While no announcement has been made officially or unofficially by any of the parties concerned, all the items are in place for Dragon Gate USA’s Gabe Sapolsky to announce some sort of relationship between Dragon Gate USA and CHIKARA Pro Wrestling at tomorrow’s CHIKARA Pro Wrestling show at the ECW Arena.

Leading up to this is the statement yesterday on http://twitter.com/DragonGateUSA: “DGUSA will announce a partnership this weekend”.

Then, within the past hour, the same DGUSA Twitter site announced that:

“Gabe will have a fun Sunday at CHIKARA. It looks like a good card. Go to www.CHIKARApro.com for info. Make sure to say hello.”

It doesn’t require a rocket scientist to figure out that Sapolsky won’t go to CHIKARA’s show tomorrow (it’s not the first show he’s attended, he was at at least one or two of the evenings of the King of Trios tournament) to announce a relationship with another promotion.