Bradley Grover sent this in:

To all Wrestleview readers in New England:

If you are able to pick up MyTV New England(WZMY-TV 50-Derry, NH/Boston, MA) on cable or dish, you’ll see a new pro wrestling show debuting tonight at Midnight titled “Big Time Wrestling”. BTW is a Massachusetts-based promotion featuring top New England stars(John Walters, Mister TA, The French Connection[Antoine Roy and Roberto Rush], Total Eclipse[Slyck Wagner Brown and Tre’ “The Smooth Operatin’ Gangsta], etc.) and former WWE, WCW and ECW stars(Rick Fuller, Justin Credible, Spike Dudley, etc.). I’ll send Adam Martin a report on each episode within 24 hours of airing. Each episode will be posted on BTW’s YouTube channel approximately a week after airing on TV. Check out BTW’s website for more on their roster and future BTW events.