Nightmare’s offense, and lands some high-flying moves on the face-painted frightener. The Iron Sheik admires Greatness’s physical abilities. Eventually Nightmare gets his mitts on the smaller wrestler and starts wearing him down with some brutal moves. Little Greatness is looking really hurt at this point.

Suddenly Angelis Valkin crawls to the ring out of nowhere! Nightmare seems to be momentarily distracted, and suddenly Greatness is on the top ropes and lands the Little Big Splash for the win, and is qualified for the Tournament Final.

Nightmare and Valkin battle all the way back to the dressing room, and Little Greatness limps back, clearly holding his side.

MATCH 4 is the third Title Tournament Qualifier; Rhett Titus versus ?Sugarfoot? Alex Payne. Titus thrills the ladies (and a few of the men) in attendance on the way down to the ring, even giving a blue hair in the front row a smooch to remember.

Surprisingly, the mild mannered Iowan Payne turns the tables on Titus, coming to the ring with the gorgeous Lizards dance team. Titus can?t believe it.

This one is a clinic. Titus tries to get in Alex Payne’s head, but Sugarfoot laughs it off, and looks good throughout. Lots of back and forth, but Titus sneaks in the win to advance to the Finals.

Ring Announcer Jason Block tells the crowd that an honorary Commissioner has been named for the night ?? Wounded Warrior Justin Theroux. (Not sure if I got the name right).

The Lizards hit the ring with a jaw-dropping dance number, and a DJ squad entertains during a brief intermission.

As intermission ends and the arrogant Professor Paul Pope strides down to the ring for the Pope’s Pulpit. The Pope shares some ?good news?: that Little Greatness cracked three ribs in his qualifier and won?t be able to participate in the Final. However, he says, there is a backup participant ? Johnny Knockout ? who he calls to the ring.

Knockout jogs down to the ring as the Pope sneers. Pope says he knows how important this opportunity means to him ? he points out Knockout’s family and trainer in the crowd. The Professor then tells him that he should save them all some humiliation and withdraw from the Tournament. Johnny says it’s not going to happen, so the good Professor calls out his next guest, ?Rockstar? Ryan Blackheart (who Pope just happens to manage). The Pope talks about how superior Blackheart is to Knockout, still Johnny refuses to back out. At that moment, Ryan Blackheart blindsides Knockout, whacking him repeatedly with a big metal chain wrapped around his fist. Then he chokes the unconscious victim with the same chain. Knockout’s trainer, Slugga, tries to climb the guardrail, but Paul Pope summons security to stop him. The beat down is merciless, and Knockout is removed from the ring on a stretcher, with Slugga by his side.

MATCH 5 is the night’s final qualifier; ?Mr. Everything? Johnny LeDoux vs. the Littlest Lumberjack Grizzly Redwood. Tonight, LeDoux’s Entourage includes his personal medic, swim coach, sportscaster, ninja, environmentalist, wardrobe attendant, and accordion player. His head of security Mr. Nelson, and manager Paul Pope are ringside as well. At one point Redwood just kind of sneaks into the Entourage and does a jig to the tunes of Mr. Everything accordionist. Accordionist?

Eventually the ring clears and the bell is rung. Redwood gets in some early chops, but soon LeDoux uses his power to overwhelm the much smaller wrestler, tossing him all over the ring. The Littlest Lumberjack stays in the match though, and starts knocking around Mr. Everything with a series of innovative chops and surprising strength. LeDoux hits the canvas, and as Redwood climbs to the top turnbuckle, Mr. Nelson jumps onto the apron, reaping the referee’s wrath. While the ref is distracted, Paul Pope jumps onto the apron and shoves Redwood unceremoniously into the ring, knocking the lumberjack silly, and allowing the opportunistic LeDoux to hit his full-nelson slam finisher. The crowd shouts their disapproval, but LeDoux ekes out the pinfall to advance to the Finals.

MATCH 6 pits Angel Orsini against Jana in a WSU #1 Contender Match. Young Jana gets lots of offense in on the former ECW Superstar, but gets more and more frustrated as Orsini continues to kick out of her pin attempts. Eventually Head Referee Pat Savino disqualifies Jana for refusing to break a hold on the ropes, and Orsini gets the win via DQ.

The Main Event is announced to be a three-way elimination match for the Title. (It was supposed to be a 4-way, but Johnny Knockout has been deemed unfit to wrestle and is currently in the care of paramedics.) Mr. Everything comes to the ring with a marching band. Yeah, his own personal marching band. Bobby Youngblood and Rhett Titus make their way to the ring, and this looks like it’s going to be one for the ages.

Just as the ref asks for the bell to start this one, Johnny Knockout hobbles down to the ring ? bandaged up and obviously unfit to wrestle. Honorary Commissioner Justin says he?ll allow Knockout to wrestle, so despite the protests of Paul Pope and Mr. Everything, the damaged challenger drags himself into the ring.

Mr. Everything senses the blood in the water and immediately falls on the injured Knockout. In the meantime, Youngblood and Titus tie up in the center of the ring. LeDoux kicks Knockout out of the ring and follows him out, dragging him to the friendly area between his bodyguard, Mr. Nelson, and his manager, Paul Pope. All three men lay into Knockout with elbows and kicks while the referee is focused on the action inside the ring.

Speaking of inside the ring, Titus takes down Youngblood and pins him with a nifty bridge. The only problem is that Titus’s shoulders were on the mat too. Pat Savino counts 1-2-3, but slaps the canvas with both hands. The celebrating Rhett Titus can?t believe it when he’s told that both men were pinned and eliminated.

Seeing the opportunity, Johnny LeDoux drags the almost unconscious Johnny Knockout into the ring, battering him mercilessly. Out of nowhere, Knockout finds some offense and suddenly Mr. Everything is on his back. The exhausted Knockout climbs to the top rope when all hell breaks loose. Every light in the Brooklyn Masonic Temple goes off. Seconds later when they come back on, Knockout is writhing in pain in the center of the mat. Johnny LeDoux drags himself over for the pin, and Forgotten Championship Wrestling has its very first Champion.

Immediately Paul Pope, Mr. Nelson, and ?Rockstar? Ryan Blackheart enter the ring to celebrate with the new Champ, forming a seemingly unbeatable pantheon. Just for fun, Blackheart gets a few extra licks in on Blackheart when the ?honorary? Commissioner grabs the mic, making one more match then and there between Blackheart and Johnny Knockout’s enraged trainer, the Indestructible Slugga.

The giant Slugga strides to the ring and Blackheart, LeDoux, and Pope can?t believe it. Slugga immediately goes after all three men and soon clears the ring of all but Blackheart. Blackheart puts up a good fight but soon finds himself in big trouble. Paul Pope hops onto the apron and distracts the ref while Blackheart maneuvers Slugga to where an opportunistic Johnny LeDoux waits. LeDoux whacks Slugga with the Title Belt, but somehow the almost 7-foot behemoth stays on his feet. LeDoux swings the belt again, and this time Slugga moves at the last second and the belt connects with Blackheart. Stunned, LeDoux leaves ringside as Slugga pins the stunned Rockstar.

Once again, Forgotten Championship Wrestling brings a great old-school show to Brooklyn. Keep an eye on FCWrestling.net for their next event.