OSCW Wrestling sent this in:

Sunday, April 26 results:

First, Thanks to everyone for coming out and supporting our “Military Appreciation Night” at OSCW. Also, all our appreciation to Sgt Slaughter – it was truly an honor – Thank You.

1. The night started out with Brandon Paradise and Nick Kismet calling out Ethan Case and Italian Ice before they were even geared up, and challenged them to put up their #1 contendership for the tag team titles. Ethan Case and Italian Ice proved that they deserve #1 contender by winning the short bout.

2. Chris Mayne vs. Tank Lewis. Tank Lewis won.

3. Four Way for #1 Contendership for the IC Title: Hexxon vs.Mikal Mosley vs. John Malus vs. Matt Crosby. Matt Crosby faked an ankle injury early in the match and at the end as Mikal Mosley celebrated his supposed win, Crosby’s ankle was mysteriously healed and he quickly rolled up Mosley in a small package for the actual win.

4. Tag Team Title Match: Darkness & Sixx (Body Bag Inc) vs. the current champs Malachi & Rufio Rush (Sex & Violence) w/Reginald Vanderhoff. In the end, the champs were disqualified – then pounded on Sixx. Ethan Case & Italian Ice made the save and as The Company left the ring it seemed like there were some words between Malachi and Vanderhoff. Could there be some cracks in the foundation of “The Company”.

5. Hardcore King Title Match: Josh Magnum vs Calie Casanova (3 Time Champ) w/Miss Harden. Casanova took the win.

6. 19 Man Battle Royal: John Skler took the win.

7. Universal Title Match: Johnny Blaze vs. (Champ) Lodi w/Vanderhoff. Johnny Blaze was successful in taking the belt from the Former WCW star Lodi. At the end Reginald Vanderhoff fired Lodi and made John Sklyer (Lodi’s sidekick) choose between continuing to follow Lodi or staying in the “Company”. Looks like Skyler will remain a “Company” Man.

8. #1 Contender for The Universal Title: The Insane Asylum vs (“The Worlds strongest wrestler”) Bigg Hoss. These two giants had quite the competition. Bigg Hoss won but one might guess that this may be far from over.

9. SemiMain: Heavyweight Dog Collar Match: RoughHouse vs. (Champ) “The Fabulous Playboy” Bob Keller w/Vanderhoff. This was the match RoughHouse had been waiting for. At the end of a 15 foot chain there was no way Keller was getting away. RoughHouse was successful in winning the bloody battle. Rumor has it that Keller’s injuries may keep him out for a few months.

10. Main Event: No Holds Barred Match for the IC Title: Hans vs. Solitude w/guest ref The One and Only SGT SLAUGHTER. There was no normal Hand Slapping and Long Pumped up entrance by Solitude – he immediately went in to pound Hans in revenge of Hans’ theft/desecration of Solitude’s flag from the last event. The battle poured outside the ring – into the audience and back. Hans delivered his finishing move but didn’t take the pin quick enough – giving Solitude a few seconds to rest and lift up on the 2 count. As Hans unsucessfully tried to deliver another finisher – Solitude turned the tables and rolled up Hans in a small package for the win. In fit of anger, Hans grabbed a chair to use on Solitude – but Sgt Slaughter took the chair from him. When Slaughter went to throw the chair out of reach – Hans attacked Sgt Slaughter from behind. Slaughter quickly took the young German to school – compliments of the Cobra Clutch. The crowd went nuts when Sgt Slaughter held Hans in his signature move.

It was a fun night. Mark your calendars for the next: Sunday, June 7 th w/special guest former WWE star Gangrel – who will be part of a 5 way “monsters match” main event with Sixx, Asylum, Darkness and Hexxon.