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MCPW Chainsaw TV: Battle Ground III Edition.

Featuring: The Hardcore Legend MICK FOLEY
& Much, Much MORE!!!

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Power Trip Wrestling are intensely proud to announce what will be a
groundbreaking working relationship between Power Trip Wrestling (PTW),
and Southern Hemisphere Wrestling Alliance (SHWA). What makes this
somewhat different to most situations of this kind, is the geographical
side to it; Power Trip Wrestling are based in Luton, England, and Southern
Hemisphere Wrestling Alliance are based in Perth, Western Australia. This
working relationship comes as the result of a close many year friendship
between two men, PTW Promoter and manager Petey Staniforth, and former
American professional wrestling star Mana (formerly known as Mana The
Polynesian Warrior). Both sides are extremely excited about where this can
lead, for both companies; and we look forward to positively affecting the
professional lives of the wrestlers and fans of both PTW and SHWA. We hope
for more announcements in the upcoming weeks and months in regards to
this. We now can give you a history, and information for you, on both
companies; below.


Southern Hemisphere Wrestling Alliance is an Australian federation that
have been runnin shows since December 2008. These shows have been in
association with New Horizon Pro Wrestling (based in New Jersey, USA), and
some of the stars to appear on these shows so far have included Rikishi,
Gangrel, Homicide, Doink the Clown, Tracii Brooks, Mercedes Martinez, Blue
Meanie, Crowbar, CZW stars BLK OUT (Kingston, Ruckus, Sabian, Joker) and
Roxxi Leveaux (Nikki Roxx); as well NU Wrestling Stars from Italy,
including ?Preacher’ Jon Cannon. Supreme Lee Great, Black Pearl; and

SHWA’s first mainstream guest came last month – the former WWE star,
?Masterpiece? Chris Masters. The home base for the SHWA shows is Karrinyup
Sports Complex in Perth Western Australia. Crowds range from 100 ? 300,
but have continually been getting better with each show. Main stars for
the SHWA, are NC Viper, Jarod Slate, Mike Massive w/ Ebenizah Kraus, and
former American independent wrestling star MANA with his new partner TAPU
forming the monster New Zealand tag team of the Kill Switch Krew (KSK).

The federation’s training school is run under the tutelage of Mana who was
trained at the Legendary Wild Samoan Training Centre in Allentown,
Pennsylvania by Headshrinker Samu, WWE Hall of Famer – Afa The Wild
Samoan; and Moondog Molsonn. Mana was trained in the same class as Gene
Snisky, Manu (Afa Jnr) and WWE developmental wrestler ?Smooth? Tommy
Suede. He is also the record holder for the fastest graduate of the WSTC
Institution. Students from the Perth branch of the training school are
sure to make an impact for the future, with up and coming stars Kid
Impact, Enigma, Heritor, Flash Williams; and big man Ron Page already
making waves in the federation. The motto of this class is ?Respect Earned
Not Given? which is exactly how these graduates are being trained ? much
in the same light as their trainer’s mentors before him.

SHWA is making waves in Australia, and progressing towards its goal of
becoming a powerhouse in Perth. The interest in the Southern Hemisphere
Wrestling Alliance, is sure to gain momentum with their next guest
wrestling stars scheduled to arrive in July 2009. Now add to the fact that
a working relationship has now been opened with Power Trip Wrestling in
the United Kingdom, and this is the start of their plans to make huge
inroads to establishing a good strong foundation. The official SHWA
website can be found at : , and the official SHWA
MySpace account can be visited at :


Power Trip Wrestling (PTW) is a Luton-based professional wrestling company
that utilises some of the top UK grappling stars alongside the sport’s
upcoming domestic talent. PTW are a family-run business that extol the
virtues of a family-friendly product, which is something becoming
increasingly rare in the world of professional wrestling. PTW are
registered with the UK branch of the Make-A-Wish Foundation, have done
many charity shows for causes such as breast cancer (July 2007), Comic
Relief (March 2009), local schools (April 2009); and have also worked with
“Wicked!”, a film crew based on working with the deaf community; which can
be seen on Sky Digital Channel 539 – Virgin Media 233 – Freeview 87. As a
promotion they are always expanding into other areas, with PTW shows
having taken place in Stevenage in November 2007, and April 2008, PTW
shows taking place on a campsite in the Isle of Sheppey, Kent (both in
2008 and 2009); and three PTW shows having taken place in Yorkshire in

Power Trip Wrestling shows have featured wrestlers who?ve performed at the
highest level, such as WWE-contracted superstars Blackjack Phoenix and
Lance Malibu, as well as British talent seen on the most-watched wrestling
show in the world, ?WWE Raw?, such as Andy Boy Simmonz who was featured on
the programme in 2007. In 2008, PTW have featured European talent such
as Roberto ‘The Bull’ Lequimez and Dr Gangreen, American independent
talent such as Al-Jihad (from the New York area); and are always open and
accessible for outside talent to come in and work for them, as this is a
benefit to all concerned and also the fans! Also in 2008, Power Trip
Wrestling undertook their first ever ?Summer Tour? in July and August,
which led to six shows in six weeks taking place on the Isle of Sheppey,
Kent. This even saw PTW working with well known child actor Jay Borthwick
of BBC/?Eastenders? fame. The tour was a huge success, and PTW are booked
to return there in the summer of 2009.

PTW proudly displays the best in UK talent, with performers including
Jonny Storm, Stixx, El Ligero, Mad Man Manson, and Bingo Ballance having a
wider national presence having regularly appeared on Sky Digital; and
veterans such as Johnny Kidd and Keith Myatt having a pedigree that
extends all the way back to the days of ITV’s ?World of Sport? programme.
PTW also provides a platform for the promising future stars of British
Wrestling, with the likes of Scott Annette, PTW’s profoundly deaf star
Sean Midnight, G ‘The Ghetto Superstar’, PTW’s disabled star Dan Edge; and
others who are more impressive with every passing show. As you will tell
from the previous sentence, this is a company that does not discriminate;
if you’re considered to have the talent and something to offer the show,
then whatever your situation – you’ll be given a chance to prove it.

PTW can also boast some unlikely honours, including the aforementioned
tour where they worked with BBC ?Eastenders? acting star Jay Borthwick.
Other interesting facts include G ‘The Ghetto Superstar’s acting career,
as he has appeared as an extra on ‘Eastenders’ and ‘The Bill’. PTW’s
primary female wrestler, Aphrodite, once won an episode of ‘The Weakest
Link’. Mikey the Pikey (Jem Brown) has appeared on programmes on Sky One
and Bravo, and is a trained stunt man. One thing for sure at Power Trip
Wrestling, is that we’re not your generic company; we’re all some kind of
character and have something ‘different’ about us! And we feel this is
summed up, by PTW’s joining of hands professionally with the SHWA
(Southern Hemisphere Wrestling Alliance). The official Power Trip
Wrestling website can be found at : , the PTW
Twitter account can be joined at , and the
official PTW MySpace account is at .