Simon Gotch on Chad Gable, Concussions, Why the wrestling business doesn’t exist anymore

Simon Gotch’s Mike Tedesco spoke with former WWE star Simon Gotch (aka Simon Grimm) live at Starrcast in Chicago during ALL IN weekend recently.

Here are a few highlights from the interview.

Why WWE star Chad Gable is “freak strong”:

“I’ve been waist-locked by him and I’d look down and I went, I can’t break this. He’s got that insane grip strength that you just can’t break. You also have to remember: he had to throw people for real…that were bigger than him and he had to keep weight at the time as well. And now he doesn’t have to keep weight. He’s put on probably like 20 or 30 pounds. He’s a solid 215/220 and like 5’9. He’s freak strong.”

Why he thinks almost every wrestler has CTE:

“The realization of concussions don’t actually go away. You just stop having symptoms. It’s really disturbing when you figure that one out.”

Why in his opinion the wrestling business doesn’t exist anymore:

“What is the business? What is it referring to? (It refers to) a con. It’s the con. Even the term mark. A mark is a victim of a con. So we can’t really have marks because we aren’t conning anyone. If we don’t have a con, what are we protecting? Nothing. We have customers now. You would not hear Michael Bay going like, look guys, we gotta work these marks into believing Transformers is real. If they don’t think Transformers are real, they’re not going to come see the next Transformers movie.”

You can check out the full interview below.

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