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Pro Wrestling Riot Results
Saturday May 02

Pro Wrestling Riot
Mississauga, Ontario
Tempo Auditorium
Results credit: PWR

Match 1: Winner Gets Spot In Riot Title Match
Rip Impact d Josh Rogen w/Sabrina Kyle

-After the match Rogen attack Impact and was about to give him a Roll of the Dice, until PWR Commish Chris Law ask him what he was doing, Rogen demanded he also get a spot in the Riot Title Match, Law agreed to let him in the match and Rogen hit the Rool of the Dice anyways. Chris Law then said Rogen was in his bad books.

Match 2:
PP Smalls d Adam Reed

Match 3:
Joey Valentyne d Ali Atish

-“The Hacker” Scotty O’Shea came out and told everyone that Michael Elgin would be unable to make the show, so he had to hack his way on and he want a match. Then Nick Watts came out and said that after he was done with Lionel Knight he would be happy to take on O’Shea. Then Lionel Knight came out and told everyone that he has wanted to wrestle O’Shea for a long time, and he says that the winner of him and Watts can take on O’Shea later on.

Match 4:
Lionel Knight d Nick Watts

Match 5: Riot Championship – Sinister Six Match
Ethan Page d Alex York, NRC, EZE, Josh Rogen & Rip Impact

-The final to men in the match were Ethan Page and Alex York, and just as it seemed Alex York had Page where he wanted Emanuel Melo’s flash from his camera blinded him. Ethan Page then hit Shittonite on York to win the Riot Championship. After the match Melo got in the ring to take a picture of the new champ, when York asked him what happend, Melo slapped York and Page hit York with the title belt.

Match 6:
“The Hacker” Scotty O’Shea d Lionel Knight

-Post match Nick Watts attacked O’Shea and Knight.

Match 7: PWR Tag Team Championship – All Weapons Legal Triple Threat Tag Match

UCW/CGPW Tribute Tour May 01 Results
May 1st, 2009

Ultimate Championship Wrestling
In Association With
Canadian Grand Prix Wrestling
“Tribute Tour 2009”
Trenton, NS
Results credit:

Riddick Stone
Dynamite Dave Floyd

JP Simms
Johnny Jack Spade
to retain his UCW Middleweight Belt

Alexander Saint

Sexton Phoenix
The Hickster

Al Snow
“Wildman” Gary Williams

Main Event

Honky Tonk Man & Bushwhacker Luke
Chris Cooke & Hot Shot Haggerty