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Atomic Championship Wrestling (ACW) held its final show at Smokestown Fire Hall on April 25th. Their next show on May 30th will be at Manetas Park

Before a spirited crowd, the show began with Heavy D introducing ACW Owner Twisted Tate and Pro Wrestling Unplugged Owner Johnny Kashmere regarding the rumors of a possible merger

Kashmere apologized to the crowd for his actions following last month’s show, and said he has given Pro Wresting Unplugged to Twisted Tate

Kashmere also said he was going to assist Tate in bringing talent to ACW, such as Mr 450 Rich Swann and All Day Long Rob Daly

ACW Women’s Champion Miss Dixe w/Emily Strange defended her title against Ashley Nicely w/Heavy D after IB Green hit a powerbomb on Nicely while the referee was distracted

Glenn Osbourne and Bill Bain defeated High Voltage and Mark Angel

Louis G Rich w/Mr Saturday Night pinned Alan Cross w/Ashley Nicely & Heavy D

Kage got the victory over Big Poppa Chill w/ECW Hat Guy

The Angels of Justice (Joey Mansoni & James Justice) defeated The Fiend Club (Hayne & Magus)

Andy Header retained the ACW Welterweight Title in a four-way elimination dance against IB Green, Paul Jardine and Fab Frank after Heavy D interfered, causing Header to pin IB Green

After intermission, Kras Van Tassel & Rick Ryder defeated KFC (Kory Kastle & Rick Feinberg)

Dusty Loads and Massive Mike w/Ashley Nicely fought to a double countout

Twisted Tate & Jon Dahmer beat The Perfect 10

Kitt and All Day Long Rob Daly won the ACW Tag Team Championship over The Russians in a heated contest

Rockin Rebel and Mean Mark Mest fought to a no contest with constant interference from Mr Saturday Night and Kage

Trent Acid defeated Mr 450 Rich Swann in a high-flying match

Sick Rick Havoc is the new ACW National Title Champion after rolling up Mr Saturday Night in a match filled with interference from Mean Mark Mest, Kage and Rockin Rebel

After the match, it was announced that Rockin Rebel, Twisted Tate and WCW Legend Ricky Morton would be taking on Mr Saturday Night, Mean Mark Mest and Kage in the main event of the May 30th show, held at Manetas Park


Atomic Championship Wrestling/ACW Unplugged presents “The Red Carpet Rollout – Three Years Strong Anniversary Show” live on Saturday night, May 30th at Manetas Park (formerly Zinnes Park), Route 272, Denver, Pennsylvania

We invite all of our fans to join us outdoors in our new location for our Third Anniversary Celebration

Starting at 5:30 p.m., the Red Carpet will be hosted by Twisted Tate, Johnny Kashmere, Heavy D and Nate Stein

Dark match starts at 6:30 pm and the main show begins at 7 pm sharp

Tickets are $20 anywhere in the court

Main Event
Mr Saturday Night, Mean Mark Mest and Kage take on Rockin Rebel, Twisted Tate and Rock & Roll Express’ Ricky Morton

ACW Welterweight Title to be defended in a ACW X Match (Ulimate X Style)
Champion Andy Header defends against Mr 450 Rich Swann, Trent Acid and Jon Dahmer

ACW Tag Team Championship will be on the line May 30th
New champions Kitt & Rob Daly face the Perfect 10 (Jason Havok & Chase Helms)

In a return match – the New Angels of Justice go against the Fiend Club (Magus & Hayne)

Massive Mike & Alan Cross w/Ashley Nicly square off again Dusty Loads & Louis G Rich

High Voltage vs Glen Osbuorne

Three-Way Tag Team Dance – Winner gets a shot at ACW Tag Championship

retty Fablous (Pretty Fly & Fred Flash) vs Kras Van Tassle & Rick Ryder vs The Russians

Bill Bain vs Shatter

ACW National Title
New champion Sick Rick Havoc battles the controversial Boy Boy

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Get your tickets at the following places:

– Mohler Fitness Rt 272 Ephrata PA in the Trout Run Center across from Staples

– Splatter Hill Paintballs Pro Shop inside Manetas Park (open Wednesday through Sunday)

For more ticket information,call the ACW Office at 717-629-9728

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