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Impact Zone Wrestling
May 2nd 2009
Impact Arena

1-?Real Deal? Aaron Neil went to a No Contest with John Zorthos

2-Carnage beat ?Mr Money? Randy Price by pinfall

3-Austin Tacious beat ?Freakshow? Chrisstopher Crow by pinfall

4-Dustin Heritage beat Austin Tacious by pinfall to retain the IZW impact Title

5-Impact Inc(John Zorthos/Bernie Donderwitz) and Blake Albright w/ Steve O beat Blk Out(?High Energy? Jermaine Johnson/Montego Seeka) and ?Real Deal? Aaron Neil by pinfall


Steven Ashe sent these notes in:

May 3
AWF (Apocalypse Wrestling Federation) Super Scrap
Class Act Dinner Theater
Whitby, Ontario

1. Joey (The Joverine) Knight (Husband of WWE’s Beth Phoenix) acc. Jason Sensation went against ?Amazing? Kevin Grace. Several times Jason tried to help Knight. Action went outside the ring. Grace rammed Joey and Jason together. Action returned to the ring. Joey worked over Kevin and tossed him out of the ring. Jason hit Kevin in the back. Joey retained control when Kevin returned to the ring. Joey nearly pinned Kevin several times. Kevin took Joey from top turnbuckle with a flying headscissors. Both traded blows. Kevin really worked over Joey and nearly pinned him. Kevin continued to work over Joey. After a DDT Kevin finally pinned Joey
2. Zachary Springgate III and Urkov went against Danny Dynamic and Flesh Gordon. Danny dominated beginning of the match. Finally Urkov and Springgate took control and worked over Dynamic for several minutes. Referee missed a tag between Dynamic and Flesh. Finally Danny tagged Flesh. Danny and Flesh worked over both Urkov and Springgate. Urkov and Springgate together suplexed Flash of top turnbuckle. Urkov hit as Sproinggate went to hit Dynamic. Dany moved and Springgate nearly hit Urkov who fell back on mat avoiding puch.. Dynamic quickly surprised Springgate and rolled him into a small package for the pin.
3. Samson went against Bishop. Bishop controlled beginning of match. Samson took control after biting Bishop in the forehead. Sampson nearly pinned Bishop several times. Sampson went to choked Bishop with he noose but Bishop stopped him with several elbows. Bishop picked up Samson over his back and fell back ramming Sampson hard to mat. Bishop then pinned Sampson.
4. Asylum went against Jackal. Control seesawed. Asylum finally went to work on Jackal. After a power slam Asylum nearly pinned Jackal. Jackal nearly pinned Asylum after a swinging neck breaker. Asylum quickly regained control. Control then seesawed. Jackal suplexed Asylum. Jackal climbed to top turnbuckle. Asylum went after Jackal on turnbuckle. Jackal punched Asylum several times knocking him to mat. Jackal superkicked Asylum and worked ,him over. Matt Burns, Asylum’s Flatliner partner watching matches ran into the ring to help Asylum. Flatliner worked over Jackal. Referee signal for the bell. Bishop can to ring to help Jackal. Referee disqualified Asylum for outside interference. . Bishop and Jackal challenged The Flatliners to a match on next show on July 5.
5. Jonny Puma went against Pepper Parks in a 2 out of 3 fall match. St falls went to Jonny Puma. 2nd fall went to Pepper Parks. 3rd fall and win went to Pepper Parks.
Before final match promoter Ron Hutchinson introduced several guest in attendance and Happy Birthday was sang for a few people celebrating Birthday’s.
6. AWF Super Scrap. Over the top ropes battle royal featuring everyone on the card with the winner becoming the new AWF champion. Finally 2 left in the ring were Zachary Springgate III and Pepper Parks. It was announced they work wrestling one on one to determine champion. Johnny Puma can to ringside to distract Parks. Springgate pinned Parks to become New AWF champion.

Next show AWF Shockwave with be on July 5 also in Whitby
Two of the worlds top cruiserweight collided- Don Payson vs. Alex Price.
International women star Portia Perez vs. Cherry Bomb
The Flatliners vs. Bishop and Jackal
First time in Ontario ? Modern days most unique attraction from Zero One Pro Wrestling in Tokyo Japan, SHOCKWAVE THE ROBOT
Also scheduled to appear- ?Amazing? Kevin Grace, Danny Dynamic, Jonny Puma and more


C*4 “Stand Alone” Results
Saturday May 02

Capital City Championship Combat
“Stand Alone”
Ottawa, Ontario
Knights of Columbus Hall
Results credit: Matt Fortune

1. Jae Ruken (Formerly Rennalls) def. Sexxxy Eddy

2. 2.0 Def. The Warriors

3. Bash Bison def. The Hunks

4. Rahim Ali def. Beef WelliC*4 “Stand Alone” Resultsngton (Street Fight)

5. Shayne Hawke def. Rush

6. Michael Von Payton def. Twiggy (Twiggy is gone for C4 Season 3)

7. Kevin Steen def. Sonjay Dutt

8. Super Smash Brother def. The Flatliners