Steven Ashe sent this report in:

GCW-NS “Game Over” Results
Saturday, February 20, 2010

“Game Over”
Oshawa, Ontario
Royal Canadian Legion Hall
Attendace: Aprox 100
Ring Announcer: Adam Haze
Referee: Sean Cassidy
Results credit: Brandon “Big Bear” Hunter with an assist from Natasha Bird

-Crazzy Steve came out and said Jake O’Reilly is his friend and on and on. Alex York came out out ready for his match against Steve and the bell rang to get things started.
– Then Hayden Avery’s music played and he came to the ring, telling Steve “You’re only Jake’s bitch” and demanded he get a title shot .
– Jake showed up and said “I’ll give you a shot only if and when I pin you leave GCW forever and if I pin alex york you leave GCW forever.” Hayden agrees…

Tag Match With Jake O’Reilly’s GCW National Championship on the line:
Hayden Avery & Alex York def Crazzy Steve & Jake O’Reilly
Avery pinned Jake after a piledriver to win the match and the title. After the bout Jake blamed Steve for the loss and slapped him. Steve attacked Jake in return and bit his face before yelling that the people were right about his former friend being a jerk. Aprox match time: 11 min

GCW-NS Brass Knuckles Championship
Boris Brezhnev def Xtremo to retain the title
The match went back and forth with Xtremo doing diffrent high flying moves. The match almost ended with Xtremo going for a lionsault but Borris caught him and hit a spinning piledriver to win the match and retain the title. Aprox match time: 14 min.

-After the match Jaime virtue came out and told Xtremo: “That’s what happens when you mess with the House of Virtue and making Sebastian Suave turn on me!” Then the Wizard of Wrestling came out and said “Mr Virtue, you make me sick! I’ve been watching Xtremo for a number of months and he’s going to be a superstar This commie over here(Borris) doesn’t realize that the iron curtain fell before he was born!” Virtue said the Wizard’s dad had an eye for champions and how he is following in his dad’s footsteps but the Grand Wizard would be turing in his grave if he saw how his son was dressed.. Wizard slapped Virtue and Borris grabbed him and gave him a backbreaker then left with Virtue.

Michael Elgin def “Tenacious” Scotty Turner
Match was back and forth filled with hard hitting moves but at the end of it all Elgin pulls off a power bomb and pins Scotty. After the match Jamie Virtue came out again telling Elgin “You won again, congratulations, but that belt will be mine.” Turner hit Elgin in the head with the belt and left saying, “This is property of Tenacious Scotty Turner now”. Elgin grabbed the mic and said he’d get his hands on both of them in March. Aprox match time: 21 min

5-Way Scramble:
“Hacker” Scotty O’Shea def Rahilm Ali, Rip Impact, “Mr Right” Kendal Aright..and The Real JJB
Aprox match time: 9 mins

Anthony Fiasco def “MVP” Michael Von Payton
MVP dominated pretty much the whole match with submissions and power moves until Fiasco made a comeback and hit the codebreaker to get the pin. Aprox match time: 15 min

– After the match Entourage memebr Ethan Page came out and told Fiasco: “About a month ago we were all here eating nasty subs and you won Newcomer of the Year but I think this man should have won… Joey Kings!” Fiasco turned around and got hit with an elbow from Joey and then the Super Smash Brothers rushed the ring and attacked the Entourage.

The Entourage (“Motion Picture” Ethan Page & “King of KO’s” Joey Kings) def The Super Smash Brothers (Player Uno & Player Dos)
Entourage had control most of the match working over Player Dos but he finally tags Player Uno and he took control, adding a few comedic moves in… using the ref to hold Page’s leg so he could tackle him.. but in the end it was Entourage with a double team move to get the pin… Aprox match time: 19 min
– Anthony Fiasco ran back into the ring and hit Ethan Page with a codebreaker then he shook hands with the Super Smash Brothers hands and they left the ring together.