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National Wrestling Superstars Releases Rhett Titus From All Further Wrestling Obligations

National Wrestling Superstars management has made a decision today to release Rhett ?The Threat? Titus from all further wrestling obligations including his appearance on the annual Chris Candido Memorial J-Cup Spectacular in Manville on May 16 where Rhett was last years champion and has obviously pulled the NWS Junior Heavyweight title, which he held and defended in a disappointing match even as recent as two months ago in his hometown of Lacey Township, vacated.

NWS management expressed disappointment where Rhett’s priorities seem to be as he booked off a show of May 1st in Carteret, NJ where he took a booking in Brooklyn (but at least notified management a few weeks ago) and NWS understands that he will be getting overpaid there also. As NWS did some research on this booking and the time Titus called off and it almost was to close to call as it seemed Titus gave the call about the same time NWS gave the booking but Rhett conveniently forgot to tell NWS management about the show and said he forgot that he had another booking. NWS management let that one slide, When NWS called Rhett today, Wednesday, at exactly 2pm. Rhett, said, in his usual laid back attitude, said to booker Dapper Johnny Falco ?oh yeah, I meant to call you on that? and he ?won?t be able to make the May 2nd Brick event because of a booking in Florida? (with supposedly better pay). When confronted about when he was going to notify management there was silence at the other end of the phone; when prodded again Rhett whined about not getting a thank you in his home town of Lacy for all the=2 0extra work that he did which consisted of going to a local news conference to push the show and himself , he pushed tickets and was compensated for them he was also paid to wrestle and was allowed to sell his gimmicks which is usually a no no at least at NWS events unless you have had TV time, He complained about pay from last year but has only spoke up once this whole year and still kept excepting bookings from NWS and still actually wanted to wrestle in 2 weeks at the J cup (at least we think he did, or he probably would have called off to make an extra buck somewhere else). He finally rescinded his take on his side of the story he was giving when he was confronted with this scenario?hey Rhett how would you like it that after taking a booking and then coming to the show ready to wrestle the promoter said to you gee kid I forgot to call but I cant use you tonite SORRY? where Titus responded at this point?Gee I guess I see your point. Needless to say we hope in more ways that one that Rhett starts to READ between the lines (something he does NOT do well and only Rhett knows of what we speak) and should start to practice a little more on that subject rather than sticking it to promotions who have never stuck it to you. Pal what comes around goes around.

Management would like to let the rest of the wrestling world know that we wish Rhett nothing but success with his career as he is a talented individual in the ring. But there is more than being talented in the ring where as there is honor and protocol outside of it.

We hope Rhett takes the time to dwell on his misgivings as this is not the way the wrestling business operates. As every wrestler and promoters understands once you take a booking with a promotion, you honor that booking. NWS has been nothing but loyal and supportive and bending over backwards to this ungrateful young man who came to the NWS with hat in hand looking for work and exposure and was always compensated, giving him the shine spots every inch of the way. We warn other promotions about booking Titus for future events as to be quite open about it Titus is getting too big for his britches and has shown utter disdain and disrespect to the NWS and really all of wrestling by breaking the bond that wrestlers and promoters live and breathe by. It comes down to this when you needed us we where there, the rest is history